1. My issue is that any good allegorical lessons the bible has to offer are diminished by all the actively harmful nonsense. They can be learned better elsewhere without having to sift through a bunch of garbage. How do you think imagining god as metaphor rather than an actual being clears that up?

  2. We’ll we can reject the nonsense and accept the valuable parts. There’s plenty of them, some which aren’t done better anywhere in existing art.

  3. Because religion isn’t defined by subscription to a belief system built on the idea of a literal personal God

  4. It is settled science that the universe is about 13 billion years old and the Earth 5 billion years old. Life sprung forth on Earth about a billion years ago and eventually evolved into the flora and fauna, including apes and eventually hominids a few hundred thousand years ago. The earliest known bones of early homo sapiens are likely 200,000 years old. The young Earth, Creation story can not possibly be based on any real factual events. The Adam and Eve story is allegory and metaphor. Any claim otherwise is just religious claptrap with no evidence to back it up. The Bible is not evidence. It is the claim. Without Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, another metaphor, there is no original sin. With no original sin, there is nothing for Jesus to save us from. It is all myth and fantasy.

  5. Dunno how people can honestly say it’s all allegory and metaphor therefore it’s all “fantasy” as though myth, allegory and metaphor do not express truths about the world.

  6. Go right ahead, and be sure to also post your citations to your evidence, not just your book of fiction. The claim that the Earth is 6000 yrs old and that "In the beginning..." there was one man and one woman is a claim made by a book with ZERO evidence. So go right ahead and debunk away. I can always use a good laugh.


  8. Don’t surrender to panic. There’ve been trips where I completely panicked. Once I curled into the fetal position in my bed and said “what the fuck” over and over again. This almost happened again, where I started thinking “I shouldn’t have done this,” but then I realized, “Well I’ve already done it so why worry.” It calmed me down almost immediately.

  9. The second part of that where you calmed down immediately is surrendering, the first where you called up in a ball and said “what the fuck” over and over is actively resisting, the opposite of surrender

  10. Corbin had his unpublished writings posthumously published under the title "Jung, Buddhism, and the Incarnation of Sophia" and there is much more packed into this relatively easy to digest compilation, including Sufism.

  11. I suppose we could say that the inner kingdom is the psyche, and the King and Queen are the masculine and feminine principles

  12. In the absolute sense, there can not be "union with" all in all as that would imply we could be separated from all in all. Our separation is from the standpoint of our "self."

  13. Let me preface that the phrase "one with God in Christ" is the Christian metaphor. Language is something we overlay on top of reality. Other perspectives such as Taoism, Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Shamanism, etc. all have just as much potential to reveal the same, unified truth. Just as we accept various languages as true (even though definitions stem from vastly different experiences) so the truth of an individual is in their personal connection with existence; not the symbols they choose to articulate it.

  14. I've always thought similar things about that quote "I am the way the truth and the life" - that people have gotten it backwards. If you found the way the truth and the life then you've found Christ, whereas most speak as if it means that you can only get there through Jesus the man.

  15. No, Entropy does not represent order or chaos. It describes the path of transmission, from order to chaos (or rather, disorder but there we go). It's a measure of arrangement possibilities.

  16. I’ve already had one rather unsatisfying conversation with someone who clearly wasn’t actually interested in understanding something on this thread and am not particularly interested in having another.

  17. I'm all for esoteric symbolic systems, so long as they're not counter to reality. Tarot, for example, I have no beef with.

  18. Well the Yin Yang system here described is a very great lens. The full system of the I Ching which builds upon the simple Yin-Yang interaction is very comparable with Tarot. But the interaction itself is very simple. Perhaps it is best described in terms of potential.

  19. Funny, Watts' was the cause of mine. Indian philosophy is a great description of reality, but it provides no justification for the suffering and meaninglessness that gives any kind of contentment

  20. Oh yeah his words can definitely cause some problems too :) undermines the whole sense of self very rigorously

  21. By that logic, there's no reason the Tao shouldn't be called a Twat Swan either, which is technically true, but not useful or insightful

  22. If Twat Swan was a title which could be translated as “the most high” etc, then that would follow my logic, but it doesn’t as far as any thing I’ve ever seen.

