1. Even better, consider using a bidet and greatly reducing your TP.

  2. Yes from water bottle. Use a small separate bottle if you wish. You won't stress about running out of TP.

  3. I would still use and I do use the Xmid simply because it’s stupid cheaper than anything else that’s a good tent in my opinion especially since they discontinued the original sierra designs high route tent. I’m pretty sure you could buy enough Xmids to last a decade of steady weekend backpacking for one duplex.

  4. So you use the 1P? If so, when you crawl in all wet, how do you keep your other stuff from getting wet?

  5. Full disclosure I’ve never used the inner net tent or any bug net in the southern Appalachians. It’s just a big pyramid tarp so I just crawl in and change if I’m wet.

  6. In 2017 there was a woman who supported her husband that way. She stayed at Standing Bear for a few days doing work for stay to reduce her camping expenses. Your husband may be able to do some of that to reduce cost of staying in campgrounds.

  7. Does it matter where you finish? Does it have to be in your home state? Would you consider a flip flop so you can start a little earlier to ensure you finish on time? Just things to think about.

  8. The point is to be able to walk home. I know that there are plenty of SoBo hikers so I don’t see why the point of going with the easier version. I don’t mean that in a gotcha way just that if other people do it, no reason I shouldn’t.

  9. Bandaids are hard to keep on in a wet environment so I bring a few guaze pads and luekotape P tape to use in place of bandaids. Remember, you just need enough to get you to town, so while some of the suggested items seem like a lot, you only need enough to last a few days. If you use tylenol or ibuprofen frequently, then plan to carry more of those but the other stuff, benadryl, etc just a few are needed.

  10. I use 2 Mil plastic from the painting section at Home Depot. I use that because had a roll of it at home. Otherwise I would have tried the Polycro.

  11. Good money? You don't even have bad money if you have 3 kids. They are an economic study in cash flow problems.

  12. Definitely no Ubers in Dahlonega 😂 that’s where I live. I know there’s taxis in Gainesville and maybe Uber too. I can give you a ride if you need it too

  13. But Dahlonega has Mamas taxi service as well as Pops taxi service. I've met Mom from Mamas taxi, very nice lady. Her number, 706 482 8539. I'm not sure if she goes to Amicalola.

  14. There are lots of spiders. And if you're the first person on trail in the morning there's a lot of spider webs that you will eat walking along the trail. They like to make webs at face level overnight. I wear a head net to avoid eating spidersilk all morning.

  15. I just can't trust spiders. They are really fast and want to crawl all over you. At least lizards try to get away from you. So, how do I learn to trust a spider? Or at least not fear and detest them? I'm asking this seriously.

  16. Exposure and familiarity will help. Convincing yourself that spiders are harmless. You have to face your fear to get over it.

  17. I'm from the North but now live in Georgia. We do have brown recluse and black widow, as well as black scorpions. Copperheads are in our neighborhood too. But its the spiders that get me.

  18. There has been a few offers here, can you update and let us know what else you need? I'm just now seeing this and may have some stuff that can fill in a few more of your gaps.

  19. I don't really know who came up with "you should not carry more than 20% of your body weight." The problem with this statement is some people turn it around and say, "you should be able to carry 20% of your body weight." I met people who carried more than I who weighed less than I do and they didn't struggle, yet I would have struggled with 20% of my weight.

  20. Got out of the military and my motivation for the last two years of it was looking forward to hiking the AT. I kept an AT map outside my locker and walked 40-50 miles a week for the last 6 months I was in.

  21. I thank you all, each if you, for your service. Please tell your families that my family appreciates their sacrifice. I have a great life because of you. I have the freedom to walk this trail because of your efforts.

  22. I read about it in the 80's when I was in high school. There wasn't an Internet at that time, at least not available to me. I couldn't figure out if there was a real trail or just walk in a direction and hope you see a blaze. Lol But I was amazed that people were brave enough to do it. I wanted to be adventurous like those people in the book, but I never thought I'd have the courage to go into the woods by myself.

  23. Go see a physical therapist a few months before your trip. Explain to them some of your weaknesses, your concerns, and your goals. Have them do a full physical assessment.

