1. how / by whom got it reported as fake? if i use this domain, it redirects me to the normal login page that zlib always used & still shows "use tor for accessing zlib" like the normal tor links. also if i open it in tor over that domain, it works and even recognized me as logged in when i logged in over the normal login page of zlib before. so.. how is this fake? wasn the fake one

  2. Out of my price range but if I did I would have some hell-of-a explaining to do why the fuck I have putler naked shitting in a toilet. XD LMFAO

  3. put it in front of a russian embassy.

  4. long does it take to get an xray? isn't it "pew, done"?

  5. "are we the baddies? naaahhh. can't be."

  6. People like Putin are often gigantuous pussies. I'd be surprised if he wouldn't flee or go hide in his bunker at the slightest bit of trouble. Or his hmmm I'm losing ... "muh, nukes!". What a woozy. Weak man trying to act though. Compare that to the US who has confidence in their army, they don't do nuke threats. Or Zelensky who drags his steel balls all the way to close to the front. Anti-gay Putin with his of anti-gay army that enjoys raping men so much (???) and his nuke threats, should put his pacifier back in mouth, maybe it will make him stop crying. His dedovshchina pacifier, consisting of Prigozhin's ... that Putin has to kneel to in trade for getting "something" done on the front.

  7. I'm invading you to protect you from invasions

  8. rapist: "i rape you to protect you from people raping you!"

  9. Bandaids, couplings, taping electrical connections, is there anything electrical tape CAN'T do?

  10. getting me a girlfriend who isn't running aw.. oh. uhm, nah. that can be fixed too with electrical tape i guess. nvm.

  11. if i remember right, here in germany google wanted to remove news from their website and then all the news companys suddenly tried to SUE THEM for it. so it was either paying news companys, or pay them. google didn't had a chance to just remove the news since the news companys then said "this would be unfair since we then don't get found anymore and we lose money" etc.. it's just a bullshit bingo. i hate news companys. all they care about is their money and traffic.. and if you do something to cut them off from one of both, they slap the shit out of you.

  12. Do you have a link? There are so many duplicate sites now it'd be great to see the legit URL from someone who uses it

  13. pdfs don't have the same accessibility tools that ebook readers have, and people who need accommodations such as tts, highlight, large scale text, different background color/contrasts, EPUB is necessary. and yeah there is the OCR tech to convert pdf to epub but it's far from accurate and will often just spew out nonsense.

  14. really depends on the pdf though. if the pdf is just a collection of images of each page of a book, then yes. but there are also pdfs who came from convertions of other formats like epub, mobi etc.. and those are text. so tts, highlight, large scale text, different background colors, text reflow etc. is possible with those. most readers support this functions on such pdf's (without ocr).

  15. the thing with onion / tor sites is.. often it isn't the website or server if it loads slowly. It is the peers you are connected to. TOR routes your traffic through a few networks, so if you have a connection to one node that has slow internet, it loads slow. to fix this you can usually just request a new connection / node in your TOR software (the browser has a option for that in the menu as an example).

  16. Also going to add my 2 cents. I’ve had a lot of issues with ram leaks in Qbittorrent to the point that it renders my pc useless or crashes it all together. To be clear I still use it and I think it’s the best client available right now, but it isn’t flawless software.

  17. had / have the same issues. especially if i download for longer time and large files. after a while it isn't starting programs anymore, explorer icons are not loading anymore, new explorer windows not opening at all anymore, file operations who usually take 1 second taking 100 days and never finish, firefox not loading new websites anymore etc.. only a reboot solves this issue then. it's really annoying.

  18. I remember like 7 or 8 years ago they used a video game to try and prove something as real. lol



  21. me: "alexa give me a recipe for cheese noodles"

  22. poo-bear is scared that otherwise their whole system collapses and they can't anymore do wtf they want like they can right now.

  23. are.. there people controlling them? or are they automated and only controlled by a human in case of "accidents" / "stuff happening" (falling over, not finding a path etc)?

  24. ...the EU has a "metaverse" ? first time i hear about it. but even if i would have known before, i wouldn't really care. same as Meta's Metaverse.

  25. Does Memrise use an SRS review system like Anki too? In that case try making your reviews shorter. In Anki I only allow myself at most 10 seconds to try and see if I can recall a word's reading and general meaning. If I can't recall the word during that time I'll just mark it as "failed" and move on. By doing that Anki only takes up 15-20 minutes of my daily time (I get about 60 review cards and 5 new cards per day). That leaves me more time to do other stuff I enjoy in Japanese, like reading or watching game playthroughs, for example.

  26. i never used Anki much, but from what i experienced it seems to be really similiar. you learn a word, and it then gets repeated relative often. if you then got it correct often, it waits longer and longer till you get to review it again. but it feels a bit random because stuff i had often correct, are still coming up relative often enough.

  27. What I do is, since most Memrise courses are divided into "levels," is to go into the oldest level and start the reviews from there if there are any instead of starting from the name of the course in the course list. That should review only the words in that level, and you can knock things out level by level to see yourself making progress. Seeing the progress helps avoid burnout compared to only having the number of reviews left, at least for me. It also gives good stopping points for breaks if you need them.

  28. Memrise has the Offical Courses for Japanese, and my plan this year was to work through from Course 0 to 6~ (short: all of them). i did buy a 1 year premium for this and wante to use it to work through all the offical courses in that year. i know now that this was really naive, but since the first 1-2 months i did progress really quick and easy through 0 and 1, i expected to maybe need around 1-2 months per course.. so i hoped that even if it will take longer, i will be done in around 1 year. but now i'm still stuck at almost the end of course 2 after all this months.

  29. looks like a toxic mushroom from an alien world that will infect you and convert your whole body into a monster with its spores.

  30. in germany, "Kind" means child(ren).

  31. i'm not writing a lot of japanese per hand since my goal is more listening and reading, but i got myself a Onyx Boox Nova Air around a week ago and used it to write down vocables while learning etc.. its really nice. i don't have to spend 1000s of papers and have everything organized with specific filenames, folders etc.. and can export it easy to my PC or send the notes over to other devices (bluetooth etc). really like it so far.

  32. 95% of the times i searched something on libgen, i didn't found it. 99% of the times i searched something on zlibrary, i found it.

  33. I get what you mean, a lot of users who started before the latest tree, who started on the older tree with only 6 units (checkpoints) where hiragana was the first two lessons, didn't seem to get upgraded to the new tree with 8 units. Hiragana 1 and 2 were removed from the tree and basics 1 was the first lesson. It sounds like you were on the old tree, and I was on the newer tree. That much is clear. I have did the hiragana 1 and 2 lessons because they were not in my tree. So if those exact exercises did exist, I would not have seen them.

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