1. I've noticed that AI seems more aggressive and builds bigger fleets now. I've been attacked by fleets of 12k at 2230 which is really tough to defend against. I had a 5k starbase and 7k fleet but got pumped anyway.

  2. I switched to audiobooks about five years ago, love it. The performance of the narrator adds another dimension.

  3. I started choosing audiobooks by narrator, I have a few favorites where I don't even care that much about the book itself (those are the ones that I listen to while doing mundane things).

  4. If you take the thrifty civic and set up for trade value, you can take mercantile as first tradition. This lets you take consumer benefits policy which takes care of consumer goods. Fill your capital with commercial zones and then have a foundry world and a research world. When you finish the mercantile tree you can switch to supremacy and you should have resources and fleet capacity to build a decent size navy.

  5. i always wonder, how many times have these guys been around this track? do they just learn the track by heart from sheer practice?

  6. They don't get to practice the tracks at all, they're hundreds of miles long

  7. I always play ironman because having the safety net of a save game ruins the fun for me. There are still plenty of minor mods that are compatible...

  8. early war sounds like a good idea, I think I'm just playing the resource game too long is the issue. My custom empire is xenophobic which makes it difficult to make friends, especially given I use the Livestock slavery setting lol.

  9. If you choose a couple of good choke points and build starbases with guns and max defense platforms, you can keep noisy neighbors out until mid game.

  10. I want to thank everyone for their suggestions I’m in a game now and doing significantly better! Swallowed up two empires and made them into livestock!!! >:3

  11. I have no idea what you’re supposed to do or not do here

  12. The main thing here is the batsman is not supposed to let the ball hit the wooden wickets behind him. The satisfying thing is the bowler was outrageously good at disguising what the ball was going to do after it bounced. You can see all the batsmen looking confused as fuck.

  13. In my recent game I only had 1 spot where pirates kept spawning so I place one Battleship there with a fresh captain and he fought so many pirates off in the 70 years he was stationed in that one system god bless that man

  14. I bet he had some stories to tell down the pub when he retired

  15. Yeah. Dead kids is definitely not worse than alive kids. But somehow it feels worse.

  16. Those are thick Irish accents... thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

  17. Definitely thought of Irish and typed Scottish... hahaha

  18. Wow you're a saint, thank you very much. I don't believe I've ever heard of that composer, but I do like the song.

  19. You'll recognise a lot of Satie pieces. The gymnopedie ones are pretty famous.

  20. Empires can't use a gateway to access a hostile system except the L-gates.

  21. Ok, so that's different to what the other reply to this thread said!

  22. That's exactly how gateways work. You're handling it correctly. I think you might be talking about Warp Gates, which allows you to jump from system to system that is connected by a hyperlane, without the need to fly across the current system to reach the next jump point. You can just sit in one spot and jump to the next system, speeding up travel time SIGNIFICANTLY. A trip that normally takes 3 years can now be completed in a month or two.

  23. Are warp gate the same as hyper relays? They're in the overlord DLC?

  24. I have a LTD and the tone and build quality is great.

  25. my favorite interaction is when you discover a foreign empire's ancient diplomatic text and then call them just to say you didn't like it.

  26. I have both. The DAC allows you to quickly adjust chat volume etc with a dial. Sound quality is really good but it's probably not worth the extra money.

  27. I think, not 100% positive it happens when you unlock a new option that requires a rare resource and you have auto upgrades active.

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