1. watch episode 2 of star wars visions. english dubbed

  2. I legit feel bad for wanting bear vs gorilla now.

  3. When this episode was announced, I almost quit the show. I just felt that I wasn't able to look forward to the videos anymore if all the matchups were boring like this. And then the episode came out...

  4. I love Lego and DB but I don't see them meshing well together. At least for an official episode.

  5. they have talked about doing lego batman vs lego darth vader though, that could be awesome

  6. So I guess they aren't putting the blogs on blogger anymore?

  7. Hobbes (He's literally a figment of Calvin's imagination who doesn't exist)

  8. actually we've seen evidence of him actually interacting in the real world

  9. Yeah the show has an astounding amount of star level feats but no one ever talks about it

  10. I see. You don't know what we would do when caught off guard, but you are able to predict what are plans would be if we were given time to prepare. By letting us know, you are making us more predictable.

  11. You are smart, I have already sent one of your own to warn the rest and get them ready

  12. Fool it won't work on me. I procrastinate!

  13. Both of them are artificially created beings that have an unnatural obsession with pursuing and terrorizing the protagonists. Both also appear numerous times in their film to the point where its almost comedic. Yeah this is mostly a joke matchup, but I have a feeling someone would be able to make more connections for it.

  14. It was my first exposure to kaiju and man did it leave an effect.

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