A 100yr old “Mother of Liberty” speaks to a school board about books.

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  1. As someone in a union, I can't support repealing so-called "right to work" laws because they essentially force anyone who wants a job in a profession that is fully unionized to take money from their own wages and give it to the politicians that unions support.

  2. Sounds more like a bad workplace than a problem with all unions. You could have still had a bad experience without one and made less money to boot. Money to a union or money to your boss. I'd rather have some leverage even if it's inefficient than none at all.

  3. I get reddit ads for "he gets us" more than every other ad combined.

  4. If I were rich I would start pay for satirical billboards just for them and the 1-800-BULLSHIT signs that is all over my local highways.

  5. She’s amazing! This needs to be copy and posted everywhere!

  6. Should be top of everything. But Idk if the Nazis will actually lose this time because most of America is content to not care.

  7. Man this is depressing. 100 year olds should be relaxing in their old age, not being stirred to activism by our rights and liberties being stripped away.

  8. This is fucking crushing to watch knowing now that in the end the Nazis may still win.

  9. I genuinely can't imagine not immediately backing off if somebody was physically holding me away from them. Jesus.

  10. I had a situation with similar body language once and unfortunately it was both someone I knew and not a situation with people around to intervene.

  11. It left a bit of a lasting mark emotionally because it did escalate to SA. I think it also lead me to finally grow a backbone towards misogynistic men. I used to try to be nice about situations that made me uncomfortable and really non-confrontational because I didn't want to seem crazy and make a scene. Now if this happened I would probably start yelling and/or aggressively shove the guy. I'm not really an agressive person but I will never allow a guy to get me in that situation again so if it a situation escalates I'm no longer above going full rabid and looking insane.

  12. Michigan has a lot of wilderness and a lot of tourist towns. The upper peninsula is a vast wilderness of forest with tons of camping places, old mines, the caves on lake superior, places to kayak and so much more.

  13. Woke is anyone not being a white American man eating undercooked meat while drunk screaming at your wife Barbara about how the brown people will take your job.

  14. Getting my IUD inserted is the one time in my life that I fainted from pain. I have never fainted from pain before or since. I have had a vaginal delivery of a fairly large baby and I did not faint. IUDs should be given with general anesthesia. It's absolutely insane that it's not and a prime example of medical misogyny.

  15. I didn't black out or anything, but I did nearly call it off half way through because of the pain. And same thing happened "it's not that bad". For a baseline I didn't leave work after breaking 3 fingers because I thought I just really bruised my hand because I could close a fist.

  16. There's no reason the US Post Office couldn't offer both banking and internet services.

  17. Let's add car insurance too. I shouldn't be legally required to buy a product to use a product I already bought. Make it mandatory like plates and cut out the middleman and the millions they waste on advertising and using the law to get out of paying.

  18. This comment needs to be higher up. People needa stop saying these fuckos dont have a girl. They probably do and actually treat em like that. After they fuck em they see em differently and those poor dumb girls that stay with scum like that.

  19. I dated a guy like this once. I was 14. I'm gonna assume men like these probably like their women young just so they can't see how bad they are.

  20. The key here is the word "bidirectional". Nobody's gasping at gay people being stressed. But apparently being stressed causes gayness??

  21. As someone who came out later in life I really don't think stress makes people gay, but makes people who are in denial or in the closet start having a breakdown that leads to them coming out or being discovered. Like I came out at 26. It was preceeded by years of stress from outside sources and while I was already fantasizing about other women I didn't deal with it until I left my abusive relationship. I just thought I was being weird. Or sad. I even wondered if my shift of focus to women was a result of being tired of bad men.

  22. I don't see a friend and a romantic relationship in the same level of intimacy at all, specially if there's sex involved. I'm saying that someone who is your romantic partner, can be your best friend as well, and with good communication, you can do all the things that you want and consider yourself as a priority, in the same way as if you were alone, but better (IMO). I'm not judging you for choosing to be single tho, that's completely fine. It's just that people demonize romantic relationships for no reason.