  24. THIS! A PT can help you build strong feet and ankles. You can use bands, stairs, marbles, etc. Using bands across the bottom of your foot, flexing foot up and down and sideways. Use stairs to do calf dips. Pick up marbles with your toes and drop them in a bowl, about 30 of them, one at a time. You want to ask the PT how to do these so they are done correctly.

  25. I have an ExPed, a S2S Etherlight and a Nemo Tensor. I tried a neo air xlite it wasn't comfortable for me. The S2S is very comfortable but not as warm as the others, its also heavier. The Nemo is warmest and almost as comfortable as S2S, but not quite. The ExPed has been very reliable but not as comfortable as the other two.

  26. When you say schnozzle are you referring to the pump sack that comes with the Exped pads?

  27. Yes, it fits Nemo and S2S. It's the only pump sack I use. You can buy them separately. I use the UL medium. Its about 2.1 ounces.

  28. I hear you. I have to toss every 30 minutes on a z-lite alone, unless my tent happens to be on top of a 6 inch pile of pine needles.

  29. Yes! My friend uses a hammock on the AT, she rarely has a hard time finding a spot.

  30. You have to stay in or at, the shelters in the Smokies. The Whites have some exceptions as does Baxter. I'm not sure about Shenandoah, most of the rest of the 1900 miles, you can camp wherever.

  31. Clearly a joke, but drone operation is actually illegal in national parks where a significant chunk of the trail resides. The entire trail corridor itself is even considered a national park. Technically it's illegal to even cross the trail with a drone.

  32. Which is a shame because I would sleep better knowing my bear bag could be protected by a drone.

  33. There is a hotel at Amicalola too. It won't be cheap, but its an option.

  34. Call Chica and Sunsets Hostel. They are familiar with some of those pick up options. I've read that Deep Gap is seasonal and may or may not be opened when you need it. You can always hike down Albert Mountain and get picked up at Winding Stair. It may be more days or miles than you are looking to hike.

  35. I should also add, the skirt has no holes or abrasion marks to it. I can't even tell if its faded.

  36. I think its best for you to contact someone in the US who is familiar with snake bites, copperhead and rattlesnake to ask what their opinion is on how to respond once bitten. The first aid class I took said to NOT use a venom kit or suck out the venom with your mouth. They said within 23 seconds, your blood has already circulated through your body. They said to start hiking to the nearest trailhead to get as close as you can to the first responders. It will make your rescue quicker.

  37. Yeah…. It wasn’t too funny at 3 in the morning having several sets of eyes following you through the woods. But hat hat har

  38. Seriously though, we have them where we live. They ran along our fence line one night all excited. All of a sudden, they sounded like they were killing something. The screaming was awful, like horrible dog fight. Then the sound trailed odd. I went out the next day, expecting to see the neighbor dog killed, there was no blood or hair, nothing. Our son is an outdoorsman so I discussed it with him. He said they get excited like that sometimes, even though nothing is killed. I would not want them trailing me, ever.

  39. Make a route in Guthook by dropping pins for your start/end points, and it shows you total gain/loss.

  40. When you’re in the guide, click the tools icon on the side-bar and you should see ‘create a route’. Hold to drop pins. In ‘manage saved routes’ it shows you the total elevation gain/loss, and if you open the route you’ve made it shows the elevation profile and waypoints for just that route

  41. I was able to do this, thank you for your help. Im sure there is so much more im not taking advantage of!

  42. yeah I feel like I'm in an awkward spot where I want to leave my current job (its a great gig, but I'm just bored of it and need to move on). So even though I think there's a chance I could get a 6mo leave of absence, I kind of dont want to.

  43. Yes it will be harder. Get that resume and a basic cover letter written now, that's half the battle of looking.

  44. My Manager said take whatever time off I needed and they would hire me back when I wanted. I'm a very conscientious employee. You have to MAKE them want you back, so do what some others have posted, be a STELLAR employee. Also, start sharpening up your resume now, it will help bring clarity to your knowledge and skill set, so if they opt not to hire you back, you can focus on what aspects of work you most enjoy. Most likely you will find a different position that is as suitable or more so than your current position.

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