1. You are making all fair points, But I do believe his intentions last year were to get paid, and he honestly was surprised Adams was dealt.

  2. Adams was just another teammate to AR , Vise Versa, not necessarily friends. Let’s be honest if he was real true friends AR would’ve know.

  3. Are they though? Everyone keeps calling them best friends but I feel this is so blown out of proportion.

  4. Yes. So much yes. Unless my friend has a sensitive ego, which both AR and Pat both have. You can’t be negative towards them without repercussions.

  5. Absolutely body and brain chemistry not all the same from one person to the next.

  6. I think blocking nerve pain is where Kratom really shines, other than Lyrica it’s the best, and I have used everything, fent and Opana scripts monthly, for years. True opioids do a better job and acute and muscular pain. That’s why I would handle with care. I wouldn’t consider it a rec drug.

  7. You are correct. I used kratom to help wean myself off a 2-year dependency of Codeine and Tylenol prescribe to me for arthritis. Only two Codeine tablets per day, but it helped a lot.

  8. i wanna do it as a recreational drug and a lot of people are saying its not

  9. A rec drug is something you can put down and walk away from when needed. Not saying you can’t do that with Kratom, but if you start using multiple times a week, the climb out is a little harder, both physically and mentally, unlike rec drugs.

  10. Everyone who thinks they smoke the best will say quality but who can say what I think is quality vs anyone else? Example- I splurged a month ago on Arnie Palmer #2. terps were great, stunk up the house it was very loud. The effects for me weren't very good. Not worth the 140$ for a half they were charging IMO. So do I not know quality? Or do i not fall for over priced weed with lackluster effects? Just saying I've been way more satisfied not buying "Quality" flower and saving money.

  11. That is just bud that your body doesn’t agree with. I think its probably top Two along with EPBC.

  12. You wouldn’t be disappointed with any of those. If you want something different, exotic matter, rainbow belts. Shit was the best tasting stuff I have ever smoked. It was pricey but the high and taste were there. PG electric peanut butter cookies is also a solid solid choice.

  13. Vaping is like getting fast food. Never quite fully fills that void. Gets the job done and convenient.

  14. Probably shouldn’t say this, but I can’t tell the difference between 30mg of oxycodone and the “black” kratom shot. Shit is extremely potent and addicting.

  15. I feel 300mg of delta 8 definitely makes certain colors pop more. I run my phone in dark mode. It would be similar to low dose of Psilocybin.

  16. I take 12gpd. If I ride out to 12 hours. My nose runs a lot and my eyes water. Your body wants this stuff back in it quick. I have nerve pain from Arnold Chiari. This is the best I have found for pain so I’m sticking with it.

  17. Arnie Palmer #2 and EPBC by Galenas, are the top two in the program.

  18. Stuff is very very loud. Would love to smell the grow room.

  19. It’s killin me that you spelled his name like Serge (Bronson Pinchot) announces it. I do the same fuckin thing and have for years. Awesome sauce.

  20. Lyrica(nerve pain) Focalin. I feel that the Lyrica mask some of the benefits of the other two.

  21. Started taking it a few years ago for a joint problem. It doesn't really work for me but I've been taking it for so long that it feels like I have to take it. If I don't take it I feel like hell.

  22. That’s called dependency brother. So I just keep taking it. Cheap insurance that keeps my mentals in check.

  23. The absolute best in the program. Hard to find consistently in southwest OH

  24. Matter Motorbreath and GG#4 are great. Everything else I’ve ever tried from them has been trash.

  25. Bloom, Columbia and ethos are all in counties to the north. Won’t be bad if your staying in West Chester/Sharonville area but Be a bit far from downtown.

  26. I am physically addicted to Kratom in a healthy way. Yes it sucks without it but I would survive. I have Arnold Chiari malformation and bad nerve pain and it helps so much better than synthetic opioids. I work 40 hour a week now and ain’t hunting pain meds every chance I get.

  27. He’s got bigger shit to deal with. Just gotta be ready for my next opportunity.

  28. This. I’m sure they have plenty of 👀s on Reddit. Imagine they would still like to settle up with you. They seem like good peeps.

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