1. Folks like you are why this is the best god damn sub in all of Reddit

  2. You’re an unverified engineer and you didn’t know to look up the number written on it ?

  3. He liked, retweeted and commented on a post stating that trans people are incredibly dangerous, make up the majority of shootings, and several other wildly harmful and inaccurate statements.

  4. You can say that , but show me where he like a post saying that the “majority” of school shooters are trans . And you know what , that’s the point ? How in the world can you expect every single person on earth to except you? That’s the most conceited self centered assumption I’ve ever heard . “I’m trans, so you have to accept me and like everything I do and stand for and am” it’s a ridiculous notion. Whether you’re straight gay or think you’re a fuckin unicorn it’s extremely oppressive and the same thing that you say you’re trying to stop. I’m not saying that this is my position, but I have the right to not like you for whatever the fuck I want to not like you for . Girls don’t like have the men out there because they are under 6 foot should we start publicly shaming them because they are being short peoplephobic ? What if someone hated people with red hair would you start protesting for that ? If someone likes a fucking post on social media , and it’s not allowed and you lose your shit . It’s disgusting , you don’t like them just as much as they don’t like you and y’all say the Sam shit talking remarks to them as they do you. You’re both brainwashed , you need to take a look at yourself and realize that we all are going to die , and you are wasting your life away and space in your mind to hate on somebody that is a literal fucking billionaire and doesn’t give a damn about what you have to say, but yet you waste precious oxygen on them and make them more famous by posting them talking shit! It’s a weird world we live in


  6. Hey I never took that survey before , did you?? Wonder how many other people never took that survey …. And please never supply an article for “apnews and expect it to be taken seriously. Honestly if you cared about the lives of children you would try and come up with a solution instead of it’s reappearing over and over about gun control when it’s not going to work and it’s not going to be implemented . How many more shootings does there have to be while y’all are chanting for gun control before you realize it’s not the answer and you look at other solutions? Probably a lot more because you’re stuck on this gun control notion because of you’re brainwashed ideologies , if you cared about the kids you would do something instead of just repeating

  7. There's been plenty of solutions given but you take the stance of gun control doesn't work. You are just disingenuous about the whole subject and don't see anything wrong with the system as it is now.

  8. No, the only solution given is banning guns . Which has been the only solution since the first school shooting , it obviously isn’t the answer ! This country is to far gone in gun culture , the country was founded on gun culture toh can’t change that . And when you can prove making guns illegal does anything then we will talk, look at the gun crime rate in California and New York who have the strictest gun laws in the country . You can’t change that . Gun control is not the solution, if they would have implemented it 40 years ago maybe . Now it will never work, we can’t be like Australia ,

  9. I wouldn’t like them either if they followed my wife or daughter into the girls bathroom

  10. This should go in ugly bumper stickers , but the logic is spot on

  11. What if, hear me out…. We ban assault weapons

  12. Oh yea because if that man would have went into that school with a pistol it would have been any different …..

  13. Now imagine if you said "It is time to put gun owners in camps. All of them. No more of this non-sense."

  14. I can guarantee that would cause more lives to be lost , but whatever weird logic suits you

  15. Idk but the opposite side of the spectrum would be worse

  16. They're gonna use this to crusade even harder against Trans. It's depressing on top of the already depressing shooting.

  17. Just like y’all use every shooting to go after any straight white man that has a gun . It’s laughable

  18. When the facts disagree with the narrative, make up/ cherry-pick the facts that do

  19. Y’all got a hard on for Elon , he musta really hurt y’all’s feelings. He’s all y’all can ever talk about

  20. Ikr. Now hes clearly just intentionally trying to piss people off to get publicity for the tesla cars.

  21. Like they just fall right into it , making him more famous . Do you think he cares if they don’t like him ? He’s a literal billionaire

  22. Ok, and what is your proposed law?

  23. They don’t have any they just expect crazy people to some how magically be stopped from murder by taking guns away.

  24. They aren’t celebrating him being trans . They are just doing what you’ve done to them every time something similar to this occurs , brings up that they are a “straight white male” . It’s the “racism” and all the guns that have turned them into school shooters . But when a trans person , literally goes to a Catholic school, which idk if you know what they teach there , and shot it up , nothing can be said about it, but the two aren’t correlated? You always have reasons for when a straight white man does it , what’s you’re reason you think this person did this? And at the end of the day , ANYBODY bringing those things up either side , is disgusting , 9 year old kids were murdered and people bring up their own politics into it .

  25. Quick correction to a hasty title, my friend made the model, my work was topology correction, uv and textures. It's still in progress.

  26. Film what’s happening instead of myself. The issue isn’t him not helping, it’s him recording himself for clout. For “content”

  27. We’ll if you “ found it “ I would only assume that it doesn’t go to your garage or central locking ……

  28. So he’s a piece of shit because he’s arrogant and overly confident ? This sub has gone to complete shit . Your social media fuck bois that offend you isn’t really good content for the iamapieceofshit sub . Take your feeling elsewhere

  29. Ok buddy. How often do you travel to other countries? How many foreign language you speak? Have you ever been over seas (but not wirh the American military) on your own?

  30. Whether I have or not what difference does it make ? We’re talking about supposedly the fact that the majority of military rape Iraqis it’s an absurd accusation and you should be ashamed

  31. So you don't travel abroad, you don't speak other langauges. But you tell other people their opinion is not valid because you think they have never been over seas.

  32. Your comment literally makes no sense. Im talking about this idiot accusing the majority of our military members of rape when they have never been over there , never been an Iraqi citizen or in the military and are just going off weirdos like you in the internet . And now you’re changing subjects to whether we should have been over there in the first place . You’re all over the place bud , I don’t know what somebody being there on vacation or being there in the military has anything to do with anything , you’re still over there , seeing it first hand , not just what you hear online . There opinion is definitely not valid neither is yours

  33. I definitely see my bf being the resident mechanic for all his friends and family. If feels like every time we visit his parents he is always repairing one of their vehicles. I imagine that must get old really quickly.

  34. I imagine he doesn’t mind doing it for family and friends. If they are real friends I’m sure that they have helped him out a time or two as well. My mechanic cousin helps me out all the time changing ball joints struts all kinds of things , usually for free , he probably doesn’t feel like doing it but he does because when he needs something from me I’m there for him as well. I’m sure it’s not taking as much a burden on him as you think. But that comes with any skilled trade , usually people around you don’t share that same skill set so yours come in hand when needed .

  35. I don’t think so , or else he’d say something or not do it . If you’re continuing to do something that you honestly mind doing , then that’s your fault for letting people walk all over you and take advantage of your kindness . That’s what happens when you truly have friends , they might be a little annoyed doing something for you but they do it anyways because you help them out when they need it as well.

  36. You’re right he’ll never be the same again . Let’s start a go fund me for counseling

  37. Ahh, the good old aim for the cock

  38. Nowhere in the world has parking issues like New York. If you’ve never been there, you have no idea.

  39. Have you never been literally anywhere in the Middle East or Asia ? Mexico? South America? Africa? Vietnam ? Thailand? India?

  40. That’s not a source. And they do if they’re bored on Reddit and scroll down to the most downvoted comments.

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