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  1. because I don't trust my IRL identity with randoms from another sub?

  2. I guess that makes sense. And that’s fine and your decision (and everyone’s individual decision to make). The goal should not be to call our folks who are not verified or to witch hunt.

  3. Yea, and them posting a mods position range without his permission? This isn't public info, you have to be a shareholder to read the ledger and you cannot take pictures or write down names.

  4. Or maybe because we don't doxx ourselves to people. "kind of weird, right?"

  5. Also the delay in the “comment or your post will be deleted” is ridiculous. Got one 20 minutes after posting yesterday

  6. This is a new one for us. I'll pass it on

  7. Information is coming in hard and fast these days. We aren't pulling this (so stop reporting it). We will caution that this is a handwritten note, so take it with a grain of salt. Ask questions, do your own research and make up your own mind on the validity of things like this. I am reflairing to speculation because of the nature of the screenshot, but that doesn't mean we think it's not valid.

  8. Why is there so many QV bots? I’ve seen some with 4

  9. Ugh..... I don't want to talk about it.

  10. Tuesday: grabbed some more premiums

  11. whatcha doing today with GME? Your CC's look great. You taking assignment on the $23?

  12. hey Crybad, yes my scepticism about earnings seems to have paid off … except I rolled the 23cc on Monday (see above).

  13. Ahhh I must have missed that.

  14. fwiw, it was a good bet. If GME had positive EPS, we would have been sitting at the $30 range.

  15. Except a straddle would have paid off nicely.

  16. Thank you. Yeah my guess is as good(bad) as anyones but I’d expect shorts to hit it hard after earnings, they’re at dangerous levels already.

  17. If GME has an unexpected positive EPS, we might not be back this low for awhile.....

  18. Are you saved? Or did you roll?

  19. Some interesting DD being teased by millertime1216 in the drsgme subreddit. Some folks viewed the gme ledger.

  20. Honestly? Good on them. I'm excited to see what they come up with.

  21. I used a legit tax law firm to do the process. May I post the firm?

  22. I sent you a message, thankyou for your willingness to hear me out.

  23. At the same time it really doesn't have any place here either.

  24. Is there enough room in that hole to turn around even?

  25. Fwiw, without a massive mandate from the community, we will not be participating. I believe we are going to have a community post/poll about it. It would take a supermajority of the community to do a blackout. The mods will not make the decision to blackout alone.

  26. Ah yes. The duality of asking the sub it's opinion on anything.

  27. There are 2 bidders on Baby. Babylist and Go Global Retail. Unless there's any actual mention of Teddy or RC on the bid list, this part of the saga is over.

  28. Don't make me ban you for trolling!

  29. Yep. Good points. I wanted to make the decision to do it to create pressure in open market vs making money. I’m not really a trader. I dip a toe every now and then though. It’s funny people think I have I’ll intentions I don’t get it

  30. If that's the case and you want to force delivery. Why not do ITM Cash Secured Puts?

  31. FYI the Illuvium team is lurking in the comments and answering some questions. I changed their flair to " Illuvium Team - Mod Verified"

  32. So if you're betting it touches $31 and no farther next week. You don't need to buy theta.

  33. Thank you. What do you think of buying 400 shares on margin and then selling Calls against them on 31$? Wouldn’t this be less risky.

  34. Posts should further contribute to the shareholders' discussion around GME. Both the post title and its contents (text, image, links) must relate to GME. It is the OP’s responsibility to convey in the title how their submission is relevant.

  35. Well... technically they aren't wrong...

  36. Aren't I already doing that by writing CC's? ;)

  37. I didn’t ever say you are ai, but if you use it to build the 40 posts you make a day, it would make more sense how you can formulate so many posts that are essentially just generalized news, when I can’t imagine, again, in any world that anyone would post this much content, for free.

  38. Perhaps he does it because he enjoys it?

  39. Been there, done that. Got suspended for 3 days without explanation and no response when I appealed.

  40. Also you have sent us a total of 2 mod mails over the course of the last 2 years. One for a comment removal, one for a post removal. Both were answered.

  41. I don't use mod mails. But I used to report dozens of non-GME posts per week. I don't bother anymore. And half_dane used to use her account to respond to people in the comments so there were a few exchanges that you probably can't track.

  42. Gotcha. Yea, dancing around the Radmins is always...interesting. thanks for the clarification

  43. Thank you for your submission to

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