1. Pennywise so he can eat me after so I wouldn’t have to remember what I just did

  2. Honestly nothing specific in mind...I just miss having that small portion of the menu be really cheap. At this point they could call it "dollar menu" and have it be 1.59, I wouldn't complain

  3. Same shit is just way too expensive now. I would like a dollar menu to be brought back for people who just want a small portion of food but not that much money.

  4. I assume you're still going to school; try to make friends in your classes (just talk to them).

  5. I always get this feeling that when I am talking to someone else, I’m just a burden to what they are doing. How do I not feel that way?

  6. She’s sending you a message about your dick size

  7. I don’t tell them cause I don’t need to be even more of a disappointment to them.

  8. The moment I saw your friends Blitzø costume, my heart felt restored

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