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  1. Thanks! This is my first time ever working with any kind of watercolor brushes so I'm glad it turned out ok haha

  2. I have depression and I can explain in depth to you the deep lore of hollow knight for hours on end while cracking mediocre jokes

  3. Talented. I also like hollow knight, havent beaten pantheon tho

  4. I'm on P5 right now, I've done everything else besides the steel heart achievement :p

  5. I was making an animation once that had platforms in it like this, unfortunately my computer's hard drive fried before I could finish it and upload the animation so it's now lost to time

  6. Oh no! That’s so sad! I’m sure it would’ve been awesome though!

  7. Yeah, I did some digging and I found an old teaser I posted when I first started working on it

  8. Thanks so much! It's hard for me to get others to see my art but I'm glad to hear you like it!

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