1. Frost Death Knight. It’s looking to have very good sustain and burst damage in both ST and AoE

  2. I think you just got disconnected because of normal issues with your computer, and since you were disconnected, your group members voted to kick you out because they thought you afk’d? Don’t see it at as a big deal bro

  3. The first time Thom Yorke heard Coldplay, he said "what have I created?" to which an engineer or producer said "you're not the first person to write a song with guitar and drums". He had beef with Muse which I don't think they reciprocated.

  4. Coldplay and Muse are both pretty good imo. Why would Thom Yorke not like their music?

  5. He’s testing out his spiderman skills, what’s wrong with that?

  6. That angel of death one is sweet! Thanks for showing me this! I’m definitely going to check more on there

  7. I remember that one well. That was the honor pvp set from MoP right? I used to play back then haha. I’ll look into that one for sure, thank you man!

  8. Democrat tribalism is nowhere near the level that US conservatives are at, objectively. There isn’t a cult with merchandise for any dem for example.

  9. I remember I supported Trump just because he wanted to free Venezuela and wasn’t a socialist. Guess what? Everyone thought I immediately was a racist republican. Democrats might not be as extremist, but both liberals and conservatives are not much different from what you initially said.

  10. He really did a great job at that right?

  11. Lol now you’re deviating from the main topic of our argument

  12. Only thing about playing horde is their buildings are so ugly and boring. Just red brown and spikey. It's fine for durotar but damn man surely it's not just 1 construction crew of orcs going between planes of existence and all over the world to build stuff

  13. At least not all of Orgrimmar looks like that, there’s the Tauren area, the underground area, and the area that’s next to Chromie

  14. Nah I agree they should let us fly always

  15. Glad I’m not the only one that sees it that way lol

  16. What about us that enjoy pve? Do you want it ruined for us because you don't like it? If you're all about pvp then go PvP, what's stopping you.

  17. well veilstrider is basically out of reach for me sadly, i haven't touched NF/ Necrolord covenants or the ember court, and the there's a bunch of RNG involved with the covenant assaults

  18. So much of a pain in the butt, I can’t be bothered

  19. I agree with that order, but they’re not that much better from the other by that much. They’re all 10s

  20. My hope is that the info you were given with the bounties would make up for the power limit of not being able to kill freely, but is limiting the powerful attack too much?

  21. Make it a Powerful attack first and if the community says it’s OP then nerf it

  22. This one is a close one though. I’d say it’s up to personal preference

  23. Aka sing about me I’m dying of thirst pt 2

  24. I thought your avatar looked like a clown which would’ve checked out✅ with ur comment

  25. I kept switching back and forth to see if there were any changes but nope

  26. I just played some tank Doom about an hour ago and it’s not easy to 1 punch people not even if you’re fully charged. Idk maybe I was playing it wrong but that’s how it seemed to me.

  27. Pretty cute that you went out of your way to be an ignorant fuck

  28. If you think Logic hasn’t been good since 2016, then you clearly don’t have any idea of what you’re talking about. “I think up until 2016.” If you’re not sure of what you’re talking about, then you need to shut up because you can’t make an opinion until you do. You’re just a brain dead hater that’s hating on a man who’s very humble and living his best life.

  29. Shawn wanted to pin of shame him, but that dude’s spittin’ facts.

  30. Normally I hate the “Logic copies Kendrick” stuff but lately when I hear Sing About Me, followed by Under Pressure I cringe a bit

  31. Shouldn’t we just listen to the albums and enjoy them?

  32. i mean you’re not wrong, but you’re not right either

  33. If I get 44 upvotes Ill redraw this picture in the style of his previous albums

  34. I listen to Logic while I play chess. Usually songs that are chill, like numbers, lord willin’, etc… so I don’t get too hyped or distracted.

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