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  1. That's not what this strain is I'm sorry jealousy is Gelato and sherbet crossed

  2. Jealousy is not the only one that can have gelato and sherbert cross. Jealousy probably has gelato 31 which is a very common gelato this strand has gelato 41 which is an exotic gelato. Okay you say that's not the strain, then what strain is it?? I may be dyslexic but I'm not stupid, I did thorough research on this strand before I bought it and before I posted. I know my gelatos

  3. I thought pmm was trainwreck x blueberry muffin

  4. Junk and WAY over priced..always dry too..sad cuz I was WAS a huge fan of GMO or whatever they call it now..sad truly...they was too dog for min but if it's not klutch or buckeye relief then I'm gewd..gelanes is always beautiful but trash remb all that shimmer is not gold 😉😉 and Woodward is over priced n trash now...klutch needs lower price or dispensary and man they would slay it..kinda like buckeye relief has been doing lately 112$/116$...but idc what strain it's always a guaranteed to be great to amazing..just chilli needs to get more selection for ur the top dog n southern Ohio..but fools work there..idiots n liars..I wish to ask something why all places will allow u to c what u wish to BUY yet chilli Sunnyside always says no we can' I have I HAVE to buy something just off the name n thc percentage..that's low n nasty or it's they lazy n don't want to walk..I swear n Columbus I can ask what's this look like..yet chilli I have to take their word n that's nothing for they lie and it's a OPINION..I've heard them deflect consumers from trees so they can buy later..idky I can't c the two I wish to buy ir rather I want one half oz n I'm stuck between these two can I c them n read the then I pick this one..get to window ok let me c or I'll be right back from the parkibg lot...

  5. Show me what medical marijuana is not junk and way overpriced??? It's medical marijuana so they're not allowed to show you what you're buying now if it was legalized then you'd be able to see it and smell it and touch it before you bought it. It's very f***** up how they run the medical marijuana program. Only the working class and the rich can afford the medical marijuana which is absolutely stupid it's medicine why don't we have insurance picking stuff up? Why aren't there programs out there to help those that are struggling financially to get their medicine? We just need to legalize It

  6. Wow, I wish I would have got the flower too. I tried a luster pod of it first time and holy shit that has to be the best tasting stuff I've ever had. It taste like a mix of boo berry crunch and fruit loops with a delicious skunky taste that hangs on at the end. It's my new favorite.

  7. Girl crush is the new drop and it's phenomenal.. it has a gassy skunk smell and the effects are phenomenal. It mellowed me right out. I am not one I can tell you exactly what it tastes like but it does taste good and smooth no funky aftertaste

  8. Hard disagree. Combustion is trash. It literally tastes like burnt plant with a TOUCH of flavor when you exhale. I can’t see why anyone would want to smoke plant matter to get THC when you can just have the THC and terpenes. Compare the resins left behind after combustion vs vaporization. That should give you a pretty clear idea of what smoking flower vs concentrates is doing to your lungs. I truly believe anyone who has the tolerance for concentrates but claims they prefer flower just simply don’t know how to use concentrates to their full potential. It’s not as easy as just jamming a nug into your nasty little resonated bowl and sucking away. 80% of y’all probably don’t even clean your piece, then talk about flavors and terpenes. I think it’s funny people love those shitty little distilled carts.. you know that’s just concentrates they couldn’t sell whole so they dilute it and sell it as carts. H.R.E.A.M.

  9. Wow tell me how you really feel! I am vintage and flowers all I know. I don't care for concentrates cuz they're way too expensive, waste of money. I buy concentrate every now and again just for the portability and the freedom to smoke it wherever I want versus the flower. Cartridges and pods are a waste of money. Edibles can eat them so I guess I am one I prefer flower over anything else. And for your information, I do keep all of my smoking apparel very clean.. I don't like to smoke or taste ass.

