1. Completely different setting but greedfall has quite a similar style

  2. Either watch all of it it's only 6 episodes or skip all of it which would be fine as well because i don't think it adds much to the overall plot

  3. Corn snake? Sweet little guy! I remember when mine were that small a few years ago

  4. Episode 7 was good, no one denied that. Set a high bar for 8 and 9. Than it all went down hill.

  5. Not to discredit your opinion, totally fine you like it. But I actually don't think it's good. Way too much of a nostalgia bait and instead of seeing the new republic and jedi order develop it basically reset everything to empire (first order) and rebellion which I found to be extremely boring and a really bad setup for a new trilogy. The Han and Chewie scene was a first hint for me in which direction they were going so I didn't really enjoy it...we went to the pre-premiere at midnight back then I was so excited for the movie but was so incredibly disappointed by the story which is basically an episode 4 copy. Visuals are stunning though!

  6. In my opinion, the biggest problem with the ST is that it has the exact same setup as the OT : Rebels vs Empire and a destroyed Jedi Order. This narrative choice made Ep VII feels like a remake or a reboot of Ep IV. It does not make it a bad movie, but it doesn't add much to the overall story of Star Wars.

  7. Yeah i feel simular about episode 8. Don't really understand why people like 7 but hate on 8. I don't like both of them but enjoyed 8 a bit more because it felt at least slightly original

  8. Sidious didn't really take over the republic and turned it into the empire with raw force power but with a political conspiracy. He destroyed the jedi order mainly by having control over the military. The Only fights he took on himself were the ones against Windu, which he basically lost, and the fight against yoda which he barely one. So it didn't really came down to his pure power in the force but more to his genius and tactics and the blindness and naivety of the jedi order. If they had discovered him before becoming chancellor (or the senate...) they would probably have been able to kill him.

  9. nicolas cage as walt might have been a masterpiece... Or horrible trash. You never quite know when it comes to nic cage

  10. He’s my favorite actor for that reason. You never know what you’re getting from him and I love the intrigue of what he’s going to deliver in each movie. He’s easy to meme but when you put that aside, you notice he puts his all into each performance. The bathroom scene in Mandy comes to mind. It’s just him drinking, screaming, and crying in the bathroom after losing someone close to him and it’s incredible. Cage is the kind of actor who needs a good director. Without one you get meme Cage.

  11. Totally agree with you on that! If you embrace his energy and passion you have an amazing actor in nic cage and mandy might be the perfect example for that regarding his more recent projects. But also older movies like raising arizona, wild at heart or leaving las vegas show how amazing this guy can be

  12. Does anyone else think they should have made his voice weirder? Like some reverse reverb or a stereo delay to make it sound like it comes from all directions at once or something?

  13. I think that could have been pretty cool at first but might have gotten annoying as well after some time...

  14. My favorite Star Wars content has ever been and probably will ever be Knights of the old Republic 1 and 2 so I have to go with video games in a way. But in general it doesn't depend on the medium but more on the story and the way it is delivered

  15. Last time I played the game was like 2 years ago I think and I completely forgot about his existence... So yeah I get your point

  16. If there wasn't a regular duck and a regular turtle why would turtle ducks be called turtle ducks? This isn't meant to seriously but in the world it wouldn't make that much sense to call the animal turtle duck if you don't have the reference of a turtle and a duck

  17. "The further away I get from Breaking Bad, the less sympathy I have for Walter. He got thrown a lifeline early on. And, if he had been a better human being, he would've swallowed his pride and taken the opportunity to treat his cancer with the money his former friends offered him"

  18. Not necessarily, he's just stating, that he looses more and more sympathy for walt. That doesn't mean he ever had that much for him. But I'm sure there are more interviews with him where he elaborates on that topic

  19. Twice, first time when it aired, just finished my first rewatch a month ago. It's incredible how my view on everything changed

  20. Me too. I don't know how it's possible to miss so much the first time. It's amazing!

  21. Also your personal development matters a lot I think. The first time i watched it I was more of a teenager, now nearly 10 years later, still not having that much life experience but a fair amount more than back then my perception of most characters changed a lot

  22. The sith are the evil guys right and Jar Jar is like the most unpopular character right

  23. He was, until it was revealed, that he is the secret Sith Lord behind all of it

  24. I wouldn't say he always was like this but rather had the potential to become the man he is going to be in the show. I always unterstood walter as a character, who is deeply frustrated with the way his life went and who feels kind of betrayed. He always sees the life he could have had in elliot and gretchen schwartz and their ongoing success with grey matter and he thinks he would have deserved that life as well playing an big part ine the founding of the company. The cancer was kind of the final trigger for him to break with his former life because he is directly confronted with the possibility of his death. He tells himself it's about his family and money for them, but while this might be a factor, it's mainly about himself, about being someone important and influential and not just living the normal life most people do. So i think the reason it's so easy for him to lie to others, manipulate them and all the other horrible things he does is because he feels that he was mistreated all along as well and he is just doing what he is doing to get what he deserved all the time

  25. I get the force powers and the duo of master and apprentice but how do you deal with the story in that regard?

  26. I just make small notes in my head as I go along. For example when I went to korriban I think of it as Bane following in revan's footsteps searching for his purpose. Getting to the star map I think of as him finding the Holocron.

