1. Is Al Gore an expert in climate science? No?. Why should we believe him?

  2. In my country there are a small number of young people who want the voting age to change from 18 to 16. The rest of us don't want that to happen.

  3. The Vostok graph shows a temperature variation of about 10 degrees C about every 100,000 years.

  4. There are none that I trust implicitly. All of them have strengths and weaknesses. Bias is present in varying degrees everywhere.

  5. I would rather trust a media that doesn't get $55 million to push the government lies. That eliminates RNZ, TVNZ, TV3, The Herald and Stuff.

  6. Does NZ on Air get government funding as long as they don't disagree with what the government wants? YES!

  7. Have you seen the statistics showing that there are now now more atheists than believers? Do you seriously believe in Transubstantiation?

  8. It shows that you don't know much about science. In this sub we like to use science in discussions about climate.

  9. I have temporarily covered my bedroom windows with tripled glazed plastic roofing that somebody threw out. The car and machinery noises and barking dogs and air conditioning noises from outside have now diminished so I don't notice them any more.

  10. eh, the CO2 had to go somewhere to be out of the atmosphere.

  11. A net 7 billion tons of CO2 are absorbed by the sea every year and are used by sea creatures. When they die, they fall to the bottom of the sea and are made into limestone. Over 99% of all carbon that has ever been in the air now resides in limestone and sediments.

  12. The person with the camera could throw sand on the road.

  13. With trains its a button and there is no such thing as stopping suddenly with a train no matter what you do. The sand is there more for getting going rather than stopping.

  14. I only drive trams. I also make sand domes which you might see on the top of locomotives and very old trams.

  15. It's not like there is a lot of methane in the air. How many of you know what percentage of methane is in the air already?

  16. I did mention termites. I don't think the authorities want to tell us how much methane termites emit. It might be a huge amount.

  17. In 1977 I worked in an IBM 370 installation using CICS. Somebody signed on to that, and I saw the first two letters of his password. I wrote a program to search the entire 370 memory for those two letters and found his whole password. So I told him his password.

  18. While CICS was on our 370, I never used it. I was using a different home-grown OS which was much faster and better (and more secure!). Eventually we put that OS on a PDP 11/23 and on the IBM PC where it is still running after 40 years.

  19. When I was at Intermediate school, I learned to do metalwork and woodwork. That was very useful. I have since worked in 5 workshops and I built most of my house.

  20. I studied Numerical Analysis at University in 1966 and we learned FORTRAN.

  21. People often become allergic to something they are exposed for long period of time.

  22. If you are having an allergic reaction to something and you are exposed to something new, you will also become allergic to that.

  23. I think I will put a hidden switch in my car so it can't be stolen.

  24. I think rather than this, we should just invest in letting people know that it's not "being rude" when we don't make eye contact and that we are still capable of listening to them even without staring at their eyeballs.

  25. When I am talking to a group of NT people around a table (as I do often) whose eyes should I look at?

  26. “I mean it’s one banana, Michael, what could it cost, 10 dollars?”

  27. We’ve been told that catastrophic sea level rise is real and coming for 35 years; except it hasn’t and won’t, not at 2.8 millimeters per year sea level increase.

  28. The authorities that I trust say that for over the last 100 years, the sea level is rising by about 1.8mm per year, everywhere (unless the land is rising or falling, which of course should be allowed for)

  29. Yeah nah eh, if I find a sausage in my mailbox I'm not even feeding it to the dog, dodgy af

  30. So is this why many people think that autistic people are weird? Because they don't like to stare at someone's eyes like the guy on the right?


  32. Can we think of what we could put on a sign to hold up during a protest? e.g. "Carbon Zero is a scam", but more subtle than that.?

  33. I am not a doctor but those lungs look really healthy. That is what lungs are supposed to look like.

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