  10. I got 14.15 grams of jungle fire. Got home to weigh it 6.8 grams is what I got! Contact certified wit emails an pics of everything. 4 days later they sent 56$ to PayPal. So I started posting pics of everything on Instagram no shit not an hr later I was paid n full refund. I loved certified but haven't had them for few weeks because of the way they handle the whole thing. Like I wanted a hand out! I just wanted what I paid for. Would love to see more of what I'm paying for. Everyone acts like once u buy it! That's on you but Fruth pharmacy or CVS would never allow this to happen wit my Valium

  11. Certified's one of my favorite. I'm sorry you had a problem but it sound like certified definitely took care of your problem way better than grow Ohio. You got your full refund, I only got half of a refund so I was out money and a product. I will not be buying anything from grow Ohio again I never really cared for them. And you're so right it's ridiculous if there is a issue with the product the dispensaries or the cultivator should take care of it without an issue they act as you said we're wanting a free handout no we're wanting what we paid for our medicine.

  12. Thanks! The name cracks me up, just like most of them. We can't give them the legal marijuana name because we're medicine so let's come up with some creative names and confuse everybody.

  13. Butterfly effect by grow Ohio suck!!!! They have no customer care, I had an issue with their products sometime back and they were complete assholes they didn't want to honor their products as a defect and or make the problem right. They stole my money, and points with no compensation except for an $18 virtual card which is worthless you can't use anywhere but online shopping. I boycott Grow Ohio and will never buy their products again their products are garbage and the company is shady. So basically if you get a defective product from grow Ohio you're just going to have to suck it up and take it as a loss and also as life lesson not to buy their products again.

  14. I had a terrible experience with a cart from them, but a great experience with their customer service. First off, their flower is fire. The Lemon G I got from them was top notch. The Layer Cake Live Resin cart, however, tasted terrible, like burnt hair. I couldn't even smoke it, it was so bad. I contacted them about it, sent them the photos they requested, and within a couple of days, they responded with an e-gift card for the amount the cart cost. I used the card to buy a microsd card from Newegg. No issues.

  15. But you're one of the few that has had any success with them. And I did buy their diamond and sauce is the product I had an issue with and they didn't want to do anything about it and didn't even want to give me back my full amount I paid the only one to give me $18 on a egift card which is pointless cuz I don't do online shopping and also stupid because then you can't go back to the dispensary and buy something else. That's why I said I got screwed I got screwed out of product money points everything, I spent my last of my money on a garbage product and had to go a week and a half without my medicine.

  16. Um yes especially if there's no cigarette smoking going on in the house. Take a walk if you don't want to get busted

  17. Short battery life other than that I haven't had no issues. Easy to load your concentrate due to the dart in the mouthpiece and the convenience of portability to be able to use my medicine went out in public. Easy to clean too. But I don't use mine daily so I don't know what day to day life would be like using the Puffco Plus and how long the heat coil will lasts. The mouthpiece with the dart (little spoon) can be replaced a 3 pack for under $20 and then you have your heat coil that runs you anywhere from $25 to $30, average lifespan of a day-to-day use of a coil is about 30 days on green setting. I've heard mixed reviews.

  18. 🤔 umm 12 not 22, I know math is hard for some 😂 Did you mean to say 2000 not 2010???🤔

