1. He was homeless when she met him? I know he had drug (?) issues and is probably a great person, anyone can fall into troubles and addiction, but wasn’t she big on TT when she met him? Seems like a weird situation to me. I feel like if someone was successful (in their chosen field) and they met a newly sober, homeless person to date, everyone would tell them that person is taking advantage of them. Shit, my parents thought my husband was taking advantage of me when we met at 21 and we both worked at McDonalds lol.

  2. that is true, everyone is different. but I just have a feeling that their relationship is not going to last. At least from what I’ve seen so far lmao. Congrats on six years of marriage! :)

  3. EW I just watched and why would she post that

  4. I didn’t say that. I said she lies about everything. She claims she has always been overweight but that’s a lie. So why wouldn’t she lie about an eating disorder.

  5. She very well could have been over weight for her height. She is only 4'11

  6. The straightest answer I got for this question came from Gwen in her patreon comment section tbh

  7. I don't think they let the camera's in bc I believe they actually have 2 nanny's, not just one.

  8. I think she has abandonment issues, a thyroid problem-that can cause mood swings, she isolates, she is co dependent

  9. I’m distracted by Sobins throat when she speaks. I often wonder if she’s ever gotten her thyroid checked out.

  10. Why shouldn’t it be harsh?? They literally beat a man within inches of his life! They shouldn’t get one year. They deserve hard time to hopefully erase the hate in there hearts. You as a Haole shouldn’t be kissing ass no one deserves this , he didn’t steal the home. He bought it fair and square

  11. Being in the industrial prison complex doesn't erase hate. It breeds hate

  12. Find her a new rheumy . Don't stop the hydroxy without a doctor's opinion. She could be in a flair

  13. Honestly, sexy time is really the only time I feel good. The oxytocin and endorphins seem to help my pain for a short amount of time. Remember intimacy doesn't have to be sex. It can be making out, holding hands, snuggles. It should also start at the beginning of the day. When your other half leaves for work, let him know how appreciated he is, how handsome he is, ect

  14. Perfect example of how mental illness is the root cause of so much content here

  15. Lots of people are allergic to different adhesives. Doesn't look like she's allergic to this one rho

  16. What mes would work in a week's time? Prednisone? Plaquenil takes a couple months, right?

  17. I have never been on prednisone for lupus unless it was just 1mg dose during a flair. That medication, at high doses, ruined my mom's body more than lupus did. Steroid induced Addison's disease, steroid induced diabetes, she fell a very short distance and shattered her tib/fib, and ankle. Moral of the story; get back on your plaquenil but ymmv with steroids.

  18. Oh', snap! Bet she wishes she didn't go through that divorce with Barry now. The producers from TLC's, 'Welcome to Plathville' are going to have a field day with this.

  19. I need to rewatch the other season bc I don't even remember them talking about divorce 🤦🏽

  20. Next season of this show is gonna be good

  21. Passing out when you sneeze is a sign of narcolepsy. I am new here. Was she claiming that happens to her?

  22. I’m in internal medicine and we aren’t as lackadaisical as people make us out to be.

  23. Internal medicine docs, in my opinion, are the most thorough.

  24. I had sex with my wife before we went in our first date - best that

  25. I swiped right on a guy. Asked him to come over and eat me out. That was legit the entire convo. He did. I moved in with him three months later. Probably not the safest thing, considering I had just moved here from 4k miles away. That was five years ago. We are engaged.

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