America is a fucking shithole, and we hate you guys. - Europe

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  1. Because of a hit piece by a site that specializes in black PR?

  2. Mad to think that everyone in that video is long dead by now

  3. Why would you believe such obvious nonsense?

  4. The fact that he can't let it go after 50+ years is just sad. Sorry George.

  5. You obviously did not even mind to read the article you insist to comment on.

  6. It sucks that Shatner was an asshole but Takei has long since given up the right to not be called a prima donna. At this rate he'll still be shitposting about his annoying ex-coworker when they're both past 100.

  7. Let me guess, you did not read the article, did you?

  8. You mean the political party that survived the 60s by embracing segregationists, and then went on to use drug enforcement to disrupt black communities, and went on to use gerrymandering to dilute black voting power, has Nazis in its ranks? No way!

  9. Every Nazi is a fascist, but not every fascist is a Nazi.

  10. Sure maybe as a tiny side effect but not everything republicans do is about racism. Like the article says it’s just for optics. Conservative media will report all about the police task forces being necessary to safeguard the elections so the dems don’t steal it, and will never report anything about the results unless they find something. Pretty basic Republican playbook stuff

  11. White Christian Nationalism is the ideological base for the Trump movement.

  12. And chaotic politics, dominated by neo-fascists.

  13. I would buy a BlackBerry with a decent camera and an highly hardened security and privacy concept.

  14. YouTube gun influencers and the NRA have convinced many that they 100% should.

  15. I wonder if that is in part because of ZDFs need to put boring political speaches every few min on the WCs first day.

  16. True. Also, Napoleon destabilized central Europe in the early 19th century, so he gets some blame too. But he also kicked away the last props of the old feudal era, so he ain't all bad. Except for everyone who died.

  17. Wikipedia is not an objective source. Also, he is Ukraine's hero, your opinion is hardly relevant here.

  18. It is a well-known fact that Wikipedia entries can be edited by anyone, thus they can be victim of personal agendas (such as yours).

  19. It is always rather amazing to see how slow T-tanks are when driving backwards. 3-5km/h compared to western tanks' 25-30km/h clearly shows a very different doctrine.

  20. I'm not even sure what we are talking about ? The crazy guy that wanted to get rid of Adidas (?) as his Partner and the Home Improvement fella doing a christmas movie ?

  21. She did exactly what she was asked to do. It is not her fault that the teacher is not able to be more precise.

  22. She is underwater with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike. So if I were Mark Kelly or any Dem running for the house I wouldn’t want her there either. But the fact that she apparently didn’t even reach out and ask to be there is very telling. I hope she gets primaried to oblivion.

  23. She is the perfect example of an egoistic, greedy and illoyal politician.

  24. ☹️ hadnt heard about that... a shame indeed

  25. Fox News: “Look, more ‘Socialists’ who hate America!”

  26. Fun fact: The absolute majority of the most competitive economies in western nations offer decent systems of health insurance and social security.

  27. I was going to make an ambiguous statement but no lol as in, the girl I was with at the time. They used to make fun of me by calling me the booty man because my gf at the time was Catholic (I mean, I met her at church) but didn't want to do vaginal. Because, I don't know, sin or something. So I just fucked her in the ass.

  28. There are reasons why abstinence only programes resulted in US having some of the highest teenage pregnancy and teenage STD rates. Compared to other western nations the US looks very much like a developing country when it comes to comprehensive sex ed. These ideology driven policies have no foundation in evidence-based science and are driven by religious fundamentalism. The results are horrific.

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