1. It is still going but I'd say once a week. I work with abrasives and we'll there's no faster way to dull a knife than ramming it in sandblast media.

  2. Well we buy expensive knives that we don't carry. So years ago I bought Walmart knife because who cares, right? So after 3 years of working in a industrial field it's seen some shit. Not one screw has came loose or fallen out nor have I ever tightened them. I'm also surprised the blade had never broken sense its a hammer, screwdriver, pry bar, and etc. Over all 10 out of 10.

  3. Pyroshell caster with: Seeking flares, anti-gravity projectiles, streamlined chamber, and simmering explosions (or auxiliary projectiles, both are in the same tier of traits).

  4. Pyroshell with the traits you listed is the way to go because on later tiers there's no aiming. Just firing randomly and let the seeking flares do work while you focus on maneuvering. Although I do like doombringer better and launch is across the Map to crowd control the little guys.

  5. When they say it hold 30 long guns they mean slim level action rifles.

  6. I have a question and you seem to be the guy that might answer it. When you carry any weapon let's say dreadbound. Is there a % increase/decrease that weapon will spawn in a crate or drop if your already carrying it? I probably have 1000 hours in returnal and can't figure out weapon % spawn rates while carrying it.

  7. Enemies leave pools of acid on death - the worst

  8. That will hurt or end my run more than anything else.

  9. Stare at the projectiles during boss fights not the boss. Just generally aim that direction and keep firing focus on maneuvering.

  10. Wait to get a clear all malfunction and than open everything before the next biome and grab all the infected items and than clear all.

  11. Was having a crazy good run with a random I joined. Nemesis bug non stop falling or bugged into a single rock where I can't move.

  12. Lock it up with a sling adapter, done.

  13. Just picked up that zoyye grip yesterday I'm a big fan.

  14. Just don't melt down your knife and drink it and you'll be fine

  15. Well the shotgun on the top picture is the security model I just put in different parts tube extension, longer barrel and etc to make it my trap gun with a pistol grip. Way better in my opinion but according to some forums this stock although says it'll fit a savage 320 doesn't. I can't confirm I never ordered it though.

  16. Only advice is all of the orange orbs in directions you can't go is for a tool you'll aquire later.

  17. Can confirm its been my everyday carry for about two years.

  18. Of all the challenges fuck that the one the most.

  19. I use hunter(tracking ammo)+ daredevil plugin (3X damge)

  20. Word, just jump around and melt the boss.

  21. Just like the increase fire rate hack for your weapons. Same concept of the status effect speed increase elemental damage per second.

  22. Scotsman, hunter and vaporizer.

  23. Ear pieces premium and are there other colors?

  24. Stepping on a sea urchin.

  25. Mine came standard but I swapped them out for something a bit more visually friendly. Look up Deadringer turkey sights. Absolutely incredible sights quick target acquisition, durable, accurate and etc. Here what they look like on mine.

  26. Right now I love the Scotsman but I’m definitely gonna start trying the shocker soon. Don’t really like the Lobber though

  27. The Scotsman time delay is so instant it's never effects it actually hurting the enemy which is nice. I believe the Scotsman to be stronger damage wise but I like the shockers chain damage that's gets amplified per enemy affected. I torn between the two.

  28. Chain damage is pretty cool. I’ve heard a few other people saying the shocker is the best gun in the game. I just don’t have enough experience with it to have a real opinion haha

  29. Could see it being top tier, I think the only down fall until you find Max ammo capacity hacks it runs out fairly quick.

  30. Why is it when girls are in a car rather it be driver or passenger. The purse no matter the size has to be on your lap or next you damn near buckled in. As if putting it in the passenger seat or floor or behind the seat is just out of the question?

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