1. Gauntlet rules apply. They are rookies still. Janelle won her first season and was on the rookie team… these new cast members use it so loosely the term lost is value

  2. haha bofum- haven't heard that one i will be using that from now on as typing out both of them is far too difficult

  3. Evelyn played her 2nd and third seasons on a team. By other people's accounts on the show she wasn't well liked. It's pretty obvious why they still kept her around. On g3 she had beef with coral who exposed her as two face.

  4. On the Island season Evelyn’s beef was with Johnny. Her having helped Kenny on Inferno 3 to win the life shield established their respect for each other. The Ruins & Fresh Meat 2 season was at the height of the Wes & Kenny beef. Kelly Anne was her best friend and the Champion team wanted to fuck with Wes so they put her in against her to screw with Wes. Wes was considered an outcast due to Kenny causing the house to pick sides between him & Wes. Team season or not she is among the small circle of 3x female champs.. I also clearly wrote that she was CIVIL not friends

  5. Regardless if her issues was with Johnny, no one on the fm side ever stepped up for her. The closest was Kenny to try and work with her to save Johnny.

  6. I never said she was buddy buddy with the Fresh Meat 1 cast. I said civil which means:adequate in courtesy and politeness. Even though it was to save Johnny he & her had a descent enough relationship to have that talk. The author is writing from the perspective of a survivor fan and it stands out when he said ”Michele was a fan favorite” fukouttahere. In Laurel’s last 2 seasons it was an entirely different cast of people meaning she would work with those she has established relationships forming new ones as the game progresses. Evelyn had a enough juice with the cast to NOT be thrown in but going in due to loses. Michele literally made a 3 challenge deal with Devin who burnt her in the end. The game is shaped by relationships of the game.. she wasnt put in by those who knew her, she got thrown in by a spaz who admitted in her interviews she was paranoid because Laurel stopped talking to her once the game started..As for Kenny not having a role in her game. Bananas even mentioned to Darrell on his pod cast how HE was the lowest man on that alliances totem pole as you saw how Bananas went in on the last mens elimination against Dunbar.. Wes on Challenge mania mentions how HE was a last minute replacement for another cast member talking about how Evan & Kenny would knock his food out if his and said “it was my fucking toothbrush” on the podcast to Derrick K, that was there who stated on the ChallengeMania Podcast when he met Kenny he thought he sucked as an athlete and never would’ve thought he would’ve became the kingpin he did in the game Kenny & Evan co ran there alliance..fact check before you talk to me

  7. I would recommend 92Y, its pretty laid back. School wise Guard is better than reserves

  8. Same here. My favorite season. I was hoping All Stars would go more back to this type of challenge, but it seems to be moving more toward the main show.

  9. i have less than zero desire to type it up. 😩

  10. To be honest the cast over the years has said and done far worse things and due to the timing of her tweets is why she was fired and the challenge became whatever the fuck it is now. During the pandemic people had to much time on there hands and dug up tweets the rest of her uk rookie cast had posted over the years causing MTV to distance themselves

  11. Everyone is purposely under performing because their is no real incentive to win. The winner has to not only pick 4 TEAMS. They gotta hope the intended target gets taken out by 1 of the teams playing a game their is no guarantee that either team has an advantage of winning

  12. Fuck that skull twist and the show is about strategy just as much as it is about the challenges. I agree last place should go in and think production should go back to show based teams like when it was the Real World/ Road Rules challenge. This ISNT a competition show, competitions have set rules. This is Reality tv personalties trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame. You want competition turn on ESPN, if you want to watch the challenge accept its Reality TV

  13. Yeah that was horseshit! Corey talked about that final and also shared a bunch more trickery production pulled.

  14. As someone who enjoys the Challenge for the challenges and competitions, I’ve enjoyed the new seasons.

  15. I agree AYTO & Love Island USA needs to be the casting source for the challenge.

  16. I feel like people are just voting the Miz, because they don't know Mike Mike's name is Michael Ross...

  17. As much as I loved Micheal “Mike Mike”Ross. I started watching the show rooting for the Real World team lead by the Miz on Battle of the Seasons,Gauntlet 1 & Inferno 1.

  18. Depends on the elimination really. Are we talking old school pole wrestle,hall brawl,name that coconut,beach brawl,ball brawl, force field or reverse tug of war?

  19. Not in private, but they should limit input from the rest of the house

  20. Nah, they need to alternate how things are done. They need to alternate between team,pair and individual seasons along with Fresh mystery winner eliminations and 1 day & over night finals. This is NOT americas 5th sport.. stop it please

  21. Nehemiah would def be Wes’s #1 ride or die! Brad would be #2 …. But yea seems they only cast Nehemiah for All stars! I feel like Wes has a better chance of winning with Brad

  22. Nah, Brad is great at dailies and all but Nehemiah shouldn’t be slept on.. again.. CT mentioned to the VET team on Gauntlet 3 Nehemiah was the Rookie threat not Derek. Nehemiah has what it takes to win

  23. Yessss, I honestly thought AS3 was my least favorite of the three, I think it was at least in some part a lack of debuts/people who did NOT need to debut on this series

  24. All Stars 3 for ME was like watching season 12 when Wes debuted on the challenge

  25. Haha, except he was maybe a bit more respectful towards women on AS3 and much wealthier.

  26. Sure, I mostly enjoyed the old school feel. I would love to see more Road Rulers this upcoming season

  27. I would kill for Theo to do one more season. The things he says are so insanely wild, and hilarious. Wish he didn't get hurt in FM

  28. If you go back and watch older seasons dude was in great shape and was kinda like Mike’s equal for the Road Rules team

  29. Well outside Wes bitching and moaning or yelling at Casey or Johanna no one has much going on.

  30. Bananas get brought back because Evan & Kenny got banned and they realized the show does better with lead antagonist

  31. I remember that season. A toga party and a baby. I loved it, Ashley almost lost her arm on one challenge

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