1. Currently what I do is export my Bookmark / Cookie Collection to Telegram and just import them on my phone to Kiwi Browser.

  2. Huh that's pretty neat trick. I will see if that works for me. Thanks

  3. kiwi browser also supports some extensions, like Ublock

  4. Yeah been using that for a year now. It has been great so far. Sometimes it struggles but eh it's fine.

  5. How did you make the taskbar like that? Looks super nice

  6. That's not samus, that's some white woman named Brenda

  7. Performance and Features wise, Edge easily. All my work and personal pages works perfectly for it. Have a lot of other features that makes work easier. I do like the new features, except for AI, that they are adding. Their PDF viewer/editor is elite.

  8. Worst/the most boring one is easily Wong + WT + Odin

  9. Same. Though deck with equal boringness and lameness are that dinohawk decks, junk decks, patriot, thanos, old shuri redskull, discards, sauron decks, panther wong Zola, toxic decks, lockdowns, gambit and bounce decks... all lazy and brain-dead.

  10. I use discard myself sometimes. I rare ever get a chance to resurrect them with Hela 💀

  11. If on Android, I highly recommend Kiwi Browser. So far, it has been the best browser for me. Extension support is also fantastic. Haven't had any issues with it yet. And got decent amount of customisation too.

  12. I hope you guys didn't feed her art into AI to produce this shit

  13. The AI model that produced this wasn't trained (exclusively) on photographs.

  14. Since others have already mentioned all the horrible human beings, I will probably mention Ryan Reynolds. My man can't act to save his life. He has been playing himself for years now and somehow still makes money from it. I lose all interest in a movie as soon as he shows up, even for a second. Can't stand him. In movies or outside it.

  15. Different from the usual Shexyo style. Anatomy problems that usually found within AI work and looks less than human. Issues with the shadows. Hands.

  16. Yeah it's a bit disappointing to see him go down this route. He was actually showing improvements on his own style, even if it wasn't the most unique. Then just gave it up for AI.

  17. Iirc OOP said he was Christian. I think it was in that thread where he went on a rant about mix racing.

  18. Firefox. Aside from CSS, there is nothing good about it. especially not the community

  19. Used to use that for like 2 years. I have tons of issues with that, mostly performance related.

  20. It's not even a fucking sketch. Most of the posts I see on that sub are pretty much finished pieces, fully rendered or has proper line art. False advertising

  21. Ryan Reynolds. Horrible actor, his face annoys me for some reasons as well lol

  22. Wait, are you guys actively feeding this art into an AI trainer?

  23. This is at least the second time this person has done this on this sub and not marked it.

  24. It's been happening across so many subs. Tho it's worse when some people pretend they made the art. (Not OP, others)

  25. Absorbing Man... Nd a shit variant too. Pixel variants sucks

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