  19. To me it sounds as though your dog was not intentionally trying to attack this little boy it seems to me it was one of those oh s*** moments of really nobody could probably do anything about it just due to the fact that little boy ran in front of your house at that exact moment your dog is all hyper wanting to play oops the leash got loose oops dog chase thinking that's what we're playing, caught up to what we were chasing tried to picked it up like we would our ball it just to me seems like one of those oops moments, it does not seem to be done intentionally, it seems to me as a pet parent you have done everything in your power at the moment that you could do to contain your dog while you were exercising him in your yard. You have every intention on making sure your dog and your neighbors are safe so there is no more of these oops kind of moments of a dog being a dog and wanting to play but what you are wanting to do is put a fence up which is just like everything else due to the pandemic on backorder. I'm sorry this happened to you I'm sorry this little boy had gone through this but I'm thankful it was very minor wounds that didn't even break the skin. Yes I can understand this little boy was probably terrified but there was no actual physical harm it was more mental. If your dog truly intended to attack this little boy your dog would have done more harm than what he has done, your dog listened to you for the most part which shows you have had some training done in the past and sounds like you plan on doing more. Sounds like you're awesome pet parents in doing everything right for your pup. But what your neighbors have to understand too your family just moved into the neighborhood so this is a change to your family along with your dog to a change in the whole environment. Your dog just like you and your family you have to adapt to your new surroundings, it takes time and people need to learn to be a little more understanding, communicating with each other instead of at each other and quit being so quick to accuse of wrongdoing with intent to do harm and then sue over misunderstanding and miscommunication. Once again I'm sorry this happened to you just breathe and take it one moment at a time. 🙏🏼

  20. We just got the same stuff here in Ohio. Tiger mints and a strain called Midwest toad. They got Columbia care to grow it here. If you have Columbia Care by you then you know that turd bud I'm talking about. It's better than what they normally put out but still not top shelf and definitely not what the champ himself is smoking

  21. Thanks for your feedback. I don't think I'll be wasting my money on it at this time but things can change so if I hear otherwise down the road that it's become something phenomenal then maybe I'll try it.

  22. Sorry for some reason I read the article headline and thought this was a different sub other than Ohio lol. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  23. I know it wasn't strictly pertaining to Ohio dispensaries but the reason I had posted it was for the Tyson flower.

  24. Yeah I am right there with you the grapefruit sour is definitely nothing to write home about.

  25. In theory that’s nice, but sadly just a marketing tool in this “medical” market we have here in Ohio. Every company has a customer service team who works with product claims and pts are usually only allowed one product claim. IMO, focus on making clean medicine for patients and stop price gouging on shitty mids!!!

  26. Yep exactly. No I had an issue with a purchase I made of a buckeye relief product at amplify and I took it back to amplify and since it was a buckeye relief product they refunded me my money yeah it sucks I was out the point but I have plenty of them. Now I had a problem with Grow Ohio where I'm out money, point and product. The medical program is so broken it needs some serious fixs and or just need to make it legalized.

  27. I emailed buckeye relief about the 8.49 slapz sneak peek smelling of hay and being shit as far as effective for anything besides giving me a headache and making me feel nauseous of the smell. I let them know it may be moldy and they said they couldn’t see any mold on the picture I sent them and that it tested fine. Worst $100 I’ve spent thus far in the program.

  28. Yeah I've never had an issue with Buckeye Relief. I had an issue with their product and they refunded me my money with no problem🤔

  29. I don't have the information on the solvents and if you look at the bottom of the page the concentrates are there listed of which derivatives are which from the concentrates.

  30. Mass attention to one compound, in this case, thc and the present Terps in the matter

  31. No not so much that, it's just education. A lot of people do not understand the differences between the concentrates if you look at the very bottom of it, it shows you the different derivants of concentrates.

  32. I would ask for a refund no question. Grow Ohio has lost its luster. Klutch or lighthouse all day for this stuff

  33. I'm going back to the same dispensary today cuz they have what I really want on sale so I'm taking it back with me and if they can't help me I will be getting a hold of Grove Ohio. These cultivators need to be held accountable for their products we are sitting here wasting our money or hard-earned money on our medicine just to get screwed over in the end. I'm tired of it.

