1. You know you can reply to comments lol don’t need to make new ones

  2. My bad, yes I do know that I was replying from my phones feed i didn't realise it was making a new comment each time.

  3. You might have been shot by another player in the encounter, maybe this players friend, perhaps.

  4. Yes in ranked its a 10 min penalty if you leave or disconnect from the game

  5. Was it a ranked match? You will get a temporary match abandonment ban for 10 mins even if you disconnect.

  6. Imho its ok how it its but the buff should be that lifeline drops her drone for revive and does not get slowmo for the first seconds. Lifeline is my main and thats the most annoying part for me within a fast fight. I am a free slowed target but i do not revive its the drone.

  7. For sure that's a good idea, she definitely needs some work though compared to the kit of other legends.

  8. I feel that. Her ult is really only good early. Late game isn’t really useful cuz most of the time you already have purple or red, and the one battery it might* drop is just not worth it. They need to fix her badly, she needs a Newcastle sized buff haha

  9. Totally agree with that, it situational early game too like if your team land in a high tier loot POI and you all grab purple/blue then the care package doesn't help as much as it should. I want a lifeline buff, bring back rez sheild and I would be happy.

  10. Spotify is great for all music aa well as new, unknown bands coming through that are not widely known yet.

  11. I like this idea although I still think an abandon match penalty in pubs would help too.

  12. Sorry for your condition, I disagree though that telling people with anxiety that they have a higher chance of disease is at all helpful. You should know this.

  13. That makes me feel sooooooo much better. Thanks, I'll just control it then.

  14. I can relate, I had almost 18 months of the same living hell. This is pretty extreme but it works.

  15. It's an interesting idea, raises some questions though. What would you do for the 45 mins or what ever time you're banned for?

  16. Sounds awful, I've had something similar but not to that extreme. Interested to read any feedback and hope it improves.

  17. I am a masters player. It’s kinda tough because I don’t have friends at that rank. Im always playing by myself ans using private discord servers to find groups ans strangers to run with. My real life friends are silver/gold/plat ranked and I have a smurf so I can enjoy playing with them. Sometimes it’s not about playing in my own lobbies but playing with my friends. Even if I roll through players we die often because I simply can’t carry the weight of my two bot friends even after getting knocks and holding teams off.

  18. Tell that to a new player who's trying to learn how to play as a bot and can't even see where they are being killed from. Well done on helping to create a torrid time and turning away new players from joining the apex community.

  19. = sweaty try try that cries when getting rolled in his own lobbies.

  20. I think he's trying to say that child like magic disappears as you get older, not that magic is gone completely. I'm in my 30s and still love gaming, but that "magic" definitely takes a different shape than it did when I was 11 years old. The problem is people still try to chase these same child-like feelings 10+ years later without realizing they aren't kids anymore, hence posts like OPs.

  21. That's not what I'm saying, I'm saying there are matches where you are lower ranked than your teammates. Do you think they think the same about you?

  22. I'm never the lower rank in my lobby. 90% of the time if not 95% of the time I play against the same ranked opponents. It seems like my team is the only one that has a lower rank player inside, and this automatically puts the team in disavantage because most of the time they suck balls.

  23. That's mightily unlucky because the odds of one team out of 20 being the only one with a lower ranked player are statistically large and if you're getting that every game you must have been naughty in a previous life.

  24. He's a lot stronger and more viable after the semi-recent changes! I'd check out a crypto-main sub reddit too

  25. Lifelines, shocksticks! They are still cool af but I stopped maining her.

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