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  1. If you missed the news, the first two of six were wrestler Kenny Omega and actor Rahul Kohli!

  2. At least it was a draw and not a loss.

  3. the cards have some weird cameo characters that just use the actor's names.

  4. Dammit Kuze trigger discipline even though they're all airsoft guns.

  5. You sure this isn't him coming out of retirement for a Dead Souls sequel?

  6. Kuze does not wield guns in the Dead Souls sequel. Similar to Ryuji's kit, he has cybernetic arms with pile bunkers attached.

  7. Honestly I can't find myself getting worked up about the comparisons to Western media any more. The series most definitely has its fanbase who doesn't need to be reading previews to buy the next game, and bringing in fans of Western games by association is always welcome.

  8. There's a category on AO3 about this.

  9. I'm just clarifying that it isn't somebody walking into a mall with a gun, it's usually stuff like drive-by shooting or related to a drug deal or other criminal activity. I'm not saying it's better or worse, just making sure the situation is accurately depicted.

  10. So what's the difference in not calling it a mass shooting?

  11. They are still mass shootings. They just aren't the kind that most Americans (and presumably most people abroad) think of when they hear the words.

  12. Most people abroad don't have to make a distinction. Because they almost never happen abroad.

  13. The simple fact is that languages don't translate perfectly from one to another.

  14. Eri is the master of passive aggression.

  15. Kaito finding happiness with someone important to him made me happier than MANY things over the past several years in this series.

  16. Biggest issue is just that the game doesn't teach you well. You get a list of rules and hands and best of luck to you. Mahjong is more a game you kind of have to be shown how to play a bit with demonstration.

  17. It's kinda funny because in English the term "like a dragon" standalone also sounds quite awkward, although for different grammatical reasons.

  18. nvm she just passed the first round of audition

  19. He's a handsome man and he's having so much fun. :D

  20. He "won" it from the guy who wanted to call himself that.

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