1. Can you send pics of the spacers on your car? With and without the wheels on? And are you sure it’s not your diff? Z’s click a lot on the diff

  2. And the rare color… 30-35k

  3. Kinda looks like the carbon signal kit

  4. Bro YES! I got a bunch of these and a personal pair for myself. SUUUPER slept on pair. Here’s my wheels of maples 🤣

  5. Juice force gang!! I’ve been way to drunk many many times off the forces 🤣🤣

  6. You know shoes ware down when you wear them…

  7. That background is sick, love the contrast

  8. Aye nismo gang! I’m number #0036 for 2011’s 😏😏

  9. The easiest trick I learned on removing paint is actually quite simple. Paint the rest of the gun to match it :)

  10. Felt like an FS2000 day. Especially in its natural habitat ft. My Koi's

  11. I will beg on my knees if you sell this to me

  12. Ayo why does it looks like it was filmed on a dazzle

  13. Time for spray paint 😈

  14. What ever makes you happy

  15. Also, them videos are a marketing thing, no?

  16. Marketing yes but also reshovn8r is pretty damn good and the what I use to clean all my kicks 🤷🏻‍♂️

  17. Probably not the best “camo” or what ever but I’m very happy with it. Plus it’ll come off anyway when I use it and reveal black

  18. And for those wanting to paint your rifle, watch these vids before

  19. For the bot: I spray painted my X95 Tavor yesterday and I had many requests on posting it in its natural habitat. Now that it’s dry and sunny, I did. What do yall think? Is the spray paint lookin good?

  20. And for those wanting to paint your rifle, watch these vids before

  21. Is this the iwi tavor? If so how you liking it?

  22. I absolutely love it! It’s definitely different than an ar15. Only I guess complaint i have is when I have kit on and trying to reload. And when I’m prone and trying to reload. But other than that, I love it!

  23. Been thinking about ordering one with the 18 inch barrel for more of a marksman rifle. How's the recoil/sound since it's a bullpup?

  24. Mine is the 18.5” barrel one. Well 16.5 but the welded break makes it a 18.5 (I live in a non free state)

  25. Absolutely beautiful photography. Love the detailed shots, also love a fellow acog friend

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