1. I did moderate, restricting my usage to edibles on weekends only. During the week I would have a huge depression hangover, even without cravings. I’ve had to quit completely. I think this stuff really messes up my dopamine system.

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed! Glad it’s all gone to a good home!

  3. i recently stopped after three months, partially because i was worried about the changes being noticeable to my family (i'm not out yet) and partially because my voice had changed to about where i wanted it anyway. i also didn't want facial hair, so my plan was always to stop once it started coming in. i'm pretty satisfied with where i'm at now; the only thing i dislike is that i can't keep the bottom growth going, but it's not a major enough issue to stay on T and end up outing myself.

  4. +1 to the bottom growth keeping going!!! I’m considering doing one more month. Have you noticed shrinkage since going off?

  5. Look at Illinois too. If you want a big city, look at Chicago. If you can go without a car, look in the city not far from the L. Skipping a car saves a ton of money and parking in a city that size sucks.

  6. Southeastern Illinois (metro St. Louis area) is very affordable with some nice amenities in St Louis without the cold and cost of Chicago

  7. My mom saying “this is my son in law S and this is…L” referring to me by my name and visibly stopping herself from saying daughter 😊

  8. hey im from stl i didn't know we had someone so close. how did u feel about the whole process? are u happy with the results? would u wanna DM me i have lots of q's

  9. Several people have had good experienced with Marissa Tenenbaum in stl too. I’ve got my surgery date with her in March (since I was breastfeeding it had to be 6 months out)

  10. Taccia Koiai or Sabimidori. Both have a reddish sheen. Koiai is a navy blue, Sabimidori is dark teal.

  11. I second Sabimidori and add Taccia Dark Wash Jeans to the list as a sheening dark blue. Reddish sheen.

  12. Wowww, now I have a new maker to be obsessed with (Stanford Wood Studio). Beautiful!! How do you like their pens?

  13. The Milky Way is my favorite; the other two are a little big for my hand. I’m actually thinking of selling the Impressionist one if you’re interested and in CONUS. They’ve all got Bock nibs and are very nice.

  14. My parents said a lot of homophobic and transphobic stuff before I came out to them, and now if they do that they don’t do it in front of me at least. There’s still hope 💗

  15. Congrats on your coming out! I’m sorry it’s been hard. I can relate to your experience a lot (except for the social media bit bc I’m out to my fam and close friends, the rest of the world doesn’t need to know my business IMO) - those comments from people on social media? You do not EXIST to “be a pretty girl” for them and all that may entail. People may be accustomed to exploiting you for your attractiveness as a perceived woman, even from afar, bc that’s how this BS society is. Thankfully, sounds like you’ve got yourself a great partner who likes you just the way you are.

  16. Thank you so much for all of this. I really can’t explain how alone I have felt and how much better this made everything.

  17. I’m glad it helped! You’re not alone. I don’t know any other nonbinary people IRL personally, it can definitely FEEL lonely. Feel free to DM if you want to chat more

  18. I'm really interested in this. I'm 24, agender, they/them pronouns, and really wanting to wait for top surgery until after having a bio kid to not limit the option for nursing. Did nursing/chestfeeding cause you an increase in chest dysphoria?

  19. I don’t think it did but my egg didn’t crack until I was done having kids. I was fairly small before I had them and then after they got bigger and smaller again there were more sensory issues as OP described. I feel like I had more dysphoria once the egg cracked and top surgery became a possibility. I am glad I had the opportunity to feed 3 kids! But yeah they’ve served their purpose and can go now lol

  20. Thank you for your reply. That makes total sense, and I wish you all the best in your journey!

  21. I’m 5’3 and it really annoys me when people are like “I’m 5’5 I’ll never pass I’m too short :((“ like it doesn’t matter really, short guys exist.

  22. I’m also 5’3”, the canon height of comics Wolverine

  23. First off, I love that you’re writing a nonbinary character AND it’s a love interest!

  24. Sorry what I meant by that was that it was intentional, not that you should or shouldn’t be doing it. I think it’s ok to do what you want to convey your intent - e.g. if you intend the reader to be unable to make an assumption about AGAB. If the AGAB were revealed, whether or not the reader sees it as more valid is something the reader will decide, not the writer (I think)

  25. Fanfic with nonbinary trans characters! It showed me transness in a way I’d never imagined before, and suddenly I was like “oh…that’s me!”

  26. RO Deep Sea is a gorgeous shading teal! Also I love Kakimori Zabun, but it’s a pigment ink so careful using in FPs.

  27. Also, the platinum preppy is a lovely, smooth little pen that starts around $5. Special editions are super cool and around $8. A converter (so you can use any ink) is another $11. He could probably save up for that much quicker. But agree that if he is asking for a $1000 pen, he doesn’t yet understand the value of money! Ahh I’m sure he’ll learn.

  28. I have none to yeet 😁😁

  29. I know, I mean you here are my goals for after that 😝

  30. Not sure which is easier but I concur on binding, love the look but HATE the feel. Personally I also hate the bounce of breasts and the feeling of skin on skin which makes me eager for top surgery. If on the other hand you like those sensations, maybe it’d make sense to keep them as is.

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