1. Agreed. I picked up Carl first and he's still my best character

  2. Take my upvote and get the fuck out

  3. But wouldn't nirvana not be around at this point, because kokonoe gave nirvana to celica so she would be protected right? I could be remembering that wrong but I thought that was the case

  4. You're thinking of Minerva. Nirvana is Carl's Nox Nyctores and Celica was her original wielder before Relius Infused it with Ada Clover's soul.

  5. Oh.......(facepalms) for the many years now since calamity trigger how do I still somehow mess up blazblue character names, thx for the correction dude. Ugh now I feel dumb

  6. That's what makes her better. Since she's watered down that means she's always hydrated. (That was terrible)

  7. Lambda has her 214D which gives her very good oki, an actual standing overhead at close quarter along with better normal frame advantages and gatling table. She also has her rekka which include her infamous IOH but most importantly, an actual reversal. Nu has better zoning capabilities but Lambda completely outclasses her on the rushdown side

  8. I ship my son with Haru, because she is a sweet girl with a sense of humor. (And also has a ton of money...)

  9. I'm old, so I think of Joker as my son. Its like when people have waifus, I just gain children at this stage of life.

  10. That's the most wholesome thing I have ever heard from this community.

  11. I'm gonna say Taokaka because if you move while crouching she does a cute lil kitty prowl.

  12. I'll raise you Len from Melty Blood. She literally turns into a kitten while crouched.

  13. Relius really do fuck up nearly everyone he comes across all for the sake of research.

  14. Oh I'm so sorry, but aren't jokes usually funny?

  15. Let me give you some pointers. When I decided to start actually learning fighting games my first one was BlazBlue. I even chose what is arguably the hardest character to play. It won't happen overnight but here are the things that helped me reach greater heights

  16. Guys ffs it says rap at the bottom. I think this is a rap battle and not an actual fight which just raises more questions but smh my head pay attention xD

  17. That was the cut sprite from when he beat off Mondo.

  18. I honestly don't know how people just never heard his loud mouth.

  19. It's not badly drawn you fool. That's just Akechi, he has drain bramage and a god complex or some shit.

  20. Would think not, because Guilty Gear's closest to a loli is may but she's not even a child and Blazblue has platinum who is the only one I would consider a loli.

  21. In body a bit but as a character her personality isnt really child coded. I kinda just see her as a small woman. Wouldnt be wrong to says shes a loli but I dont consider her one.

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