1. This is why I took the Beekman items out of my cart a few sales ago. I looked at the oz and saw many of them were only 15ml and it just didn’t seem worth it. Same with some Indie Lee serums, also only 15ml.

  2. Just like I quit Causebox before spring hit, I have quit FFF this week making winter my last box. Just hasn’t been what it used to be.

  3. Yup, it’s gotten so skincare heavy this year, and the home/lifestyle items they did put in are pathetic most times. Plus now you don’t even get 8 items anymore, like before. And the fact that Category 1 and 6 are supposed to be high value items…but then they’re offering you $20 lipsticks or other low value items, it’s just gotten really bad this year. Like there are no hero items anymore. And when you add in the expired products and items that you can literally find at the dollar store (at least here in Canada), or at your local Winners/Marshalls/TJ Maxx…it just makes you wonder why you even get the box anymore. I definitely don’t think I’ll be renewing. I’ll wait until the end of the year or so to cancel, in case any good sales pop up. 😄 But after that, I’m out. And I probably won’t go seasonal either, unless something good comes in the spring box.

  4. I know what happened with KS, but what happened with Fenty? I must have missed that.

  5. If I remember correctly, it was the Spring box (or maybe summer), and they promised a few Fenty products. There was a bundle of 2 glosses, and then I think the other ones were some highlighters. All the Fenty stuff was gone within the first hour of annual opening for customization, and a lot of people weren’t able to get any even after hours and days of refreshing. And when seasonal customization came along, it was completely sold out and they subbed some other stuff for it that didn’t even compare. People were pissed about it, as you can imagine, and posted how it was false advertising, etc.

  6. What’s super annoying, is that just last season (I believe) they changed up their pricing of the categories, and posted that Category 1 would be $15 and category 2 would drop to $12. And now all of a sudden they bump it back up to $15 with no mention of the price increase? Not to mention they have increased the price of their box AGAIN, for the 2nd (or possibly 3rd?) time this year!

  7. I haven’t yet, but I will be canceling my annual in the new year. I started getting FFF with the winter box 2020 and loved mostly everything. That’s when most of the items I picked were home/lifestyle items. Now it just seems like it’s all skincare. Yes there are still home/lifestyle items, but most of them I have no interest in, or just seem extremely cheap (like that butter dish…..come on!!) And it’s funny how a couple of the items I’ve seen all over Marshalls/Winners here….like that back stretcher and ice globes, among others.

  8. I had some Beekman items in my cart. But then going over everything and realizing many of the Beekman items were only 15ml, I decided to drop them all. Seemed just a bit too much money for the amount you get.

  9. Have you contacted support? I got everything I ordered but they should give you a credit/refund or replace it

  10. Not yet, I thought it would ship on its own a little after this stuff shipped, but now it's the end of the week and still no shipping email. So guess I'll be contacting them for the credit.

  11. What exactly is suppose to be the “hero” item????? You raised your prices TWICE. Shouldn’t we expect to see better items? 😒 I haven’t wanted a box. For almost two years now

  12. Yup, I agree. Being Canadian we pay so much more for the box, and honestly if it wasn't for some of the pricey beauty/skincare items, I can find most of the other lifestyle items either on Amazon for cheaper, or at my local Winners/Marshalls/Home Sense for similar or cheaper prices....and with loads of reviews too. I didn't sign up for the beauty stuff, and it seems like 95% of the time that's what I'm choosing, because nothing else appeals to me. I'm not seeing where the value is anymore. There haven't been any Hero items for a long time, and I'm glad my annual is coming to an end with this box, because I haven't been wowed since I first went seasonal back in Winter 2020.

  13. Thank you for encouraging me to keep after boxy on Ig! I'm happy I got my refund. Of course I would've preferred to get the September Luxe box that was advertised and not have to jump through all these hoops to get refunded 🤦🏻‍♀️

  14. Yup, it royally sucks we didn‘t get what was promised to us and everyone else Boxy screwed over. And you know, they likely lost a lot of money and customers from this. If I had actually gotten the luxe box with the promised items, I probably would have kept base box for a little bit. Instead, I cancelled both. Not to mention the refund we thankfully got.

  15. I'm with you and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get all the Tarte items you want!! Hope Boxy doesn't make a mess out of this Takeover box 😬

  16. 🤞🤞 I hope so too. But if they do mess it up, I’ll officially be done with them once and for all. And also demand a refund too. So far my premium boxes have been pretty good.

  17. Yay!!! There's no way anyone would be expected to pay $100 for the box they sent you!

  18. I hope you’re able to get a refund too! I saw your post about them sending you another box from over a year ago. Honestly, you should try IG and mention the stuff I did about fraud and false advertising, and sending complaints to the FTC and BBB, not to mention the expired 2 year old stuff you got. Maybe you can catch them before they send the box.

  19. Oh man, it was so bad! Not even the Rare Beauty brow product was in my shade….I got soft black, when I’m a brunette. The body scrub expired last year in December. KAB is white labelled stuff from Alibaba. that washing machine thing is just cruel (I guess I’ll give it to my 13 year old niece?). I guess the flat iron can’t be that bad, or the lip scrub and Saturday Skin moisturizer. But yeah that was the worst box I’ve ever seen or gotten.

  20. Wow. That stuff has been sitting in the warehouse for a while. There is not a single quality item in that entire box. Not one item that would somehow make the box at least qualify as Luxe. I would be so mad. Demand a refund.

  21. My base box was shiitt but that was even better than this luxe :( so sorry

  22. I totally would rather have gotten the base box than the nonsense I got. But at least now I got a refund.

  23. So after going back and forth with Boxycharm support for awhile now, they refused to refund me for the 2020 Luxe box they sent containing old, EXPIRED and contaminated products.

