1. im gonna say something controversial. X did not live up to his potential

  2. 3 times was not trending on tik tok bro

  3. they’re both great but the mixing on some of no stylist is borderline unlistenable (Dangerous)

  4. no stylist if you’re looking for more of a range of sounds and an overall experience but project X if you wanna hear fun party music

  5. It definitely is worse but people will force themselves to think other wise just because it’s a og snippet/leak

  6. I purposly tried not to listen to snippets for this exact reason

  7. i completely agree snippets just overplay the song before it’s even out. they also give fans false expeditions which for me all the snippets previewed on this album are better in cdq

  8. Once again u can google it and read instead of responding to me and still being wrong

  9. “Punk rap is hip hop music influenced by the rebellious ethos, and sometimes musical characteristics, of punk rock. The genre has been described as being influenced by styles such as trap music, punk rock, heavy metal and lo-fi music.” before you get on your fucking high horse punk rap is just a reiteration of rage rap 😭

  10. When did I ever say anything abt punk rap ???

  11. i literally just said that it is stated to be a reiteration of rage rap 😭 but u just skimmed over that part huh

  12. i completely agree. seeing how split the community is on the album means that this is an instant classic 🔥 ppl will come around to this album once it’s performed and it has that live feeling to it

  13. i love how he switches between a happy hyperpop-ish tone to more of a dark synthy trap tone all throughout the album. it’s like he’s constantly reminding you of how fast he can just switch the mood with no consequences. i fw this album heavy 9/10 for me rn and def his best.

  14. Eh would not go as far as to say “complete trash” but it did seem kind of mid the first listen through. Overall seemed like there was a handful of good songs. Im going to listen a few more times and see what I think.

  15. it’ll grow on you for sure. i love this album. the fact that the community is so split on whether it’s mid or it’s amazing tells me that this is already a classic.

  16. Only downside is that it's definitely a less appealing album to a casual listener compared to project X. Still gonna be a better album once I'm fully warmed up to it though. Intro and MDMA are fkn masterpieces. 9/10 album.

  17. i think it’s a lot better than project X. way more effort put into it and everything is just way more catchy and enjoyable to me.

  18. it’s so dumb when ppl expect a full style change for someone who only has one album out lmfao. i fw this shit heavy and i think this is just him improving his craft. 9/10 for me right now

  19. i fw this album more than project x off first listen for sure. i love ken when hes spazzing over rage beats

  20. thats what im sayin.. im a huge ken fan but honestly project x aint all that to me, this album is exactly what i wanted tho i swear.

  21. i liked project X a lot but this album is just on a whole different level. i don’t get how ppl aren’t hearing it

  22. based on how split the community is on this album i already know this shit is a classic 🔥🔥

  23. the album has 20 songs, top 10 ain impressive

  24. top 10 is pretty impressive for an album that is as stacked as this lmfao y’all always hate on sum when it first drop

  25. i'm not hating i'm loving this album i just thought it was funny saying a song is good, then saying at least 9 songs r better

  26. that’s your own fault for setting your own expectations that way lmfao. most ken carson fans recognized this album as him just working on his own craft and improving upon it and not him completely changing it.

  27. i just want stoner, i serve x, fit, but then again i can wait a long ass time for those we just got an album

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