  23. I think people demonize romantic relationships due to personal experiences, not no reason. Just like you are probably defensive because you are happy or were happy at some point with someone.

  24. I disagree. A good loving relationship can absolutely make you happier

  25. It can, but you can't guarantee every relationship is a happy one. Especially if people go in desprate and with low self-esteem. Not all relationship are bad, but it's just like how some people assume having children will make them happy. We are just saying that happiness isn't dependent on relationship status. There are happy singles and miserable 50 year marriages, there are also very sad singles and happy couples families. It's all dependent on who is involved

  26. You're obviously late to the party if you don't know about Lesbian Seagulls

  27. Wow. I heard this so much as a kid and never made the connection but we are totally teaching girls to accept abuse as love!!

  28. Thank you. I just don’t know how or where to let this anger out. The three of them are called the “pokebois”. They play Pokémon go together, spend time with each other on the weekends (meet up at a park in our neighborhood) I don’t even know their mom‘s names to talk about it. And that sounds horrible.

  29. I grew up with male friends, and one time we went out together for Halloween and they egged me. I had been hit on a few occasion as well. The made a lot of jokes about me. I had a lot of experiences where I felt left out or singled out because I was a girl and it lead to me trying to cut those parts out of me. I became very masculine, I segregated myself from other girls, and it wouldn't be till years later that I learned that the way my male friends treated me wasn't simply because I was a girl, but because they hated women. All other girls were hoes, stupid, irrational, lame, and I thought I was special. Tell her to be careful of all male friend groups simply because they can end up making young girls feel a lot of shame about normal stuff.

  30. Florida is on the top of states I won't visit. So most desired by who? White Nationalist Retirees?

  31. It was actually on Reddit believe it or not. I said something very malicious to someone on one of my old accounts towards the end of last year and got permanently banned. Using a new account was symbolic in a way because I was leaving my old "identity" behind, as well as following different communities that were less toxic and focused more on productivity, motivation and self-improvement.

  32. The stereotypical default position of some men seems to be, unsure if she’s flirting with me or trying to set me up for some prank somewhere, and that’s if they even recognise it… The stereotypical default position of some women is if their talking to you they’re trying to flirt with you…

  33. As a woman I haven't been able to tell if I have been flirted with until things escalate to the point of being blatant (a sexual comment, being touched). I also have zero game myself. I literally have just dated guys that I used to play video games or cards with, never flirted, just kinda hung out until I was noticed lol

  34. I was sent to the principal in elementary and middle school over this. They tried to brow beat me into standing and reciting, but I stated my civil rights to express myself and that covers not being forced to accept ideologies I didn't belive in ( the county was a mess and the usa got into Afghanistan and Iraq. ). They were stymied for a while but eventually, they came up with a compromise. I don't have to recite it but I had to stand out of respect for the country and my fellow citizens. They explained it is disrespectful to to not stand during any nations anthem, especially when you are in that country.

  35. My parents told me I didn't have to say the pledge because we should only blindly follow god and that any creation by men wasn't worth blind loyalty and respect. So I quit saying the pledge in elementary school. It got me some wierd looks. But I was in 1st grade for 9/11 so I got to see the country in a politically ugly moment from the start of my memory. I don't regret it. I'm also atheist now, so I have double the reason to not say the pledge.

  36. You remember when Wisconsin tried calling itself the mitten state too?

  37. I can see this really taking off with the idiot demographic.

  38. When I come on an art reddit I am always so ashamed of my skills compared to other people who make amazing art. Landscapes, portraits, dreamy scenes.

  39. I'm a new artist taking lessons and I too was thinking...where's the values and depth to this painting? It's SO flat with lots of harsh lines. The leaves don't even move let alone the arms. I'd be embarrassed tbh

  40. Like I could see this being a print used for cards of like a sticker and selling. But 5k as an original work??? Never would I pay 10% of that.

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