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  1. Is looks exactly like what it was meant to , what’s wrong with you people ? It looks nothing like a penis

  2. I like the concise and succinct way she completely eradicates her pathetic anti-vax narrative

  3. She didn’t even explain anything . She just corrected some of the words the lady was using , not saying that she was completely incorrect .

  4. The vaccine was a useless waste of millions of dollars . An absolute failure

  5. Marry me forget her, I would make a better spouse, plus I'm better in bed

  6. Show the rest of the video when he jumps out of the closet and it's not her but her dad.

  7. I wish I could stay in my home state but everything is shit here now lol

  8. Why anybody would want to live in California is beyond me

  9. How would you know when apparently it’s not your dog??

  10. She’s not ?? Have you owned every dog that you’ve ever met ??? Strange world

  11. It has a power button on it . I’m pretty sure it’s not an assist handle , doesn’t even look like the examples given

  12. I thought the same thing but someone posted an Amazon link and the power button is for two small LED lights that can be seen in the second picture.

  13. If you simply google the numbers on the receiver than you will find your answer

  14. It's for a trap door to a secret compartment used to stash cash or drugs in transport. Bring it to a mechanic, not f'ing Reddit. Would you use WebMD rather than visiting a doctor.

  15. Bring it to a mechanic to ask about a switch? I’m not that worried about it bro calm down

  16. Hello, I have a feeling that looks like a immobiliser, I have seen something very similar in fleet vehicle.

  17. I was also thinking that as well because it came from a buy here pay here and they did say there was a gps on it as well

  18. How can you say trumps mentally I’ll when Biden has Alzheimer’s?

  19. So you have access to his health records? Alzheimers is a specific form of dementia, you can't possibly diagnose someone from afar.

  20. There’s plenty of African , black American based stories that can be told . Why does something have to be redone just to fit the narrative ? I could care less either way really , I’m just saying , Disney is only doing that to fit the agenda , why can’t they just make another story instead of going back and redoing them. If multiple people auditioned of different races , than that would be different , but they probably asked specifically for a black actor for the part , to fit the narrative ,

  21. The agenda is profit, rehashing classics and live action remakes are all dire but they make money and all the whining is just free advertising that boosts their profits. Disney could care less about diversity but they do care about profit margins and winding up the racists is a cheap and simple way to keep the movie in the headlines.

  22. Very good way to word that ; this is what I am trying to say

  23. I’m disheartened that once again Brenda Spencer gets a fucking hall pass because the world started in 1980. Can you please, for me, my sister, the other survivors, and those that died or were injured, Go to 1979. Grover Cleveland Elementary, San Diego, she inspired a generation of crap assed loser pieces of shit who choose to take out their pain on others rather than face it like a fucking human. They are animals, in each instance they deserve nothing but our disdain. Thanks for listening.

  24. World didn’t start in 1980 , the list just didn’t start until then . I’m sure there were shootings priot

  25. He is completely correct . Our school systems among the worst in the world , and they never teach you the correct history , only the history they want you to know . Don’t teach you about taxes , credit , mortgages , the list goes on

  26. I bet you'd be first in line to see a hilter documentary where he is played by a black dude

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