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  1. I really do not think this is the take, chief. If almost every person of an underrepresented gender is telling us that NYXL is making a horrible mistake that will set back gender equality within the competitive OW scene, I feel like yielding to their lived experience is a smart idea.

  2. if anything it's not odd, it's purposefully benificial because it makes it look legit, a compliment to the Crach Course brand in a way...

  3. Completely unrelated, but I love your profile picture

  4. So I'm taking this is a known thing to happen since Musk took over?

  5. Not this exact thing, but after Elmo effectively drove out 88% of his employees, it was inevitable that the complex system that is Twitter would start breaking down without people to monitor, identify, mitigate, and resolve issues as they arose.

  6. All the staff were totally sitting around being useless unless they wrote 5 million lines of code per hour though. Trust me. /s

  7. I think before they touch the rest of his kit, they just gotta bite the bullet and rework his ult. It just doesn't work in its current form, especially as a tank ult.

  8. It's interesting that both Bastion's ult and Doomfist's ult have similar design issues: if the damage occurs too quickly after the indication shows up, it becomes really irritating to play against, especially as an immobile character like Ana or Zen. On the other hand, if it doesn't land fast enough, the ult might be useless against mobile characters like Genji and Sojourn.

  9. I knew I was going to high school with a famous person before I even graduated, because I went to the same high school as Technoblade. Crazy coincidence, but I suppose given how many people are famous it’s kind of unsurprising.

  10. Overwatch players trying to come up with a new, original joke challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

  11. The playerbase is merely a reflection of the game itself: repetitive and lacking new content.

  12. For some people relog gong has fixed the issue. Hopefully the upcoming maintenance will fix the problem permanently though.

  13. Other answers have pointed out the how: "stored logins use cookies and cookies have expiration dates" but not the why.

  14. While this is more or less accurate, I do want to add some extra information and clarify some things.

  15. Every custom game must be owned by a player in the lobby at all times. The owner is the only person with permission to edit anything about the game. When the current owner leaves, ownership is transferred to the player who has been in the lobby the longest, and that transfer is noted in the chat.

  16. How does your hat… thing work?

  17. How do your ears poke through your hat? Do your people make hats with holes in them to fit your ears?

  18. How and where to I put the code to play overwatch?

  19. Here's an article with pictures:

  20. “Hello, my name is Dr. Glenn Pierce, and I’m just popping in to give you a quick update on where you are. We still don’t know.”

  21. Tbh OW1 had the same issue for tanks for a long time. I don't think it's going to be that catastrophic of an issue if supports are now the least favourite to be played. There will still be enough people who enjoy support to fill games.

  22. I worry about the quality of matchmaking though. Like right now tanks get pulled into matches two or three ranks outside their skill level just because the matchmaker is so desperate to find tank players that it has no better choices. If supports don’t get something which doesn’t feel like Blizzard regurgitating the same seven heroes for the past three years, I worry about the healthiness of queues post launch, especially since the next support hero after launch is at least 8 months out.

  23. A2i9 says:

    If you get too close, you're visible. Hanzo sonic arrow and widow ult will reveal you. But in all those cases, you can see on screen that you're being detected.

  24. The footsteps of an invisible Sombra actually cannot be heard by enemies.

  25. The solution is simple: once the checkpoint is reached, the team that reaches it gains 1 point and their meter counter goes to 0. Basically have it function just like hitting a Payload checkpoint in Escort or Hybrid. It should be super easy to code as well.

  26. I’m surprised it doesn’t already work like that tbh

  27. Never expected to see Brennan Lee Mulligan crossed over with OWL but you fucking bet im here for it

  28. Sean Miller: "Brennan, what is the rule of this game?"

  29. In our memory, Technoblade never dies. Rest easy, you beautiful man.

  30. Whenever you set the time - it advances time forward to the time that you specify. It does NOT rewind. If you have a command block that is setting the time (given your hotbar) then this is why.

  31. I forget if /gamerule doDaylightCycle false prevents days from ticking up.

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