  23. Not trolling. You're talking about shifting the meanings/associations to words to fit your preferences.

  24. Yeah that leg kick he checked causing Izzy to fall was the start of the end

  25. Getting a kick checked is fucking horrible. That shit can have you limping for weeks. Dunno how these guys do it really

  26. This is a big one for me. Too many unknowns with jones right now, and the fact we’re talking HW makes everything different. I can see Jones being better than all these guys, but I think a guy like Sergei could KO anybody he fights in the first round similair to Ngannou. Aspinall and Gane are both very technical and fast I could see them giving Jones problems with the stand up, and Blaydes can destroy anyone he takes down. None of them are easy fights for Jon.

  27. Honestly, disappointing as it is, I don’t see aspinal coming back the same. Maybe I’m biased from seeing too many nba players who are heavy and explosive get their knees all fucked up and have career changing injuries, but as soon as I saw Aspinal fuck his knee against Blades I was like “ohh right yeah, dunno why I didn’t see this coming”. The combination of being that heavy and that fast and explosive will fuck your knee ligaments up and you will not be the same

  28. I remember the first time I saw Species. I learned then how horrific a sexual encounter with a hot extra terrestrial woman could be--they might not see you as equals but more like prey.

  29. Reminds me of when I was tripping on 5g of mushrooms and I met a alien snake woman

  30. Correlation does not equal causation. If you can wrap your little brain around that I’ll be impressed

  31. Nah dude when I throw my popcorn at the screen it helps my side win

  32. Don't forget the morons who have to wear lucky socks or underwear because "ThEiR TeaM WiLL loSe" if they don't.

  33. How can they both matter more than each other?

  34. I’m trying to point out that they’re not mutually exclusive. They can be a British Muslim. Neither needs to be more important than the other.

  35. I wonder what sort of underhanded tactics the UFC top brass has used to keep fighters from forming a union up to this point.

  36. Times like these I don’t get how people can still defend capitalism as though it is synonymous with democracy lol

  37. You seriously can’t see any reason people defend capitalism? Lol

  38. He's a fighter, not an artist. And his mom seems to like it, even if it's childish. Nothing to do with how smart or dumb he is

  39. Im from Germany (this Happened here) and it was not Stage she was in really in Detention for a day.

  40. So you are saying that because she spent a day in detention that this couldn’t be staged? What is the magic that prevents her from choosing to stay in detention to complete the ruse?

  41. Went the extra mile but forgot to look all sad and stuff? Doesn’t really make much sense

  42. Peter Kingsley is a Jungian Scholar and an expert in Ancient Greek philosophy. A little controversial amongst Jungians, but none can argue that he’s not studied the subject matter enough.

  43. Evil or not the unconscious shadow has more than enough strength to direct your actions. If you don't integrate it to the degree that's possible, you'll fail at achieving your conscious aims because of the conflict and duality between ego and shadow, causing plenty other problems in the process.

  44. Arnold is a pretty cheeky chap if you get UK humour, I'd bet it's 100% intentional and if it's not more power to him fucking dudes rocks.

  45. Yeah, what do people expect the answer to be? Win more title fights than any other champ.

  46. Comparing basketball to a combat sport is comparing apples to oranges though since, at the end of the day, it’s a team effort that wins the rings. Defending a title in any combat sport, on the other hand, is the defender solely going up against the best in the division over and over again, therefore it’s a pretty fair metric to go off of when considering combat sports.

  47. I suppose you’re right about the team thing, but still the point remains that the division itself and the sport changes.

  48. Do people know how bad socialism, marxism, and communism are in practice, due to the inefficacy of large government and the corruptibility of all people? It means literal millions are liable to be left out in the cold starving to death. That's what you support, and we've observed it countless times already.

  49. Many will tell you that the inefficacy of large government and the corruptibility of all people is the motivation for Communism and not an argument against it.

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