1. At least their not annoyingly promoting it on every post. That's what I hate more so

  2. Node wrangler addon. Select principled bsdf. Cntrl shift T. Select all files.

  3. Nah nah like what's their function? I've never heard of a "mix.png" for texturing modeling

  4. Albedo is Base Color. Mix: no fuckin' idea. Maybe another in-game color ? Nrm is Normal, although it seems to be a weird proprietary format. Works in their game engine but you'll have to work on that somehow as it might not work as it is. OP is opacity (Alpha).

  5. The Mix.png is throwing me off too lol. The textures are from Animal Crossing New Horizons. Maybe it's used as a "mix" of the Albedo + day time lighting?

  6. I'm very partial to the OG dreamland. It was the only Kirby game I played until I could afford to buy a gameboy advance

  7. Dedede knows the possession gangbang is about to begin

  8. If Whispy Woods or Green Greens aren't in it, I'm not playing

  9. Wow it's crazy that Kirby's Dreamland was the top selling game until 2022. Started out strong and kept it going for 30 years

  10. That's what I said.... dedede stole it, kirby redistributed it.

  11. If i steal everything from everyone in a 10 kilometer area and then get sent to jail and people get their stuff back, that's actually quite normal I would say. But I guess you could call it communism too if you want

  12. Sounds like a 7 year olds definition of communism they heard from their parents who only watch Newsmax

  13. Occasionally My brother let me play with his Original Gameboy. I would play Kirby's Dreamland and Wario World a lot

  14. I don't like the hard shadows/ highlights of the old logo. the new one has a more smoother transition between the dark yellow and midtoned yellow. Both are nice though! Definitely different eras of design.

  15. Kirby games are supposed to be light and fun. It's not Elden Ring. As long as I'm having fun, it's a good game

  16. American here. I spent 3 weeks in Ireland desperately trying to hold in all my plastic paddy urges. I was up in Donegal visiting a castle my ancestors held (and illegally spread some of my fathers ashes in the place he most wanted to visit but never got to sorry about that)

  17. Awww that's such sweet moment 🥰 I had a similar experience when I went to Ireland too

  18. I've been working on a Bat and Snake OC villager!

  19. Lily is my favorite. when I played my first Animal Crossing game she was the first villager instinctively HAD TO HAVE. She just such a cutie

  20. You think that doesn't make someone be from America? Proper stupidity.

  21. Lol yes. In the context of ancestry, ethnicity, and immigration that I established, 100% yes.

  22. There’s a certain charm to playing as no-ability Kirby. I never liked fighting bosses without an ability until Forgotten Land; no-ability was really buffed and I had a lot of fun with it!

  23. Yea it does pretty decent damage in the new one surprisingly!

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