1. How fitting the NSFW tag as tons of businesses test for it still and especially Fed. jobs. SMH it's an herb. It take absolutely nothing to grow except sun/soil/water. It was here before us (Humans) and will be here long after we are gone. It aids in curing/fighting off soooooo many illnesses it's not even funny and yet people still deny it has ANY medicinal value.

  2. Honestly they are all worth a purchase. Believe it or not the runtz is the most terpy of the 3. Budino is a purple crystal bomb. All super Stoney. Just started dipping into them so no full review yet.

  3. I’d say no in particular order the best are… Klutch, Buckeye Relief, riviera creek, and Woodward

  4. I could’ve told you that test was wrong if they had a flower sitting at 45% lol

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