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  1. They are not all the same sadly. You will have to dig deeper to compare the leg and pin layout.

  2. Contact customer support. They changed some software things and you may get it free with the SN of the hardware.

  3. Just rescued 2 kittens last month. Had to wrap mine in tinfoil 😆

  4. I found this post because I just saw the new Cristina Funko Pop and my 1st thought was dam she had such beautiful hair. 😊

  5. It's ok my feelings aren't hurt. We will force change some day. 😁

  6. I just feel like it's all out of place. Even Obi-Wan is acting like a baby whos continually arguing with a 10 year old. A bit hard to swallow.

  7. I had mine replaced for the same split. After they said it was my fault and they were doing me a favor lol.

  8. There is no protection on PayPal for paying with friends & family.

  9. 14 will be out at least a year before Summer of Sound discount

  10. I read somewhere the normal person will have 50k ads shoved on them a day. I sometimes get so overloaded they ruin good content I just shut everything out to decompress 🥴

  11. Can you conveniently take them on and off? One of the benefits of my current (but broken) chair is that the arms go up and down like an airplane arm rest so it's handy for playing bass. Was worried about this when buying a secretlab

  12. It's 3 bolts each side but I have a quick release setup for my flight sim controls. Still not super difficult. 😁

  13. Captain our weapons have melted. Which one? All of them!! 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Back in '98 RE2 I can still remember not wanting to enter the STARS office hallway. Looks awesome now I need to find an extra $1k 😀

  15. I haven't used them but spoke to others who said they work and fit well. Nothing needed to modify bolt on replacement. I couldn't find just the pads but I did get covers for protection.

  16. These were the covers I got. They fit well I apparently put alot of weight on my elbows.

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