1. Except if he was smart he would have worn a mask or killed him when he wasn’t in front of his family while doing it as quick as possible. It wasn’t about being smart, he wanted to inflict the pain he received before getting his revenge and wanted him to know it.

  2. It had to be Rick Yune, when they brought up the story in an episode they referred to him as “Ricky”

  3. Anyone have a type of glue recommendation for the plastic grille on a 2016 Brz? Two of the horizontal bars split towards the middle and want to glue them together

  4. It does but the tickets are not available yet, just a time, 2 days for general release

  5. Man I feel the same. When is she getting off? The poster with her carrying Bobby like that damn.

  6. Why would she get off? It’s literally her podcast as well and she’s the reason it even exists.

  7. Why are the episodes always so short? There's no reason not to do 2 or 3 hour eps and guests always act surprised that things are ending so quick. Rogan does 4 hour interviews sometimes and he has the biggest podcast on spotify, they should take everything that the guests offer.

  8. Bobby doesn’t like long podcasts, in the early episodes Bobby would pretty much stop and move on to Unhelpful advice once they went over 50 minutes

  9. Wowww never thought DDK would do TB, thought him and Bobo didn’t like each other

  10. They’ve always shown each other love on social media, you might be thinking of Rick Yune who told Bobby to his face that he was a disgrace to his Korean heritage

  11. Yeah man, rocking it as intended. Felt weird about it at first since I’ve never worn cropped hoodies but you just gotta be confident with it, also love it for the extra color layering

  12. There’s plenty of bootlegs out there on discogs and eBay, Cudi did say there would be an official vinyl but it’s honestly probably not gonna happen at this point

  13. Cudi recorded a new intro for AKNC when he brought it to streaming, and the beginning of another day is the theme for his Movie studio Mad Solar which replaced the old intro’s movie studio theme

  14. It’s similar that they both take place in a theater with a movie starting and Cudi goofing around with friends but yeah it’s a completely new updated recording and sounds.

  15. Figured out the solution if you are using an iPhone and not using Apple Music. You have to have Apple Music installed and have at least 1 song downloaded to recognize your device, then any other music app will update on the screen.

  16. At least yours looks somewhat tolerable, mine has big ass pop up saying “No audio file” with the same issue as you

  17. agreed and as much as i love cudi this subreddit dickrides songs that are utter rubbish and would be called as such if anybody else made them, only because cudi made them

  18. How did you not realize this post is a joke? The Return of Chip Douglas is almost unanimously accepted as his worst song he has ever made

  19. One person posts their opinion/stats in a format that can be easily copied and it gets flooded in the sub thinking theirs is unique or better than anyone else’s. Happens all the time in the sub

  20. Every subway I’ve been to in Texas has been $10-14 for a foot long

  21. Biggest giveaway that it’s not Ye’s account lmao

  22. 81st user not Spotify listener

  23. 140 a month for full coverage from State Farm in Austin Texas as a 24 year old, this is with the good driving and good student discount

  24. Yeah they’re bonus songs, album ends at embers

  25. he can hit a good in between like MOTM3, seems like it’ll be the case from his snippets

  26. Sounded the same to me, might be projecting something else man

  27. Faded/dyed wash tag is a dead giveaway, should be bright white, the re-dying process dyes the tag as well, color of the hoodie is also a bit off compared to an original I believe

  28. Got it and by any chance you recommend if I try purchasing one from StockX ?

  29. Personally I would avoid getting a black one from stockx or anywhere you can’t see pictures of it, the re-dyes were not done well, the color fades and theyre shrunk about a size or two from the dying process. Stockx allows redyes to be sold so you won’t know if you get a re-dye or not.

  30. Why did they say the loan had to be through a dealership? That sounds sketchy.

  31. Re-worded my post, meant that UFCU said their loan can only be used to purchase a vehicle at a dealership, not from an individual

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