August 25th Patch

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  1. His identity is not known and its just conjecture

  2. I love how things are progressing. The lore has been incredible the last few years.

  3. I know lots of people love the 5 minutes to midnight setting and just want things grimmer and darker but I’ve really, really loved the fight back with the primaris/girlyman/cawl/big e waking and having primaris chaos marines kind of undermines the whole thing imo. There’s more than enough horror and evil to fight against.

  4. You can still be sued even if you're completely legally right. Ask the devs who were sued what impact that had on their lives.

  5. I’m curious how closely those devs were even in contact at that point. It must have been a very strange time for them.

  6. I’m pretty disappointed in Gavin. Way back when I used to admire him a lot. It really seems like he just isn’t/wasn’t that bright.

  7. Nah it’s not, look at his Twitter and you’ll get a sense of the man (spoiler, racist moron)

  8. I think it's been getting less lulzy over time as they just increasingly fail to engage with reality. E.g. not a peep about the printed whitepaper with the revealing character changes, or about the hex edited binary.

  9. I still can’t figure out how much is ironic trolling or sincere cult delusions there.

  10. Any particular documentary or article about Miller that you can recommend?

  11. The problem with infinite is that you have to dodge latency glitches, hackers and quitters - then if you can, you just get put in a game that’s so unbalanced you’re simply playing out a pre determined result.

  12. The candyman cometh. Hasan Piker is a complete fucking pussy, a fake tough guy bully who’s got everything through nepotism.

  13. Bitcoin is a very difficult concept to grasp. It requires knowledge of mathematics, economics, networks, collective human behavior, cryptography, and other disciplines. If headline grabbing financial gains and losses were absent, cryptocurrency would generate about the same global interest as research in relativistic quantum mechanics. It would be a niche, exclusive community -- exactly the situation that existed in the embryonic days of Bitcoin, when it had zero exchange rate with anything else.

  14. Kinda but at least elon technically has the ability to provide you with another tesla, although it would be absurd and unfair to demand it. the defendants here don't.

  15. That’s absolutely hilarious, yet also depressing how absurd the whole thing is.

  16. This whole campaign of lawfare by Calvin and Craig has made me lose a lot of faith in our legal system.

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