  24. Did you try IG? I just got a refund for my crap Luxe box through IG. I tried email but that got me nowhere. But on IG they gave me a refund after I told them what they were doing was fraud and that I’d be contacting the FTC and BBB for fraud complaints as well as doing a chargeback through my credit card if I didn’t get a refund. The next message was the refund. So I’d highly suggest you reach out on IG. Good luck!

  25. I just tried putting my tracking number into the website but it says to "Please check your number and resubmit or try back later".

  26. Aw, thanks for trying. I’ll be happy if I get the palette (it’s my birthday this month, so thought I’d get the box for myself), but I’ll still be upset for everyone who didn’t get it. Like you said, if they had already ran out of boxes by September 3rd, then they shouldn’t have taken us and others off the waitlist. I would encourage you to reach out on Instagram, mention the expired products and that you got a box that’s 2 years old. Even mention it on ND’s insta too, cause Boxy further embarrassment, and hopefully you’ll get your money back.

  27. I mentioned it on Ig and they got back to me pretty quickly. They asked me to send the batch codes, which I did, but now I'm waiting....

  28. Well, I didn’t get the palette, or anything else from this year. Just posted my box, but it’s from last year. So pissed! Looks like I’m canceling yet again, I KNEW they were going to screw people over and pull a bait and switch, but I held out hope.

  29. It looks to be $59.99 per box, but you get $10 off your first box. Not sure about shipping or anything like that. The info is from

  30. Are you in Canada? Unfortunately that seems to be the norm, if you are. I think the only free item I’ve gotten since joining in Winter 2020 was some peanut butter energy bar (and I hate peanut butter), and it pissed off a lot of people if I remember correctly because there was no warning for people with nut allergies it was coming.

  31. I tried it out and it looks super weird on the AR! but I saw a YouTuber try on that had a very similar complexion to me and it looked totally different. I may or may not get it

  32. I think it all depends on skin undertone, lighting, etc. I got Unbutton in a Sephora Favorites kit a while back, and I was hoping the shade would look good on me too, and even watched likely the same YouTube videos as you of people reviewing it, and it just didn’t look good on me at all. I feel it washes me way out. I would either need to use a strong lipliner or mix it with another lipstick or something to kinda get it to work. For me, I much preferred Uncuffed and other shades in the line.

  33. is this new factory used for boxy? ugh

  34. Yeah I was just wondering the same thing. I wonder if him saying that is to get ahead of any bad reviews for it? Is it still made in China too? I mean it’s one thing to say that and have it be made somewhere like Italy, France or even North America (which to me would be a huge improvement). But if it’s still made in China, then that raises even more questions for me because I remember seeing one of his reveal videos for LB and saying how he manufactures them in China to get the price down as much as possible for everyone. This will be my first time actually trying his brand, if I get the palette in my resub premium box.

  35. Ha ha, thanks for the heads up. I was actually hoping to get this in my box back then, instead of why I actually got. I have some other similar bags, but they’re just the beige colour, so I like the little bit of pink. I went to my local Dollarama, and they had it there so I got 2. 😀

  36. I really like the thought and look of the air purifier, but with something that isn’t widely available that I can order off Amazon at the very least or walk into a store here in Canada and buy, then I unfortunately don’t think I’ll be getting this. Even though I had it set as one of my choices.

  37. Right? It seems to me, and I have zero knowledge about these things, but it seems to me that whenever they filed for that assignment of whatever, that any money that got would have gone to the people they owed money to FIRST, aka the vendors. Considering they got money for selling the company, that money should have been used to pay vendors as well. I'm sure they used every loophole they could find to hold on to that money somehow. I hope they rot.

  38. I think it’s so backwards. I think the first people to get paid are THEMSELVES - as in their investors and board members who had stakes in the company (oh no, not their employees, just the prick higher ups like the CEO’s, etc.). Then any business loans, then vendors/artisans and then at the bottom of the barrel, their customers. It seems insanely unethical to not pay vendors first, especially since THEY KEPT ALL THE STOCK!!! The fact any company in the US can get all the stock, then claim bankruptcy/ABC and then liquidate the stock they just received this screwing over the vendors….I mean I’m just gobsmacked. If it was ANYONE ELSE, they would be arrested for selling stolen goods and go to jail. But oh no, not here. WTF? Make this make sense! 🥴

  39. I just got my box on Saturday, but I never received an email saying it had shipped, and there's still no tracking number under My Items on Boxy's site.

  40. That happened to me twice, once with my box and once with with a pop-up/add-on order. I hope that’s the case this time around. Right now my order from drop shop is showing the 2 Huda lippies and Dose of Colors gloss duo as shipped but the old box with the Viseart palette has no tracking. I hope they all shipped together. I ordered that box before but the shipping never moved and I was refunded for the order, so I better get it this time.

  41. My annual was up for renewal and I cancelled. This box isn't for me - I like the home decor, lifestyle, and fitness items, there are too many hair/skin products for me this season and many of the home items (colander and measuring spoons) are in my mind basic kitchen tools I think most people will have already? Not something special or decorative, like the cooking pot, canisters and candles from last fall.

  42. Yes!!!! It‘s not just the fact the colander and measuring spoons are basic, but they’re mostly made of plastic anyway and not actually biodegradable so I may as well just buy ones from the dollar store. The fact they’re in category 1 and 2 is disgraceful. If they were really beautiful kitchenware made of metal or from France/Italy or something that you can even use decoratively, then I’d be all for it! But not for what they’re giving us instead.

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