1. That's a new release. The M on the license plate means it is a dealer's car. The camo isn't actually camo. It is a paint job to disguise the exterior details of the car in photographs so paparazzi can't sneak photos of cars prior to their release, but they can still test drive the vehicles on the road. - Source: My entire family works in the auto industry

  2. I always assumed it was just a wrap, never thought they would go so far as to paint the car.

  3. Regardless it's a heck of a spot and maybe the first on the internet with those wheels. Your pic may start to appear places.

  4. Wish I could have got more pictures of it then at one point me and it were running side by side dang afternoon traffic 🤬

  5. Do you log this as on or off duty? Also if this was a team can you imagine what the guy in the sleeper was thinking when it happened?

  6. Personally I log it as on duty because I was still on the clock on my way home as for the driver I have no idea it was a single person in the cab he missed a sharp left turn and it laid over fairly calmly didn't even break the windshield I helped him climb out with an extension cord I keep in my work van. I'm just glad no one was hurt although I wouldn't be surprised if he needed a new pair of pants.

  7. If this breaks any of the rules please let me know and feel free to remove just an interesting event that happened on my drive home tonight.

  8. Yeah, you're probably right on that one! I need to adjust me tongue in cheeck-o-meter. ;)

  9. Unfortunately, I'm not so good at Reddit so I don't know how to respond to all of you with this. But you're right, it is tongue in cheek it's more or less the fact that it's a commercial coffee maker at home. For the amount I'll use It will prove invaluable I didn't know where to share a DIY project of this nature, ( rebuilding the coffee maker ) so I just kind of picked One that I thought would be entertaining to read the comment thread on.

  10. 200F this machine should be producing for best brew.

  11. Luckily I work with a crew of guys who work on these things all the time as I'm learning how to work on them. Boiler temp is 205°f nozzle temp is 190°f

  12. I mean, I have done this before but I always wait till it cures some and then I take a razor and cut it off flush and clean the excess off the pipe.

  13. it had the tail number 28000 on it with the blue nose the American flag on the tail fin and the presidential seal under the nose. I was heading East on 70 and the thing looked like it was going to touch down on the highway so I got a very good look at it. if there wasn't traffic I would have had a good picture of it.

  14. I about went off the road I was on the phone talking and went holy s*** is that air force one then it banked and I saw the tail number and again lost my mind I've never seen any of the non historical AFO's let alone flying.

  15. It kinda sounds like a vacuum leak to me. Is it a 4x4? you may have leaks on the vacuum lines to the hubs. Otherwise somewhere in the engine bay?

  16. It is 4x4 am I wrong in my thinking that if there was a leak of the vacuum lines going to the hubs the forward drive wouldn't work correctly?

  17. There is a possibility that it may still work fine with a small leak.... but no generally the 4x4 wont fully engage if there are leaks to the hubs. The tcase will engage and the 4x4 light will come on but the hubs might not lock.

  18. I don't think it's that we had ice and snow here in Ohio last week and I had it in a combination of four low and four high on three different days and I never had a single wheel break traction so I think all is well in that end but I'll still check it out. I appreciate the lead I would have never have even thought of that.

  19. Glad to see I'm not the only one with this I just posted a video about my problems. My 99 4.0 does something similar but with no codes in the system, Hopefully one of us can get it solved.

  20. I truly believe we now live in the darkest timeline she was such a bright light in the world.

  21. All I hear in my head is This is Bob. Bob had bitch tits. Lol

  22. I just tried it and it didn't work, for future checkers it has been redeemed.

  23. that is cool I'm now thinking of doing this to an old radio I have!

