1. For more detail, that’s supposed to look like a Boll Weevil, which was a pest that ate cotton before it could be harvested. In Enterprise, Alabama, they celebrate the weevil as it forced them to diversify into different industries and kept the town from financial ruin when cotton became not enough to run a town off of. I’ve been to Enterprise but unfortunate wasn’t able to see Weevil McDonald.

  2. Obviously a blessing in disguise for the town, but I still get a chuckle whenever I heard about Enterprise and its bizarre celebration of an insectoid pest.

  3. I don't get it. People are applauding this but just a few months ago, people wanted this kind of tyranny to happen in America... It's okay because they are Chinese??? What about the truck protest in Canada? Why didn't it get this kind of support? I'm sick of two faced people.

  4. Nobody was really applauding what China's government was doing at that point, not even the mainstream media. By early-2022 much of the world has accepted that COVID is now as endemic as seasonal flu and governments phased out nationally mandated COVID rules after vaccinating enough of the population.

  5. These kids are never going to see Dr. Suess characters the same way again.

  6. Bikini. Ok fine. Chained up. Ok fine. Pink hair. Okay fine.

  7. Fuck Qatar. Fuck Iranian regime. How pathetic this world cup is. It reminds me of the Olympic in Germany during Hitler as leader

  8. Can't forget that they also hosted Taliban officials during the 2010s (with approval by the US the UN) when Afghanistan was locked in intense fighting, while

  9. Looks tidal to me. Stuff like this can happen during a storm.

  10. And it's not a good look. If the water pressure is lifting the tarmac around where the manhole should be, the river flow has probably blasted the drainage outlet apart and could have even eroded the ground around it. That place will need to be checked for sinkholes and will most likely need to be refilled.

  11. Footage from a security camera shows the moment of the crash, around 10:30 am. After leaving one of the pumps, the car goes around to continue on the road, but ends up running over the worker.

  12. So they're steadfast on their zero-COVID stance. These bureaucratic despots really are afraid of losing face.

  13. I remember my hometown back in the philippines get fumigated like this for malaria. Fun times.

  14. Over here it's usually in response to a reported dengue fever case in the area. Health workers would smoke everything along the affected area, leaving an acrid pesticide smell on everything. Usually had to wash any utensils that were left exposed due to poison risks from the sprayed substance. It's a necessary inconvenience given how fucking deadly dengue fever still is due to an environment conducive for mosquitoes and lackluster research for treatments.

  15. Heard the explosions from my house for this one. Not surprising as this building was pretty dilapidated. Cause still under investigation with no injuries reported!

  16. Giant boy needed to listen to his poor girlfriend imploring him to stop the attack and head back to base for a shower and a change of clothes.

  17. If he's so wasted that he could continue to fight while his pants is stained brown, I don't think he's in any mental state to listen to reason from anyone.

  18. the real crime here is that I had to hold my head sideways to watch this video. my neck hurts

  19. What the fuck were they even burning in the pile? Fuel-soaked paper rags?

  20. German here with Turkish roots. I just want people like that to go to their so much loved country. I have absolute no understanding for such behaviour. They are warmly greeted here in the west but do shit like this. I fucking hate that.

  21. I always wonder if they'll just be as inclined to wreck shit the same away if they're celebrating in their home country, when all the property destruction hits closer to home.

  22. Again with the lame ass excuse. The things these shit stains will do to avoid facing the reality that they're impulsively violent.

  23. PVC toilet tanks are not unheard of for cheaper toilets. I've seen quite a few of those myself either built into the seat or installed overhead for squat toilets.

  24. That give me a fucking heart attack. I don't see how that's a WCGW tho, like it's not obvious there's a jumpscare in the snake box.

  25. I was more concerned about where that hooked stick was going. That pointy end could hurt someone.

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