1. Nope. You’re talking more about plazas. Maybe Parliament Square. Got to appreciate the nature of the squares here, which are different but great. Soho, Fitzroy, Bloomsbury, Tavistock, etc

  2. I've come to a theory that it's impossible to start a comment with the word "Nope" without coming across as a dickhead. You haven't broken the theory.

  3. I'm a big fan of history pieces that engage with Britain's history of the class war, as far as I'm concerned this is the real history of the British peoples. Too often the story of Britain is told as if only the well-to-do classes existed. The reality is that not only did places like this exist in our country, for large parts of history this is how most people lived. Particularly if you extend to the feudal times. Sleeping on the streets or breaking our backs for daily gruel is the history of our people. Not top-hat wearing posh boys sipping tea.

  4. He didn’t “delete it from the internet” because it was never out there to begin with. As someone else already noted, this was a thing he sent to fans a few years ago. It’s not even that particularly old of writing.

  5. So he removed people’s internet-based access to it. I stand by my choice of words.

  6. It's a false dichotomy that we have to choose between the US system, where a broken fingernail puts you into six figures of debt, or the UK system where you wait six months to see a doctor when you're bleeding to death. There's also the Canadian system where you can be euthanised instead.

  7. That’s not the UK system. That’s the Tory system implemented to make people hate the NHS so that they can convert us to the US system. The UK system is where the NHS is well funded enough so that there are no wait times.

  8. It’s funded more now than it has ever been and comparing our spend on healthcare to others puts us pretty much bang in the middle. The issue is that that the money goes to the wrong places. Because of how it’s funded money essentially loses its value so nobody knows where it’s actually needed. Then, because they have this massive budget and don’t know where to put it they waste it on £50k diversity staff.

  9. I got Attack of the Friday Monsters last week, and Shin Megami Tensei 4 yesterday. Trying to grab a few of these before the big shut-down.

  10. You know that these games are still going to be able to be ... Shall I say acquired, right?

  11. Yeah? So what? If I wanted to pirate them I wouldn't have waited until now.

  12. Eh. Really this needs to be a longer-term trend before we draw any conclusions. It was only late November that support for independence was at 56%.

  13. Read it carefully, it's now 46% of those who expressed an opinion. 39% is including "don't knows" and not comparable with the 56%.

  14. What's your point? My point was that it's only a short time window. It's a bit much to think that people who were pro-independence a few weeks ago have now permanently changed their mind based off of only a few weeks of data.

  15. Took me a moment to realise this was real. Isn't it a little egotistical for him to have a "memoir" out when he's not been in government? Also he's only just turned 40. Not exactly a long life of accomplishments.

  16. When will they learn that nobody wants Tory Lite ™? The Tory voters don't, left wing voters don't. Maybe try show the swing voters an alternative rather than this bullshit.

  17. Tory voters do sort of want an alt-Tory. A lot of them still like Tory values, but think the party are a bunch of screw-ups. They’re who Labour are targeting. They will probably got back to the Tories next election, if the party ever makes a show of being back on their feet.

  18. I feel that people are being a little premature in predicting the death of Scottish Nationalism. It's only been a few low polls. Frankly support for Scottish Independence can change by 5-7% over a matter of weeks. It's gone both ways by that amount in the past. It's a long time until the next Holyrood election, the new leader could grow on people.

  19. Council houses, combined perhaps with an estate tax that only kicks in when you’ve got several million quids worth of property. And of course more home building than we’ve seen this last decade. With all that in place we shouldn’t need to “ban” owning extra houses or renting out your spare bedroom. Some people do prefer to rent for short term circumstances.

  20. You can buy a lifetime supply of boots/coats for what an expensive pair costs - and the expensive pair won't last as long as a cheap sturdy pair. Vimes' Economic theory has been shown to be incorrect in today's world.

  21. It's an analogy. It means buying cheap crap is more expensive than buying expensive equivalents. Finding something that is cheap but not crap doesn't refute the concept.

  22. Watching the SNP implode has been such a great start to my year.

  23. After seeing the two lists I'm confident that PR managers pay to have their clients put on this list, or that the British public have no taste.

  24. You can get the same product from WL in cashmere for the same price as the Drakes one

  25. Which product? I’m looking at their cashmere shawl collars and they’re £765 with a William Lockie label and £995 from Drakes.

  26. Drakes does have a different cut/fit in their shawl cardigans, but it’s not huge. I actually preferred the WL one I tried on.

  27. That's fairly new. A few years ago Drake's paid WL for a copy of their product line, and has been adding microscopic tweaks since then to see what the cheapest they could get away with.

  28. I mean UKPol is the same thing with English politics too.

  29. UKpolitics doesn't represent England, it represents the UK.

  30. I'm honestly shocked that people online are radically more left wing than people in the real world.

  31. I'm not confident that they are. Online communities live in bubbles of like-minded people and it's easy to forget that other groups exist and have also forgotten about you.

  32. Many people describe Tankies as a type of Fascists who think that their Fascist dictator will enforce Left-wing policies. That only with a violent Dictator with obedient and unified population will Left-Wing goals be achieved. They also tend to think that all organizations that have claimed Left-Wing allegiance are good, or at least that Solidarity means blind-support.

  33. I’d be a big fan of some form of President in British Politics. Someone directly elected by the public who would have the authority to call an election. Perhaps we could simply amend the role of Speaker to be someone who’s elected with these powers. Then we wouldn’t have years of a deeply unpopular government getting free reign to normalise crap like this while claiming to represent the people’s will.

  34. Pro-slavery policies in modern Britain. The Tories have no rock-bottom.

  35. It doesn't help that approximately 35% of the country doesn't vote.

  36. That’s true, but I’m convinced that a different voting system would see more people get involved with politics. Fundamentally it will increase the number of votes that matter, which means political parties will chase more people, leading to more people thinking that their input matters.

  37. A cruel gesture to win votes from cruel people. Won't actually achieve anything given that these people were willing to break the rules to begin with.

  38. I hate this argument, that you have some family in the UK or know a bit of English is still not an excuse to risk your kids life

  39. And being homeless in France when you don't speak the language isn't a risk to your children? They've got nowhere to live in France. They have somewhere to live here. For anyone who possesses any sanity that should be the end of the argument.

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