1. I think you have the basic answer. I’ll add that it’s common to eat bagels that aren’t toasted. That’s the way I always had fresh bagels as a kid (when they were still warm from the bakery when we picked them up). Toasting them makes the cream cheese slippery so the lox slides out. I only toast bagels that are over a day old.

  2. Public school or private school? It makes no sense for a public school segment on Christianity to be discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, since the connection to Christianity isn’t a major factor; it’s a side note about American politics.

  3. The usurpers weren't Americans. They were Caucasian citizens of the Hawaiian nation. They used US Marines to back them up during the coup.

  4. The Committee of Safety, afaik, included both citizens of Hawaii and American citizens, as well as a few others.

  5. Wow, somehow I made it to my forties never realizing Liza Minelli was Judy Garland’s daughter.

  6. I knew it, having seen interviews in which she talked about her mother. I was alive but too young to appreciate their collaborative show at the Palladium, but I distinctly remember one interview where she explained why she had to change the words in Cabaret to “I’m not going like Elsie”. And, although she has health issues, she deserves praise for not succumbing to alcoholism.

  7. Vincent Minnelli, who directed Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis and a few other movies. Their marriage lasted six years.

  8. Is it beyond comprehension that maybe he didn't do anything blatantly against the law? Is it beyond comprehension that love him or hate him, he is arguably one of the most popular presidents we have had and a large population of the country supports him, and he has openly stated that he is not a part of the swamp, and is determined to drain the swamp so the swamp is trying to defame him to lessen his popularity? He is dangerous to the left and they appear to be using every tactic they can to diminish him and his popularity in my personal opinion of course.

  9. The Stormy Daniels thing is questionable, but not illegal! Yet there are people who would arrest him for sneezing! Not even rudely sneezing!

  10. To be clear, the hush money was not illegal. Whether the business record allegations around the hush money was illegal remains to be seen.

  11. I’ll just clarify that the hush money payments aren’t illegal and aren’t directly what the potential charges are about. They’re about lying on the business records for the hush money and possible campaign finance law violations.

  12. They don't use passports but are required to have their driver's license with them wherever they go.

  13. 10% of the adults without licenses is still a lot. Plus the percentage of teens eligible for a license but not having one is higher than for adults.

  14. Alright, I busted out a full keyboard for this. It looks like I might be the first LGBT person to answer, so here goes.

  15. It depends on the recipe, but for everyday use I’ve been using spreadable butter with olive oil, which I’ve only found salted. I’ll buy stick butter for baking.

  16. See your doctor. You should get a referral to a cardiologist.

  17. It’s legal because we don’t want government micromanaging child rearing.

  18. in the 1973 song Piano Man, the lyrics go "the waitress is practicing politics, while the businessmen slowly get stoned"

  19. You can’t rely on song lyrics to only use the prevailing usage. Lyrics, and poetry in general, often use terms figuratively and creatively.

  20. There’s so much other stuff in the area that it seems a shame to just fly there for a couple of days at the Grand Canyon. There’s Monument Valley, Petrified Forest National Park in AZ, other National Parks in UT and CO, etc. Check out

  21. The only thing I know about Delaware is that it's a corporate tax haven, so tons of major companies are legally incorporated there.

  22. It’s somewhat favorable tax-wise for corporations, but the real benefit is having a well-settled, well-understood body of law for corporate disputes.

  23. The last “horror” movie (silence of the lambs) won an award. It was also the first and last movie to win the award. You can’t say there hasn’t been anything good in the last 30 years lol

  24. That’s what I’m saying here. When I think of horror movies silence of the Lambs just doesn’t really pop up in my mind as a horror film and more of a crime thriller. I think however there are other horror movies that continue the break the mold of standard horror.

  25. And movies that break the mold get attention. Going through the 2010s best pictures, I’d say The Artist, Birdman, Spotlight, Moonlight, and Parasite all did something beyond the common. Maybe some of the others did, too. (I haven’t seen them all, and in fact haven’t seen The Artist, so I’m just going by it being black and white.)

  26. I was Quality Assurance. We made sure all company and government standards and policies were being followed, kept training up to date for all employees, made sure all records were being maintained to a high standard, investigated all mistakes made in production and set forth new procedures to help ensure it wouldn't happen again, kept up with all equipment calibrations, etc. Different than quality control.

  27. Unfortunately, in the software industry, QA is often used to mean what other industries call QC.

  28. It depends on sun, activity, and time. I didn’t mind running from car to restaurant to pick up an order, today being low 50s, but wouldn’t have wanted to spend more than 10 minutes standing outside.

  29. In how the media portrays it. Brady was basically heel for several decades. Manning and Brees played face. Rodgers to an extent. But is kinda heel too.

  30. This is incorrect (well, sorta). Both of them offer cash management account with Cash "sweeps." (this is where your 'cash' goes by default for banking purposes, debit card etcs) They keep your cash that is in CMA in partner banks where they are protected by FDIC. Virtually all such investment institutions offer one, Schwab, Fidelity, Merrill etc.

  31. That seems relatively recent. I remember when sweep accounts were typically regular money market mutual funds.

  32. Mine, and others, rebate ATM fees, often with reasonable limits.

  33. There are comments on this very post about the stereotypical income/education level of pitbull owners.

  34. Yeah, that’s why I deleted my post as I continued reading. I guess I hadn’t come across such points in other discussions I’ve read on Reddit, which usually focused on the animals or their training, but not the income or education levels of the owners.

  35. We walk regularly but it’s usually not from the house and isn’t urban walking on sidewalks. There are plenty of parks with trails, conservation land (both public and privately owned, such as Audubon land), and rail trails. So mostly we’ll drive to a trailhead and walk 1-3 miles from there.

  36. Yeah, this is due to our zoning laws in the suburbs. We have places where you are permitted to build residential buildings (mostly single-family homes) and places where you are permitted to build businesses and they are separate. So, your neighborhood will be nice and quiet with big sidewalks, but it will be 30 to 60 minutes to walk one way to the nearest grocery store. It’s the same in Canada.

  37. It’s common for suburbs around here to not have sidewalks. That’s mostly the ones built in the latter half of the 20th century, as before then it was considered necessary and more recently towns have understood the value of sidewalks (both for their intrinsic value, which is good, and as a way to make new development more expensive, which isn’t so good).

  38. The celery soda is Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray. It’s a staple of NYC Jewish Delis but can be found at Jewish delis across the country.

  39. But no matter where you are…it sucks, it’s nasty, and you don’t want it.

  40. It’s wonderful. I can understand it being unfamiliar, but it’s still a sweet soda with a mild taste.

  41. I had a friend who made over 2k only from tips, so the restaurant didn't pay her any of her salary. With this I mean that it doesn't matter whether you tip or not, or at least not when the person's boss is an asshole. It shouldn't be mandatory to tip. Sometimes the service is shitty and it's not worth it.

  42. There are two possibilities here. One is that the restaurant was cheating her. The other is that the restaurant was withholding the server’s FICA taxes, which is still getting paid, since otherwise the server would have had to pay the missing Social Security and Medicare taxes on their income tax return.

  43. Does it actually punish the workers if people don’t tip cause the restaurants here have to pay the minimum if the employee doesn’t get to minimum wage through tips.

  44. “Punish” is an overused, and in this case, wrong word.

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