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  1. This reminds me of playing terraria with friends lol

  2. so called “free thinkers” when it rip off their balls (this ain’t about who they are, I am just hungry)

  3. Well I don’t know about anything else but personally I love your art style, hope you can start feeling better about it even a little bit in the future <3

  4. You’re saying that you’re at least level 40 and don’t have any other hundos?

  5. Level 29 lol, I’ve never really been fussed with high cp and high stat Pokémon which is why I’ve accumulated 500k stardust

  6. Id be a happy trainer if I got that Combee.

  7. Don’t worry I was still absolutely buzzing even after I realised it’s male

  8. Would we have to trade it twice if we wanted to fully evolve it?

  9. Imagine a life-sized plush of sitting Ampharos.

  10. The only pillow anyone would ever need

  11. Ironically the experiment in question was to look at the affect of overpopulation in an enclosed space on rats, not a comment on human society. Fredrik Knudsen on youtube did a video on this on youtube labelled 'the mouse utopia experiments', and the experiment was the last of a set of experiments done on the subject. The rats did have all they could need to survive and thrive, but because of previous experiments the outcomes were predicted, because the enclosure was designed in a way to encourage it. From what I remember from the video (which may be wrong and I apologize if it is and suggest that Fredrik's video be watched as it quite interesting) the enclosure was designed to have one large central area and a lot of small 'nests' on the outside for the babies to be raised in.

  12. A couple of hand grenades probably wouldn't go amiss either

  13. Still more reasonable than me getting killed by plantera for the 10th time

  14. Well the brother is probably selling 50% chalk quality by the sounds of it

  15. Intermediate: top left Expert: middle square of the bottom row Fun puzzle!

  16. Each number on a block correlates to the number of mines around that block, meaning that a block with a '2' on it touches two mines on the board, including diagonally. So a good first logically is to find blocks with a '1' on it that only have one space around them. Because we know there is 1 mine in the blocks around it, then we can deduct that in the one space around the block must be a mine, as that is the only space available for one. So we can 'flag' that space as we know it's a mine.

  17. It's funny to think about how I've supported Wolves for like 7-8 years now and I've only ever been able to go to one game in person, and it happened to be this game. The energy the crowd had was fantastic and I'll never forget it.

  18. Gonna be humming this tune all day now

  19. Me showing Twitter users the ability to have friends

  20. When I played pmd I played as a charmander and my companion was an eevee called Stez, so this just made my day. Also it's a fantastic painting!

  21. Well we found out what N was doing between white and white 2

  22. The fire starter looks like a derpy little volcanion baby and I love it

  23. I am managing a designer on behalf of a client that has two Simons on their staff. When passing on verbal directions to the designer I am continually struggling to come up with something to say besides 'Simon says...'.

  24. Haha lmao if you're not careful they might start only following orders when you say 'Simon says'.

  25. Coincidentally they're afraid of me enough that everyone at their office just goes around saying '[my name] says...' to keep from having to explain why they've changed course in the middle of designing something and their staff complies so it's kind of the Lebanese version of Simon says.

  26. Well good luck with that no matter what language you're playing in lol

  27. And when the radio station cits off the end of the song as soon as the vocals stop. Like why even play songs like purple rain if you refuse to let the whole song play through.

  28. You mean it’s not normal to start school in February on a Wednesday?

  29. Ironically my school officially opened on wednesday this week, but this is in New Zealand and my school is weird anyways

  30. One of my favourites is the surfing theme in HGSS. The original song in GSC was a really nice tune and whoever composed the orchestrated version in HGSS did a stunner job.

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