1. I said it before and I'll say it again - what happens after selection sunday doesn't prove or disprove anyone IMO - but with that said this is, once again, particularly enjoyable to see as an NC State fan.

  2. We blew you guys out of the water three times and own you in every sport, but sure, enjoy yourself

  3. You’ll absolutely be okay on that attire. I live right next door and have been several times. Very casual dress is perfectly fine

  4. With losses now to S. Carolina, Loyola Chicago, and BC, I truly don’t understand how we are still receiving votes. Especially after going 0-2 last week.

  5. It’s sad watching how talented we are and realizing that we could actually be a threat to win the league if we had someone else at the helm. Brownell is just a miserable coach

  6. I really hope this Vice documentary is just to expose what a creep he is

  7. LOL 😂....crazy thing = Bama could lose 100 football games in a row and win 10 straight National Championships in Basketball and it would STILL be a football they say, some things never change and sometimes that's the way it™ should be 🐘 🏈

  8. Not exactly sure why but I’ve always thought Oregon v. Clemson would be fun.

  9. A shock, considering how Dabo operates. That, along with the fact that one year isn’t a lot of time for anyone to get their footing in that position, makes me feel like Dabo is sending a message more than anything. He loves to preach "best is the standard," and this makes it seem like those aren’t just empty words.

  10. A lot of them around me have them assemble premade parts to put something together that the program sells to keep themselves running. Something that they would usually pay an entry level worker to assemble and they would maybe get around 500+ done during a shift. Where as the tard shift may get just 10-50 done during their time.

  11. I sincerely doubt it. Seems like a good kid. He has tons of talent, but can’t hit what he’s aiming at. That’s kind of important for the position he plays.

  12. Cam Newton???? You’ve either never watched DJ run or you’ve never watched Cam run.

  13. We really kept Clemson and Tennessee out of the playoff I love it....

  14. Notoriously finicky owner just offered me Conner and Pittman for my Swift and Diontae Johnson. I took it immediately, just making sure this was really a slam dunk?

  15. .5 PPR 12 team league 6-6 (most PF in league so i have advantage on tiebreaker, 96% chance to make playoffs)

  16. Absolutely. The upgrade at WR and QB supersedes the downgrade at RB IMO. Plus, Pacheco might be a bona fide RB2 by the season’s end. Worth the risk. I would take it.

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