  34. Yeah that shouldn’t be called diamonds and sauce. It should be called Diamond (singular) and sauce lol

  35. Yeah exactly! Went back to the dispensary they gave me the email to contact the cultivator and they also told me this batch was bad cuz everybody was having some sort of the issue with their diamond and sauce consistency so I did emailed Grow Ohio, waiting. I was shocked and disappointed by the lack of diamonds I don't buy concentrates or vapes very often due to price and also I have a very hard time open the extracts or concentrate containers. I had bought Galenas crescendo diamond and sauce and that was some phenomenal stuff. I got it on sale 30% and it was loaded with diamonds nice size diamonds, well worth the money. I Galenas but there expensive also like matter and RC but they're the same, Certified's not bad flower but I have not tried much in the way of their dates and or extracts. I do a lot of Buckeye Relief their price seems to be more reasonable especially when I can get it on sale and stack discounts.

  36. Like taking adderall and having to take a xanax just to take the edge off from the stimulant. yeah it sucks. i tried just weed for a long time but it just wasn't enough to give me relief.

  37. Hey each to there own, you do what makes you work and take what makes you function everyday to be a productive citizen and take care of yourself and your responsibilities there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Always do you be you, there's nothing wrong with it you, will always have haters because they're jealous of you and just wanted to drag you down to their level. I'm vintage so a lot of my issues went untreated most of my childhood now that I'm an adult it's like too late to take care of a lot of the issues, It's just maintain in and work on them but I've not found a medicine to make me function right or made me feel right while taking it for the side effects we're just horrendous so I just refuse to take any of them(man-made). That's why I prefer marijuana. Some people use marijuana as an escape drug to run from their problems(which won't help anything) and some use I feel like marijuana actually as medicine(naturally grown).

  38. I personally hate the way Adderall makes me feel, but without it my life was a disaster. I don't lik stimulants. lol

  39. I don't like stimulation either but I've never found a prescription medicine to help me like what marijuana has. I have multitude of issues so I take prescription medicine for one thing and it causes the other thing to get worse so I prefer just to stay all natural and or I prefer not to take anything. The only man-made medicine I take is my biologic other than that I won't unless I absolutely have to.

  40. Ok👍, I have no issues with that. We are ALL STRUGGLING with SOMETHING, so SHARING is CARING and also I RATHER 💜 than hate😡.


  42. When did protesting become destructive 🤔🤯 I mean come on you're fighting you're upset and you're mad over one issue so you're going to protest but meanwhile you're protesting you're rage decides to make you destroy stuff that makes no sense to wrongs don't make a right. Stop the hate spread the 💜 let's roll some blunts and just you know smoke this out and hug it out man why do we got to be so hateful that we've got a hurt each other and other people's properties. NOBODY WINS IN THE END WE JUST CREATE EVEN MORE ISSUES HURT CHAOS WHY? Hurting people hurt people and that's not getting us anywhere.

  43. Man it would be cool if you could see it smell it touch it .. but half of it comes in black backs and jars you can’t see in .. at least on streets you can see it first .. ( I have medical card as well) edibles are great but bud is to much of a risk without being able to see 65 percent of it

  44. Oh I get your point exactly. That's only draw back to going to the dispensary especially medical dispensaries. In the recreational dispensaries they have display cases with buds sitting out that you can look at you're not just buying blind. I've learned since I've been in the program You've got to do the research before you buy If you really are looking for the right legit stuff you got to just do the legwork this becomes a full-time job sometimes looking for the right strand for your medicine. But once you figure out quite honestly your terpenes and not go so much by THC then you're set to go

  45. Well said my friend . Yes I’ve gotten alot of stuff from them that I would’ve passed on had I been able to See it first . I spend 500-600 each time I got so it sucks to make 200$ mistakes

  46. Exactly. I just picked up some diamond and sauce from Buckeye effect it's Sunshine Kush and I was disappointed It's got good effects where the disappointment comes in is very lacking in diamonds so I'm glad I didn't pay full price or said the upset.

  47. Never had any of these that I know of. I’m beginning to think Garlic Cookies is overrated. It’s hits hard but it’s usually so damn dry.

  48. It's all over hyped 😂🤣. I don't care for Garlic Cookies 🤮 I like Jackrabbit by RC but they're so damn expensive that one's got moonbow x Doughlato🤤

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