1. probably gonna get backlashes for saying this but flick was just lucky inheriting that monster of a team with existing tactics that still have no counter

  2. We’ve seen plenty of monstrous teams win nothing. Winning 6 titles (even in Germany) is still imprsssive

  3. Germany used to scare teams. Don’t know what’s happened

  4. How is it inconclusive the first angle clearly showed the ball was out of play

  5. The entire ball has to cross the line. If even a millimeter is on the line the ball is in.

  6. How will I know how badly the injury is unless Geoff Shreeves gives me an update from the touch line

  7. I half expected Bellingham to start twerking when that close-up of him was on screen

  8. Why don’t Serbia have any people of color In their side?

  9. Yall yelling at Nunez when Suarez made the worst run he could.

  10. Can’t watch the game, unfortunately looks like we are loosing but are we at least playing good? Making it v competitive?

  11. So are these stadiums tiny for a WC or is this just normal? My main experience with stadium size is with the world of college American football where my alma maters stadium held 86k and isnt the biggest by far so looking at this stadium with a capacity of 44k its just kinda shocking how low that is.

  12. I mean enemy spellcasters too. In turned based mode. Drow Magus will repeatedly cast weapon enhancement and their turn will never end.

  13. Yall complain that not enough time is added on and then they add lots of time and yall complain lmao

  14. All I have to say is that England will be eaten alive if they try a 4atb with Shaw and Maguire against Mbappe and Dembele.

  15. Would be nice if we had a CB with good pace….. oh wait we do he’s in Italy.

  16. You have one of the best players of this generation, who is a ST no less and you’re a terrorist lmao

  17. Our sport is so funny, dude feels two hands in his back and just collapses by instinct

  18. Shoulder in the back and not the side so….. mexican ref tho you’re never getting that

  19. Is the mask around that player's eyes due to an injury, a cultural thing, or are they a big Batman fan?

  20. Typically worn due to facial injuries. Most often to do with broken noses.

  21. How come Iran can sub 6 players? Is it because goalie was seriously injured?

  22. Can get an extra sub if someones forced off through concussion i believe

  23. Looking forward to see Memphis Depay's double hat trick in Netherlands' 11-0 win next week

  24. JioCinema has absolutely shat itself and we aren't even at half time of the first game. This WC is going to be rough for Indians.

  25. Ecuador is serious team in this group, so smart, they are conserving their energy

  26. What exactly is the maximum amount of time you're allowed to hold a country's actions against it? 1 year? 10 years? A hundred years? Is it just whatever timeframe is convenient for your argument?

  27. Thats why I said we’d never have another one, because every country has skeletons. Qatar’s most spoken about problems not only still exist, but some came about as a direct result of the world cup. I’d argue thats different.

  28. Look I'm not calling you out specifically because what you said is just what a lot of people think, but it feels like the goalposts are just being shifted non-stop to explain why the outrage for this is so much larger than it was for the previous WC or the next one in all likelyhood.

  29. I think a lot of outrage towards Qatar is because Sharia law conflicts with our modern western sensibilities. We look at what is a global tournament and its hosted in a country with sensibilities that we can’t understand (USA repealed Roe v Wade tho).

  30. I'm gonna be honest, I still think daniel and first are better players than jack, but my man jack just wanted it more and is passionate about 1's so fair play to him. Maybe I just want to watch a blend between competitive freestyling and 1s where the defenders challenge but it's still creative and pushing the game forward, but Leonardo's Low 50's comes to america and wins everything ggs guess we go SSA

  31. Jack might be the most offensively explosive player so far this season. Which feels odd to say when compared with even just the players in NA, but I’m halfway to believing it

  32. Jack this split has been a different animal in RL in general

  33. I never used it before this buff, was it really so bad? I mean it had to have been if they buffed it so much but what was it really like?

  34. You’d lose DPS shootouts to pistols. It was awful up close, awful mid range, awful long range.

  35. Oh God is that p2w I see? Pls tell me it's not

  36. Probably that the attachments come pre-tuned, as you can do normally with a max level gun.

  37. You’re absolutely right. Game or two this season hes been our best player. Except Allison, but that goes without saying

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