1. But, if it shows bandwidth in/out and to each site, virus attacks, and stuff like that, then I can glance at it now and then and see if anything is going wrong so I can fix it before the tickets come in.

  2. Use your alerting platform. Most can alarm on sudden drops or values outside of the rolling average. You'll waste less time being distracted watching the screen.

  3. The car was unregistered or license? Sucks to hear, what was the consequence if u don’t mind me asking

  4. They flag both; unregistered vehicle and vehicle owner without a licence. If your licenced mate is driving then you'll be on your way, if it's you it's press hard three times and massive fine.

  5. “We’re going to have a great live site, it’s going to be the best in the country,” he said. “We’re going to have a great announcement very shortly. It’s going to be awesome." - this sounds so trumpesque

  6. All the more weak because they've had no live sites so far and don't even have a venue for this one.

  7. According to the real estate agent on The Hollowmen you’re looking at about 90 mil. Shame it’s south-facing.

  8. All that traffic noise with the harbour bridge on top of you.

  9. "That's Clothes Pile 6 actually, that's exactly where it belongs."

  10. Let me introduce you to googling "temp email" and using one of those services. The one I use the most is

  11. Another one is

  12. It went from being forced to work long hours = she is bring forces to do coomer content.

  13. Yet today her stream uptime is about to hit 37 hours.

  14. It's usually connected to the industry your business is in.

  15. Honestly I'd be happy just working from home 5 days a week. Right now I get 1 day, and the other 4 I come and sit at my computer and work quietly with a bunch of other people who are all sitting at their computers working quietly. I'm forced to own and maintain a second vehicle just for this, when I have an identical hardware setup at home. I love everything else about my job and my employer, but as soon as I can find a 100% WFH job I'm taking it.

  16. At least they work quietly, I'm stuck next to marketing's bullpen. On the phones all day.

  17. Well yeah you used vanilla frosting instead of thermal paste.

  18. Time for another delicious build.

  19. Mmmm... 36 slices of Australian cheese...

  20. Last time I stole anything I was five and stuffed a sheet of glitter fairy stickers up my jumper at the newsagent while my mum paid for her stuff. Confessed crying in the car. Was returned to the newsagents to apologise. No theft since.

  21. Almost like it could be designed to allow no current unless correctly inserted.

  22. I use new releases as an excuse to do a reinstall as sort of a biannual cleaning. I have a post-install script that sets everything up for me and I keep all of my files on a separate drive. Keeps things fresh.

  23. This. I put together an Ansible playbook to run on my fresh installs.

  24. In addition to the messages, there are also some very creepy pictograms

  25. Dig to release friendly butterflies.

  26. Unless it involves firing shards of metal into your crotch.

  27. I suppose at a certain point it just makes more sense to build a steel box out of nails.

  28. Recommending anyone you know personally to crypto is just risking your relationship with them because odds are they'll get scammed or lose their funds in some other way

  29. Even if they make a mistake they'll still blame you for introducing them.

  30. Some people have already mentioned that you don't need to upgrade right away. I'm on the more extreme end of that, right now I'm still using 35. I tend to stay behind a cycle. There's no need to rush.

  31. For you there is, 35 will be out of support a month after 37 final goes live.

  32. 7plus has the full 14 seasons up

  33. Sometimes I think I'd be happier wrangling carts at Costco. No meetings. No annoying customers. Just me walking around in the sun listening to music and getting a bit of exercise.

  34. Until the first summer heatwave and cars trying to run you down in the parking lot.

  35. I believe you but I'm also confused about this because Windows has dropped so hard in quality in recent years. I would not have expected MSoft to be 'the good ones'.

  36. That's because they dumped all their in-house beta testing. Devs are making the same mistakes they always have, just more are getting out now.

  37. Start your own home stockpile fire hazard.

  38. It needs to be set via policy but looks like no Linux support at this time

  39. Just waiting on the massage parlour now and my needs are covered.

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