1. Red dead left it no longer on service

  2. Oh that’s weird how it still shows up then

  3. Nope lol, I suppose i should've heard of it, but I'm pretty young and the manga is 20+ years old so I'm not surprised

  4. NFR Kangaroo, FR Dancing Dragon, T-Rex and Shark for my NFR Turtle?

  5. For evil I will do NFR kangaroo, fr fg frost fury, golden chow chow, AXOLOTL, goldhorn, shark, neon bullfrog, neon bandicoot and koala

  6. I have hoverboard, tractor stroller and wizard caravan??

  7. For evil I can do NFR kangaroo, FR FG Frost fury, shark, goldhorn,neon bandicoot, neon bullfrog, koala, neon cat and GOLDEN chow chow

  8. For NFR phoenix I offer FR dancing dragon, shark, gold horn, neon bandicoot,neon bullfrog and T-rex?

  9. Man I wasn’t expecting a chainsaw man crossover but I got to say denji’s fight with shigaraki was so DOPE!!

  10. I wasn’t expecting it either bro I’m with you

  11. I loved the part where deku blew up the earth and made out with bakugo

  12. Ngl that part was good but I liked the part where Shigiraki turned into a powerpuff girl and saved the world

  13. I don’t like ok but anymore forsomreason my konbu was really bad

  14. Bro it has a pubg guy on it what do you think?

  15. I just got sub king from the free superb pull

  16. The show ends way different because they’re planning on making i s2 wich will be completely new stuff from the web comic but I doubt it will be any good

  17. Figured it was Morse code. That line funny enough comes from the scene the summon animations from. (Saitama smashing the meteor)

  18. When u finish u betta read on online or sumthin Cus it gets so good

  19. I LITTERALLY thought this was an image from the game

  20. You should try hunter x hunter it’s pretty good

  21. Amazing start! Right now I would stick to collecting those series and I would recommend shopping on RightStuf, Barnes and Noble's, and Amazon.

  22. Oh alr I will try to shop at those more often now.

  23. Can I ask what the box is on the top left with chainsaw man, spy x family, demon slayer, jujutsu kaisen and mha

  24. it’s actually not a box, it’s a vinyl/sign/poster thingy. it was a limited time offer item if you bought a viz media product and barnes and noble they’d give it to you for free! it was available like a couple months ago

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