2. I cut I was told to off and when I got up the internet is still not connected with my laptop

  3. Are you utilizing sleep or hibernation?

  4. How hard is it to platinum this game I am just curious

  5. Your very welcome and if you want to talk more my inbox is open

  6. Setup a jellyfin server (emby/Plex are similar, but the jellyfin app is free) and then you will have all your media, great interface, and a much more immersive experience.

  7. That didn’t work out for me and Kodi didn’t either and this doesn’t answer my question of what app on the Firestick to watch my media did you even read what I asked because I clearly didn’t ask what you commented no offense but I am just being truthful and honest

  8. I didn't mean to cause you offense - it was a genuine attempt to help you. My solution would allow you to watch media, and would give you a much better experience than almost every other option. If you want to stick with UPnP/DNLA then VLC will work, as will MX player, ES Browser, UPnPlayer and others

  9. Well I tried Kodi and it wouldn’t find my computer or it just simply didn’t work like it was post

  10. That would be such an honor and you have a beautiful smile and if you like to talk more my inbox is open

  11. Your very welcome and if you like to talk more my inbox is open

  12. It would be such an honor to help you out with your beautiful body

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