1. A$1.10kg - about US$0.40c/lb here in Australia - just from the supermarket…

  2. Record everything. I’ve been distilling 2 years now. From my first to my most recent fermentations and distillations, I’ve recorded everything. Ingredients used and quantities, times taken, methods and processes used. When I look back or want to see what I did last time, it makes it 10x easier to know exactly what I used, how long fermentation took, SG’s. Excel is your friend

  3. I live in New Zealand. Home brewing and distillation is legal without permit.

  4. Security companies, Cafes, car washes, American candy stores... a lot of things wash money

  5. Builder probably didn’t want the job so quoted high to either discourage you or make it worthwhile.

  6. If you were at the back of the line how would you even hope to be successful?

  7. Mine is this month and they’re attempting to increase the rent from $950 to $1150, I’m barely 30 minutes away from the cbd this is absolutely fucked

  8. I mean alcohol is alcohol. Alcohol is poison I can’t imagine any health differences

  9. When I started distilling at home I found that I didn’t get headaches if I slightly overindulged like I would with mass produced brands.

  10. That’s my dilemma. I want to age my spirits to get as close to bourbon as I can. Ive used oak sticks in the past and it just didn’t taste like bourbon. I’ve got some all grain just sitting because I want the best possible result.

  11. Oak sticks and spirals will “flavour” the spirit - NOT age or mature and mellow it…

  12. I've got 2 aging some bourbon and apple whiskey. They've been going for about 12 months and are roughly halfway through the aging process. So far I'm pleased with the results. If you'd like to aged larger volumes, try an 8 Liter Bad Motivator barrel. The Ten 30's are based on Bad Motivator's designs, but he runs out of stock often so it may be tricky to get one. But if you're into wood working he has all the plans on his website for free and on his YouTube channel.

  13. Like ageing in glass with wood chunks or spirals added - these barrels generally “flavour” your spirit - they don’t really age, mellow and mature it.

  14. Not so much CGT but to transfer ownership - you’ll probably have to pay stamp duty AND…

  15. Some businesses that you make purchases from have a base/head office in another state. So you might purchase something in Melbourne and it will say “[clothing store name] Sydney” on your statement.

  16. I rented a truck many years ago and the $600 charge came through as a florist!

  17. It must have been both disconcerting and reassuring hearing the bullets hit his armour…

  18. Yes Ned Kelly is buried under 6 feet of solid concrete to prevent any souvenir hunters…

  19. I find maps of Tassie offensive and I want to talk to your manager.

  20. For a first time run… you sure sound like you know what you are doing!

  21. This is a honey bear bourbon with the oats added. 69lbs of grain to 30 gallons of water. This is admittedly an extremely aggressive scale to go at all grain for a first time but as a normal working stiff and involved dad to a toddler I get very limited windows to distill and I have to make the most of it.

  22. I use tap water mostly - but let it sit for a few days to let the chlorines evaporate out…

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