  27. That definetely sounds fun and pretty creative as well. Thank you for the input

  28. Yeah but I feel dirty for watching Alien and not really getting a rouse out of it like I do with Aliens and Prometheus. I could talk all day about why I love Aliens while I could hold a discussion about the mythology and lore of Prometheus. And if I wanted to get scared by sci-fi horror, I'll just boot up The Thing instead. I can't diss Alien like that.

  29. I think an interesting thing about alien and aliens is that they step in different genres, so alien is more of a pure horror movie while aliens has one leg in the action/military area. So for me personally that's the reason I like Alien a lot and never really got into aliens so basically the opposite to you. Why it is like that is hard to say, maybe you just expected something different when watching alien, maybe it will grow on you with time.

  30. You'll find the answer in the comics but I'm not sure, if you want to know...

  31. Considering what a piss poor job it was doing of adapting the books, I hardly mind.

  32. Why do you think they did a poor job? I read all of the books and of course there are changes in the show, as there normally are in an adaptation to a different medium, but general I think it's a great adaptation of the story. So honestly interested in what bugs you about it?

  33. If you don't like it so far I'm not sure you will. I personally am a big fan of the books and the show from the beginning on but I would say the generell tone and style does not change that much over the time, so maybe this show just isn't for you. As for me I was hooked by the first few Episodes so if they don't appeal to you, propably the rest of the show won't either

  34. Exactly. Aren't you free to criticize me here? You are welcome.

  35. Okay, as i wrote in another comment under your post I'm totally fine with you discussing, openly criticizing and even hating the show. It definetely has a lot of problems and i don't think it's particularly good either but calling other people out for liking it and basically declaring them idiots to put yourself on some kind of other intelectual level for not liking rings of power is just unnecessary and pathetic from my point of you. People like different things and have different taste and we're just talking about a TV show here...So as I said, criticize the show as much as you want, discussing stuff like that can be a lot of fun, but why do you feel the urge to shame people for liking it?

  36. If I wanted to call those people out, I would do it right in that thread. I am not shy about calling people out. But I wanted to discuss that hideous mindset that is expressed in those comments: shows are but a funny way to waste time nothing more. This mindset affects the industry encouraging producers to make more and more bad shows.

  37. You're not discussing anything, you're hust calling everybody who isn't sharing your opinion dumb or a bot or whatever. You wrote in another comment, that you are a screenwriter yourself and you need to understand what appeals to people. So maybe try to be a little more open minded about other peoples opinion. You don't have to share them but at least try to understand them. As i said before there's no problem with you not liking the show, there's plenty of reason for that but just declaring everybody who enjoys it an idiot with a hideous mindset is no discussion about the show or the entertainment imdustry in any away but just arrogant and ignorant

  38. I thought the exact same thing. I constantly from the beginning expect some or all of the boys to become supes. And we seems to be going in that direction ever stronger

  39. Don't know if are familiar with them, but in the comics all of the boys have superpowers from the beginning, except for hughie who gets V injected from butcher against his will pretty early on. But because all of them only took it as adults they just get super strength and durability and no special Powers. The show handles this really different and I prefer the show in this regard (and basically any other as well) because supes are much more of a threat if the boys are just normal humans.

  40. I think the show has made it really clear, that they don't follow the lore established by Tolkien, which is honestly fine for me, pretty standard for many movie adaptions incl. the Lotr trilogy. So just criticizing the show for changing something doesn't really make sense to me. On the other hand if the change is for the worse you can of course criticize it. So maybe explain why you think this is a problem instead of just complaining that they changed something from the book lore. I think the show is pretty mediocre in general with some ups and downs here and there but I actually liked the depiction of the dwarves so far

  41. I see as though, the rule of two is the 2 ruling sith. The rest clamber to the top and kill each other to get there. Or sometimes work together only when it serves their own purpose. So the rule isn't saying that there's only 2. We see the darkside in lots of characters besides vadar and Sid. Like for example, Vader's apprentices are sith.

  42. The rule of two, established by darth Bane, explicitly states that there are really only two sith. A master and an apprentice who tries to overcome the master and therefore ensure that the sith become more and more powerful. He literally destroys the whole sith order to accomplish this because he thinks the sith got weakened and like a copy the jedi order by having many members fighting for them that are quite weak in the force.

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