  24. No it should be done on the show they just need to reformat the segment. One problem was Kevin came in hot out of the gate. That’s not how you should start any segment much less one covering something controversial. Also having him up against a straw man was in bad taste. There are legitimate concerns about nfts and they deserve to be addressed if you’re covering the subject. The best thing they can do is hold an unbiased informative segment. Maybe bring an expert in to discuss the subject as part of the Loop. I also think Kevin shouldn’t be involved. I know he’s passionate about it but he’s too biased. This needs to be an unbiased informative discussion covering the pros and cons leaving it up to the audience to make up their own mind

  25. Kevin posted on twitter that he's going to do it again in two weeks time but he's going to bring in more knowledgeable people to truly talk about it and he admitted he doesn't know as much as he should before trying to talk about something so controversial.

  26. I had the same reaction with the P50 and the one oldsmobile I miss them both dearly.

  27. Did you confirm the link speed on the NIC by looking at the light, to make sure its connected at gig speed? I dealt with this for a while, made a few threads about it. Turns out, it was the drive. Iperf3 is a good test. You and use that to test your throughput. Its a little tricky at first to setup, but it will tell you your speed between the devices.

  28. Got it running over a 10 sec interval I got 9.88Mb at 8.21Mb/s to the server. So I'm assuming that means the NIC is not setup for gig speed but I'm not sure how to correct that.

  29. That shoots down my thought of NTFS screwing up speeds.

  30. yeah this is frustrating as heck I've been trying to figure this out for the better part of 3 days I've done two fresh installs thinking I might have screwed something up but still this persists. Appreciate the help though if you think of anything else I'll try it.

  31. Gas in the oil. On an ATV, the carburetor must’ve been flooding out. Usually they have an overflow which this does but due to the design and angle of the carb, if it overfills the bowl it runs into the engine instead of out the overly due to the angle of the carburetor

  32. Well that explains why I didn't know I don't work on atv's that often and sounds like bad design to me lol but that's above my pay grade. Thanks for the response I learned something new today.

  33. Most atvs the carb sits pretty level usually. On this one it’s angled towards the throat of the intake of the engine so if it overfills faster than the overflow line can drain, it apparently leaks into the engine

  34. I'll keep an eye out going forward when I word on off road equipment I'd be chasing my tail for a few minutes if that rolled in for me to work on lol.

  35. No Shit. Where at?? I am in NE Ohio but still, where at did you find these?

  36. It was at my local Kroger they were in the beverage coolers

  37. Just tried that in a 50/50 blend not bad but not great either all it did was sugar overload my system LOL I'll taste it again in a few hours after I eat dinner

  38. Conn Kimble ownership era (they sold the organ division in '79-'80 or so) rough guess early 80's. I saved a similar era Thomas organ from going in a skip. It works. Should be a divider type tone generator, according to my usual technician they are not so hard to work on as the more heavy duty electronics in earlier models. If it's all working there ought not to be a lot that needs doing to it, again unlike the earlier tube generators and large transistor generators it's likely to be circuit boards and smaller scale electronics. I might be wrong on some of the details, my Conn experience is all on the 60's style 'large transistor' versions. There might be schematics available, although for one of my Conns and the Thomas I had to buy them as bound booklets. But if it works, not an issue.

  39. That makes me feel a lot better I appreciate all the info, your right about the innards it's a whole lot of circuit boards and small wires I took the back off today just to give everything a once over this same family gave me a radio from the 40's and a sears record player from the late 80's the latter worked the former I've had to rewire and recap. now if only I can learn to play this Conn LOL this is my first keyboard of any type and I'm really looking forward to learning how to play it. I was guessing early 80's and I'll have to keep an eye out for booklets online any piano/keyboard services don't have any idea what this is so I'm going into it that I am the warranty.

  40. I forgot to add a description so I'm going to put all I know here:

  41. I don't know how to feel is it super gimmicky or really cool I flip every few seconds, maybe I'm just jealous I don't have that LOL

  42. Just need some jb weld put it right back on no problem

  43. I'm so sad it's over I really enjoyed it and that intro rocks.

  44. I am both nervous and excited to see someone else other than Matt (I know he said he wouldn't DM forever) but my head tells me to give them a chance but my heart can't wait to see Matt back at it either way I'll watch and I look forward to what Aabria can bring to the table.

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