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  1. If they release a 4 then that will be amazing. But im in no rush to go buy one, my 3 is a beast and I dont feel the need to upgrade until it's reached end of life. Actually I just had a scare where my backpack got wet and water got all over the device and some Tums in the same pocket dissolved and got all up in the mouth peice... hope was lost. But after a thorough cleaning it lives on and still works like new! I do hope a 4 is released though

  2. Angry flippout kid who shoved a remote up his butthole in a fit of rage

  3. I went for the pocket design with this Terk shirt, but they had so many other clothes like flannels and jean jackets with the whole back patched that im just itchin to get my hands on

  4. At the end of Tobe Nwigwe's set on Saturday, he was holding his baby in his arms during the performance and let the kid say "hi" into the mic and they crowd just melted from the adorableness of it. I only caught the last 20 min or so of that set but it was incredible.

  5. I acknowledge the crisis of the insect population dwindling at a catastrophic rate, but i work in lawn care and spray insecticides to make a living. I feel like fucking shit. I am small part of the problem and nowhere close to the level of destruction as agriculture, but im still contributing to the problem. I apologize to the lawns and offer prayer before i spray insecticides which i know seems silly af but i genuinely feel like a monster for causing genocides on lawns. And im monster for the herbicides as well. I love my job though, its just the environmental impact of what i do is devastating and thats why im angry. And even if i quit, someone else will do what i do and it doesnt matter if im the bastard killing earth or not. Fucking fuck..

  6. I was absolutely shocked when she said it! I'd understand if I was driving anything, but again, cashier position.

  7. I'm working in lawn care and have to drive a company vehicle. When I had my initial phone interview with HR I was open about my medical card. HR was like "uhhhhhhh... let me call you back" I just said okay and took the loss. 2 hours passed and i got a call and she said as long as I can provide all the paperwork and that my consumption of medicinal cannabis is after working hours then I will be fine. She called the company's insurance company about my med card and they allowed it.

  8. I know this is a shroom sub but I have an herb bowl named King Jingaling from tooie.

  9. I'm convinced that the table has no ends. It's just infinite

  10. Carpet beetle larva. Harmless. Everywhere. If you are bothered, vacuum twice as often as usual for a few weeks.

  11. Harmless? To the human body sure, but I thought they could cause structural damage as well as eat clothes. I could be mistaken though

  12. Demi Lovato. Her old shows were incredibly embarrassing to watch. I was like 12 and even as an awkward preteen, I could see how cringey her scenes were

  13. While I won't disagree, and in many ways greatly agree, like 6 or 7 years ago an old gf and I went to one of her concerts in Louisville and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised at how hard she rocked at times.

  14. Playing through wind waker right now and my first thought was Outset Island

  15. I didn’t get a confirmation, and I know others didn’t either. Pretty sure the only way to actually verify will be once you’re using it, unfortunately!

  16. I'm not hear to argue. I'm just hear to say I will be at the entirety of Flaminosis's silent disco set and I'm gunna have the biggest grin on my face the entire time. Also the daft punk secret show at where in the woods on Saturday night is gunna be the best show ya knuckleheads

  17. Bonzai, absolutely bonkers comedy gambling show I would watch on G4. Is G4 even a channel anymore?

  18. Here’s a chart, stay safe mate.

  19. Why is cannabis labeled as caution with lsd, shrooms and deems? Asking bc I've consumed cannabis with all of those and now I'm feeling like I should be worried maybe?

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