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  1. My impression is that significant treatment with radaway or something similar/derived from radaway is required for farming, at least until flora adapts to the radiation. Fallout games seem to believe that cooking food makes it less/non irradiating but I have no idea how canon that is; radiation in fallout isn't exactly true to life.

  2. Define "human type " humanoid could include super mutants.

  3. I don't any super mutant that isn't a behemoth has the skills and resources to take down a tower full of gunners. Behemoths can't fit through the door of a tower of gunners and once inside could maybe be safely avoided?

  4. I reckon a Nightkin could do it. They’re basically the Coursers of super mutants. It just has to be one who hasn’t started hearing voices yet.

  5. I don't know enough about nightkin to agree or disagree with this

  6. I've never had this problem and usually I join games. Sometimes I get the meteor early warning before the host

  7. nope, according to the official lyrics booklet it's "walk in the park"

  8. What is the difference, creatively speaking, between a parody romance novel about having sex with a triceratops and a parody romance novel about having sex with the coronavirus? What makes one worthwhile and the other garbage? Like no disrespect on Chuck Tingle but if you're going to draw a line this one seems pretty arbitrary.

  9. Unless you've read both (my guess is you've read neither), it seems strange to assume that only one is a clever subversion of the genre with real literary value while the other MUST be complete garbage with no redeeming value. How do you know the covid one isn't also just as well-written? Because someone on tumblr said it was garbage?

  10. because someone on tumblr said it was garbage and I have no reason to believe otherwise. I don't think it's a stretch.



  13. you have a better source? tumblr has def made up greek mythological figures before

  14. Then why does his brain shut off when a glyphid exploder enters the room

  15. wait are you not supposed to pickaxe the exploders?

  16. You know, I was about to write something snarky about how I was still a firm enjoyer of color in spite of my minimalist hellscape apartment, and that I have firmly conquered it with the power of Blue, and then I left my beige, marble, and grey wood bathroom to find that.

  17. ...ok I saw the words gender reversal and thought for a second I didn't know gender had invulnerability frames.

  18. I agree its kind of a pain to always keep energy well above what I actually need and keep 2 slot items in inventory, but a shield module and creature decoys go a long way for keeping a cyclops alive. Can't say I fancy my chances against a sea dragon and a ghost leviathan in anything else, but SS Hercynia pulled through. Plus if you die outside the sub it counts as a base so you can respawn

  19. Jump gets caught by a move most of the times cause garuda leaves pot +19 and im pretty sure pot can just do the multi hit grab which guard break and pulls you in. I can FD and backdash when not in the corner

  20. sorry I forget that most people playing this game can consistently do DP inputs and that really fucks up how I evaluate matchups

  21. yeah brasket 236S breaks spin and we can DP pretty much every fuujin follow up. it's rough for him

  22. wait fuck I forgot DP exists mayb that'll help me fight anji

  23. 1000 roaches is far to many roaches to see in any attic. I think you can negotiate with a person or call emergency services but if you see 1000 roaches I think you have to move because that is indicative of a way bigger problem

  24. I still say that as long as someone is alive, I'm willing to trust that they have a reasonable amount of swarm clear. SYIH is useful for sure, but I just can't agree with it replacing iron will; I've had too many games where everyone fell in quick succession or at the same time so SYIH wouldn't work. Also SYIH may work vs grunts and other small bugs, but generally I find that the hardest revives are when someone is downed by something big and scary like a bulk or dreadnought. Iron will isn't great then either but still gives you a much better chance

  25. Wait til u shoot a fusion core out of someone using power armor then shoot the ejected fusion core in vats.

  26. have I never thought of shooting the ejected core

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