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  1. ... And monitor and peripherals? Not in Australia, you ain't. An insane budget/mid level rig, sure, but there's no way you're building a legit "insane!!" top tier rig for that

  2. Well, shucks, I guess I just got too used to how prices had been the last 2 years and didn't realise how much things had come down recently, despite how insanely expensive everything else has gotten, including the falling Aussie dollar.

  3. yeah gpus have fallen sharply recently in price, and monitors have become more affordable than ever (

  4. freesync (amd) monitors have been compatible with nvidia cards since 2019

  5. Wait, so if I get a 3060 and any freesync monitor they will work together? Or is there a list of compatible monitors?

  6. nvidia has a list of freesync monitors they confirmed work here:

  7. Copy-paste from a comment I wrote a few weeks ago:

  8. The monitor is particularly accurate for people dropping 1k+ on their pc.

  9. "i got a 3080 for my 1080p monitor to be future proof" - a real thing i heard people say

  10. not if the GPU is bottlenecked by the X4 PCI-e slot it's in.

  11. 16gb isnt really fine anymore... i was just using 14.5gb playing rust. And i mean rust itself was using that not over all.

  12. Huh. Your old system wasn't bad at all. If min-maxing was your intention, you could have saved more and gone for a 4080 12gb at least?

  13. Fun note. Tried playing FO:NV, New California mod when it 'released'. R5 2600, 16GB 3200MHZ RAM NVME SSD, RTX 3070. Game was unplayable stock. Incredible lag. Bethesda's FO and ES games have an absolute trash engine that has caused issues for a long time.

  14. Excuse me, but I hope you’re not one of these lunatic conspiracy theorists trying to promote this absurd notion that the 4080 12GB was formerly planned as the 4070. This idea that Nvidia would compress SKUs, to increase margins and leverage the pricing structure established by scalpers at the height of the crypto PoW mining boom, is pure crackpot tinfoil nonsense. Nvidia is the most moral and ethically balanced semiconductor company in the world, led by a CEO with unimpeachable management judgement (and sartorial good taste in leather goods). Honestly, you really should feel blessed to have had Nvidia bestow its exceptionally value-priced products upon this undeserving, thankless market.

  15. Am I wrong in thinking for previous generations that the difference between same # cards with different vram was literally just the different vram?

  16. you're correct, the differences were much smaller than this gen:

  17. i don't understand why would a gpu bottleneck concern you, it's the desired outcome

  18. 3900x user here, is a 5800x3d worth it?

  19. only if you do gaming with a high end gpu more than you do productivity tasks

  20. it's a balanced, still usable rig, upgrading just one part would be pointless

  21. are you asking this before or after watching jayztwocents video about psus for the 4090?

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