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  1. Qurio crown Teostra Mail hoplite’s arms Pire’s waist and hoplite’s greaves

  2. Try to plant lots of crops and don’t ever EVER make the regular sprinkler

  3. I'd disagree with you on the regular sprinkler. Nothing I dislike more than manually watering, but I do make up for it by mining a lot.

  4. I usually like to go overkill with crops bc they are amazing early game money and regular sprinklers just don’t cut it for me

  5. Lots of bombs and edibles is the best way or you can cheat and make 100 stair cases

  6. Really late game but you can fill barns with only pigs and get a ton of oil makers to make mad bank

  7. You could put more sheds and fill them up with kegs bc it will make you a metric ton of money in the long run. On my farm I currently have six sheds full of kegs and ginger island chocked full of of ancient fruit to fuel my kegs.

  8. Allow ancient fruits to be able to grow in garden pots

  9. It depends on what point in the game if you are in end game you should use hay but in early game I would use grass starters bc it builds hearts with your animals faster.

  10. It’s good only if it’s your first play through

  11. Better than her cheating with azure

  12. I wish capcom would put more lower to mid level monsters in their updates. Not everything needs to ramp up the difficulty. I’m a big Seltas/queen fan but I know they’ll never be added if they aren’t base game since they aren’t difficult fights.

  13. Teostra is the hardest elder dragon

  14. Just tests it out in the training arena it got a lot better in Sunbreak than in base rise

  15. Survival worlds last so much longer then Creative words, due to them taking more time. Not just that but also Survival adds so much more reward to finishing a project. You did all that without hovering, having to farm all those blocks and resources, and not using commands, just 1 block at a time.

  16. I like them because building massive farms and just overall impressive things to even build in creative becomes infinitely more impressive when in survival.

  17. As far as I can find, literally any negative status effect activates it, so you can pair it with things like Hellfire Cloak or Bubbly Dance

  18. Thanks I want you augment it into a build with bloodlust and coalescence, and put in protective polish for maximum damage.

  19. Rage use poorly aimed true charge slash it was super effective

  20. You can roll the same stuff you can roll on charms. And the skills you cant find on charms you cant roll on armor either. So ye Elem Exploit as add on sounds sus.

  21. Sorry I just checked and it was crit element 🤦‍♂️

  22. I think anything that gives you a level 4 deco slot is a game changer honestly, I've gotten two lvl 4 slots and they've added alot more flexibility to my build

  23. I got an extra point of element exploit on my silver sol mail and I am an element db user

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