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  1. That's not a problem for me, but I'm pretty sure they didn't tell me that!

  2. Do they have your mobile number and permission to use it? Or email?

  3. If you play on GA, shouldn't you know how migration treaties work and what they mean if you apply your cheat on your species' genetic traits?

  4. Implying GA is particularly hard or requires comprehensive knowledge

  5. In Germany it's straight up dumb not to do it. By reinvesting into a company you can ensure its growth and keep it competitive.

  6. My favorite form of "investment" is to pay millions to the founder for "consulting"

  7. HUUUge shout out to the fellas that made the listing of FE ships and all their components so I can actually make a ship to hardcounter my enemy.

  8. Looks like the original version of this came from a user known as Arcalane - active on this sub so hey

  9. I think it's better to have burned methane than unburned methane in the air

  10. Hot takes from mr "I don't want to die" and "I think methane isn't better than CO2 in the atmosphere" over here

  11. I'm really having a hard time figuring out what you're trying to get at

  12. The takes aren't hot - burning the methane is a good idea from both a personal and global safety perspective.

  13. I think he's pretty cool, one of the more fleshed out in terms of motivation and beliefs for sure.

  14. A simple change from "owners" to "neighbours" would be enough. 🤷‍♂️

  15. well it refers to them as synthetic workers, not synthetic people/citizens/etc, so in this context synthetic could mean they do work in a sentient esque way whilst still being dumb machines

  16. It could have meant that - but other events rule that out, especially the ones that talk about "synth infiltrators"

  17. You need to create a colony on Luna first (just designate it; it doesn't need colonists or infrastructure). Then you'll have the option to unload a ground unit.

  18. It’s because of your gear/low level and map choice.

  19. Thousands of hours here, I still don't experiance many cheaters because I simply don't progress to meta gear and night shoreline.

  20. They're stored in Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\save games

  21. Console (specifically ps4 because that's where I started and I can not say for xbox) has less before this message pops up with heeeyeeey

  22. You 100% need to mod it in my view but as someone that got into Morrowind for the first time in 2023 I say go for it

  23. If you don't like, take my other suggestion

  24. It's not that I don't like it - I was just curious why you thought it was equally valid to round up and down when down changes the number less.

  25. Your just a stickler for accuracy. I get it.

  26. A massive pedant - yes. But again - to be clear - I'm not saying others need to be, or that not being so is a bad thing!

  27. I think that's what the comic implies, I doubt it wants to say "if you like her in lingerie you don't love her"

  28. To me it implies people dont lust after the people then love when they are dressed in less sexy stuff

  29. This is always a bizarre argument. Ck3 is so much less memey than ck2 was. Let me know when you see a satanist horse pope in ck3.

  30. This is just silly. It's still not a design flaw because it's not even an actual part of the game design. It's still accessible because modders use it, but it's not designed to be player friendly because it's not a part of the game.

  31. That’s an interesting perspective - most of the time I’ve recommended people use it it’s because they need to fix a bug, rather than to mod the game

  32. I also kind of suspect that there is a thread of racism with these aliens came to earth theories. They always focus on ancient Egypt and South American cultures and technologies but never focus on ancient European/Greek/Roman cultures and technologies.

  33. It’s there for sure, but I think a bigger part of it is that the worse documented something is the more likely it gets called aliens

  34. Meh, I have seen absolutely incorrect information upvoted on reddit because the user managed to make a joke or something, and the person correcting them is downvoted severely for not also laughing at the joke.

  35. A massive swath of great advice would go ignored under this policy

  36. No, but when you have the sum of all human knowledge (for the most part) available at your fingertips, why the hell would you use reddit? It is just that knowledge sifted through a popularity filter.

  37. Many questions are extremely specific - and the only documented answers that exist anywhere are on Reddit

  38. That’s the thing, there’s nothing to get. You can enjoy shooting guns and supporting the 2nd Amendment and not be “worshipping guns”. This whole mentality of everything is the extreme is a huge problem in politics.

  39. You think the $50,000 camera following her would clue people in.

  40. I assumed it was some kind of event - usually when I see a camera I know I'm not seeing a movie scene, because those tend not to show up in movies.

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