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  1. My health stopped me from joining but looking back, I’m so glad I wasn’t able to. I’ve got a lot of friends who joined and literally every single one of them say it’s a nightmare for everyone involved unless you’re at the very top.

  2. Is he tweaking or something? What’s with the mouth movements??

  3. I can’t find where he explains it. But I remember him saying him and his buddy made this vid. if you look up jomo667 it’ll come up with other Reddit posts of this same video and they all say it’s fake too.

  4. Damn well if it really is fake then I’m gullible af lol it looks so real in the full version

  5. The acne is pretty much the only thing stopping me from hopping on. It’s not too bad now but I struggled with it in high school and several years after graduating. I just know that I’ll break out like crazy if I hop on test

  6. Nah cause she’s literally my mom’s cousin lol

  7. "some people, in one study". Ah yes, how credible.

  8. That’s almost as good as “just trust me bro”

  9. It's summer vacation bro, there's an influx of them this time of year when schools out

  10. They’ve gotta stock up on gore vids to shock their friends with when the new school year rolls around

  11. He’s probably not neurotypical

  12. Dig out all around the T, cut the T out and replace it

  13. When your local landscaper thinks fixing a sprinkler is the same as irrigation. No Hate towards landscapers am one of them

  14. Where I’m from, landscapers give us a lot of business with all of their “quick fixes” that inevitably fail within a year or two

  15. I’m probably one of the landscapers that gives you more business and even I wouldn’t do that lol damn

  16. Yeah that’s more like “my brother has worked with PVC before so I had him fix it”. Which we also see a lot of

  17. Here’s what you ask for when you get bloods done: ask if they have a spare brain laying around that they can put in your head, since yours seems to be broken:2699:

  18. Try becoming certified or specialized in something. Anything. It gives you a purpose. I honestly felt pretty lost in life while working shit jobs like working at a grocery store or delivering pizza. Then I got my current job which is not one that just anyone can do. It takes some time to train and become adept at it and now I feel “special” because people have to call me specifically to fix their problems. But it doesn’t even have to be a job. Just pick one or two things you find even remotely interesting and study the shit out of it. It’ll take some time and effort but along the way, you’ll find yourself and your passion. I don’t know if this is a legit method, or even if anybody else shares the sentiment, but it honestly saved my life.

  19. Done that. I taught myself how to code last year and got a job, but had to quit due to my... depression and anxiety. I felt horrible everyday, could not focus, was always misreable, social anxiety etc. I've been studying theology and getting back to my religion and God again which i really enjoy. I've tried it all, something feels wrong with me biologically. This is an internal thing not an external one.

  20. I gotchu man. Especially on the God part. That really helped me as well but I hate to jump right to recommending that cause some people can feel like I’m “shoving my religion in their face” which will only push them further away from Him. I wish you luck man I hope you figure it out and pull through it.

  21. Went from shampooing my hair twice a day everyday to doing it maybe once a week. Best hygiene choice I ever made. But I disagree with everything else. Please for the love of God brush your teeth and wear deodorant. If you’re that worried about the chemicals in deodorant, there are alternatives that will still stop you from smelling like straight BO.

  22. Dude got blasted in the neck and was still able to fire off shots. And people wonder why cops don’t just aim for the legs smh

  23. The only true answer here. Medical meth will have you studying for exams you don’t even have to take

  24. Chug warm water before every meal. If you can eat a lot after that, cutting wasn’t meant for you

  25. I’d like to see the bruise a few days later

  26. Yeah, God forbid people find joy in simple things

  27. Those fitness trackers don’t have a sensor that measures muscle exertion. They simply can’t take it into account for their calculations.

  28. So what’s the most accurate way to track calories out?

  29. Halo band isn’t taking into account BMR so I’m guessing 3200 is right in the ballpark of maintenance

  30. Would the band really be off by 1000 cal though? I’m not putting all my faith into it but surely it’s a lil more accurate than that

  31. Thees vill vork Dennis thees vill vork

  32. Looking good lil bro. Last step in your transformation is getting a curly fringe. On god fr fr it’ll be bussin no cap.

  33. No cap low key high key dead ass fr fr

  34. I’ve found a mouse in a 3” backflow but a regular valve? Insane.

  35. I spent a good amount of time raising and farming cows so I’d say I’m qualified to answer this. She is probably thinking something along the lines of “mooo”

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